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Updated December 25, 2022 - 9:44 PM EST
Sen. Lindsey Graham: Putin Must Be 'Taken Out'
  Senate Passes $1.7 Trillion Bill That Includes $45 Billion for Ukraine
  Half of House Republicans Didn't Attend Zelensky's Address
Putin: Sooner Conflict in Ukraine Ends, the Better
  Pentagon Considers Training Ukrainians on Patriot Missiles Inside US
  Russian Officials: Zelensky Visit Shows US Isn't Interested in Peace
Netanyahu Forms New Israeli Coalition Govt
US Captagon Act: Tightening Syria's Siege in New Pretext
Yemen's Houthis Want Civil Servants Salaries Before Talks
After the Zelensky Spectacle – Let the Partition Begin!  by David Stockman
Warren, Jacobs Accuse Pentagon of Vastly Undercounting Civilians Killed by US Military  by Brett Wilkins
item Five Statements That Could Change the War  by Ted Snider
item DoD Thanks CNN 'Journalist' for Her Service  by Caitlin Johnstone

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3 Dead in Kurdish Center Shooting in Paris; Suspect Arrested
Senate Confirms New US Ambassador to Russia
Syria Calls on UN to Prevent Further Israeli Attacks

Israel to Recognize Illegal West Bank Settlements

Iraq Rocked by 4 Terror Attacks in Span of 4 Days
Russian Ex-Deputy PM Says He Was Wounded in Ukraine, Needs Operation
Head of Russia's Wagner Group Dismisses Talk of North Korean Weapons as Gossip
North Korea Denies Reports It Offered Munitions to Russia
Armenia Says Russian Peacekeepers Failed Mission in Karabakh

US Slaps Sanctions on Russian Naval Entities

Ukraine Shelling Attack Injures Two Top Pro-Russia Officials in Donetsk
Zelensky's 'Surprise' Visit to DC Was Months in the Making
Zelensky Takes Aim at 'Terrorist' Iran During Fundraising Trip to US Capital
Zelensky Met Polish President on Return From Washington
Germany Nationalizes Gas Supplier Uniper After EU Approval
German Intel Employee Held for Passing Information to Russia
Kosovo 'On the Brink of Armed Conflicts,' Serbian PM Says
Sweden's Foreign Minister Says NATO Talks With Turkey Progressing Well
Latvian Air Force Receives Two US Black Hawks
Czechs to Buy 210 Swedish-Made Cv90 Combat Vehicles for $2.3 Billion
Finland Investing $20 Million in New Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles
Spain's Penal Code Reforms Soften Penalties Linked to Catalan Separatist Leaders
Taliban Minister Defends Ban on Women's University Studies
Female Afghan Students Banned From Attending Tutoring Centers
US Warns Taliban of 'Costs' Over University Ban for Afghan Women
India's Solar Module Exports Jump After US Crackdown on Chinese Manufacturers
India Launches First Indigenous Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship 'Arnala'
Fiji's Military Called in to Maintain Order After Disputed Polls
NZ Foreign Minister Encourages All Fijian Parties to Allow Constitutional Process to Play Out
US Moves to Strengthen Taiwan Military Ties 'A Sign of Malice', Says Chinese Analyst
US Ban on 'Made in Hong Kong' Label Breaches Trade Rules: WTO
UN Security Council Resolution Demands End to Myanmar Violence
Philippines Boosts Military in Disputed Sea After Chinese 'Encroachment'
1914 Christmas Truce
Forgotten Paul McCartney Music Video From 39 Years Ago Reminds US of the 1914 Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce of
World War I
Christmas Truce and Beyond
Historical Christmas Truce That Brought Peace to the Front Lines
Palestinian Footballer Killed by Israeli Forces in Overnight Raid
Under 1% of Israel Army Probes Yield Prosecution: Watchdog
Chile Plans to Open Embassy in Palestine
Israeli Far-Right Coalition Promises 'Torah Study' Law
US Considers Rejecting Visas for Israelis Suspected of Violence Against Palestinians, Says Report
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Dead, Including US Marine
Two Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Ambush Blamed on Jihadists
Reconstruction of Landmark Mosul Church Nears Completion
Turkish Parliament Removes Membership of Kurdish Lawmaker
Blinken Thanks Turkey for Work on Black Sea Grain Initiative
Jordanians' Trust in Government Significantly Lower Than During Arab Spring
Jordan's Truckers Struggle to Get By, Sparking Protests, Violence
Lebanon Identifies Suspects in Blue Helmet's Killing
Lebanon Pharmacist Head Warns of 'Disaster' Amid Meds Crisis
Middle East
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Visits NE Syria, Says Kurds Could Form 'Superpower'
Blast Kills Three South Yemen Separatist Fighters
Ivory Coast Team in Mali for Talks on Detained Soldiers
Mali's Northern Armed Groups Pull Out of Algiers Peace Talks
Burkina Faso Expels Two French 'Spies' Says State Broadcaster
Al-Shabab Kills Two Policemen, One Civilian in Eastern Kenya
Nigerian Central Bank Raises $225 Cash Withdrawal Limits
African Union Security Council Extends Drawdown of AU Transition Mission in Somalia
The War at Home
General Dynamics Awarded $5.1 Billion Navy Sub Contract
Air Force, Space Force Priorities Largely Supported in Funding Bill
Facebook Is Riddled With Ex-CIA Agents While Many Ex-FBI Agents Work at Twitter
US to Offer Oil Product Cargos Grace Period for Price Cap
DoD Estimates $270 Million to Repair Bases After Hosting Afghan Refugees
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs.

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