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Updated December 29, 2022 - 9:00 PM EST
Zelensky Says Ukraine Helped the West 'Find Itself'
  Kremlin: Ukraine Plan Must Include Annexed Regions Joining Russia
  Zelensky, Blackrock CEO To Coordinate on Ukraine's Reconstruction
Gantz Says Israel Might Attack Iran in '2 or 3 Years'
  Iran Says Window Still Open for Talks as US Prepares New Sanctions
Israel Swears in Most Right-Wing Govt in It's History
  Netanyahu Government to Prioritize Settlement Expansion
Taiwan Extends Mandatory Military Service
Turkey, Syria Defense Ministers First Meeting Since 2011
Biden Says Iran Deal Is Dead but He Won't Say Iran Deal Is Dead  by Ted Snider
Merkel Admits Minsk Agreements Were Part of Scheme to Prepare War With Russia  by Jeremy Kuzmarov
item Searching for Monsters  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Ottawa Cheers Rather Than Mourns End of Japanese Pacifism  by Yves Engler

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Protesting Serbs in Northern Kosovo Agree to Remove Barricades
Saudi Army Kills, Injures Over 2,900 in Yemen Border Areas in 2022
US Lawmakers Press Government for Answers Over Use of Israeli Spyware
Russia and China Hold Naval Drills, Practice Submarine Capture
Russia Offers Free Sperm Freezing to Soldiers Sent to Ukraine
US Marks Four Year Anniversary of Paul Whelan Detention in Russia
Seven Oil Cap-Compliant Tankers Sail From Russia
Russia to Divert Metals Away From West
Russia Prepares S-300V Systems to Intercept Ukrainian Missiles
Russia Steps Up Artillery Attacks on Kherson and Eastern Ukraine
Escape From Conscription: Russian Deserters in Germany
UN Names New Coordinator for Black Sea Grain Initiative
Lithuania, EU, UK Team Up to Train More Ukrainian Soldiers in 2023
Italy Minister Cautious on Supplying Air Defense Systems to Ukraine
French Defense Chief Visits Ukraine, Pledges More Support
Australian Killed Fighting Russia in Ukraine, Says Government
Russia Backs Serbia as Kosovo Tensions Soar
Kosovo Shuts Main Border Crossing With Serbia Amid Protests
Denmark May End Great Prayer Day Holiday to Increase Military Spending
Exxon Sues EU Over Windfall Profit Tax
Lithuania's Defense Minister Is Leery Russia Will Run Out of Ammo
Spain Appoints New Ambassador to Venezuela as Relations Thaw
Central African Republic Extends War Crimes Court for Five Years
South Sudan to Send 750 Troops to DR Congo to Fight Rebels
Jihadi Violence Hits Benin, Shows Spread Across West Africa
Gambia Probes Coup Bid and Arrests More Soldiers
After Sudan Deals, Dissenters Say Military Has Silenced Them
Tunisia Prosecutors Move to Try 13 Judges on 'Terror' Charges
Rwanda Says DR Congo Fighter Jet Violated Airspace
The War at Home
Maduro Ally Saab Appeals US Court Ruling on Diplomatic Immunity
F-35s With Fewer Than 40 Hours of Flying Grounded Because of Engine Issue Discovered in Crash
USAF Awards General Electric $303 Million Adaptive Engine Contract
New Israeli Government
Israel's Incoming Government Names New Ministers
In WSJ Op-Ed, Smotrich Says New Government Wants to Make Israel More Like America
Israel's Religious Overhaul to Include Crackdown on Aliyah, Women of the Wall Ban
Ex-Israeli Diplomats, Ambassadors Warn New Government Will Hurt Israel's Global Standing
On Last Day in Office, Gantz Speaks to Abbas, Says 'Critical' to Maintain Dialogue
Israeli Far-Right Party's List of 'Leftist' Justice Ministry Staff Panned as 'Witch Hunt'

Israeli Forces Brutally Quell March Demanding Release of Bodies Withheld From Burial

Palestinian Woman Injured by Israeli Gunfire Near Jenin

Leaked Audio Reveals Fierce Infighting Inside Palestinian Authority Leadership
Israel Awards Oshkosh $100 Million Armored Personnel Carrier Contract
Jordan's King Warns of 'Breakdown of Law and Order' Between Israelis-Palestinians

Canada, Others Seek Formal Arbitration With Iran Over Downed Jet

Chess Player Without Hijab Was Not Representing Iran: Official
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraqi PM Resists Pressure From Pro-Iran Allies to End US Military Presence
Iraqi Army Takes Control of 'Unstable' Areas After Attacks
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Former Saudi Security Chief Gets 25 Years for Corruption
Five People Injured by Saudi Artillery Shells in Yemen
Middle East
Turkish Court Upholds Life Sentence for Activist Kavala
Oman's Parliament Says No to 'Normalization' With Israel
Interior Ministry Forms 27 New Districts in Afghanistan Provinces
UN Says Some Aid Programs Stopped in Afghanistan After Ban on Women
Karzai: Intra-Afghan Dialogue Important for Taliban, Afghanistan
Several Killed in Stampede at Political Rally in India
Japanese MoD Releases New Details on Missile Defense Ships
South Korea Unveils $440 Million Plan to Counter North's Drone Invasions
Australia Grants Extradition of Former US Pilot Over China Military Training
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