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Updated December 30, 2022 - 4:09 PM EST
No Sign of Peace in Ukraine as New Year Nears
  Russia Gets US Assurances on Patriot Missile Deployment in Ukraine
  Lavrov Warns Russia Will Disrupt Western Arms Supplies
  Belarus Shoots Down Stray Ukrainian Air Defense Missile
State Dept OKs $180 Million Arms Sale for Taiwan
  China Conducts Military Maneuvers Near Guam, Okinawa
  US War Plane Reports Unsafe Encounter With Chinese Jet
US Says Troops Killed 686 Suspected ISIS Members in 2022
Biden Looks Forward to Working With New Netanyahu Govt
Serbia Ends Alert for Military as Kosovo Stand-Off Eases
South Korea Says It Will 'Punish' North for 'Provocations'
Why the War Party Needed to Demonize Iran  by David Stockman
Ending the Syria War,
Getting US Troops Out, and
Lifting Sanctions
 by Doug Bandow
item Biden Reneged – Now Russian Army Will Talk  by Ray McGovern
item The Worst Day of My Life  by Craig Wood

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Philippines, China Move to Avoid 'Miscalculation' in Disputed Sea
Ethiopian Federal Police Deploy in Tigray After Peace Deal
Sweden, Finland Try 'Future Ally' Path With Turkey in Bid to Join NATO
Putin Oversees Launch of New Warships, Submarines
Russia Hits Key Infrastructure With Missiles Across Ukraine
Russia Claims It Will 'Never' Run Out of Missiles After Ukraine Barrage
Russia Rejects Zelensky's 'Peace Formula': Lavrov
Russia Says It Shot Down Drone Near Engels Air Base
France Keen to Help Ukraine Meet Battlefield Needs: Minister
Kremlin Says It Is Concerned About Karabakh Blockade After Armenian Criticism
Poland Ready for Russian Oil Ban, Says Minister
Finland Proposes 30% Windfall Tax on Power Companies
UK Government Could Face Lawsuit if It Implements a Windfall Tax on Renewables
Lithuania Signs Contract With Nexter to Buy 18 French Caesar Artillery Guns
Serbia Arrests Afghan General, Sniper 'Wanted by France' on Terrorism Charges
UN Halts Some Operations in Afghanistan Over Women Aid Worker Ban
UN Aid Chief to Visit Afghanistan Over Female Aid Worker Ban
Three Pakistani Soldiers, Two Militants Killed in Raid
Fiji Prime Minister Ponders Bitcoin as Legal Tender
South Korea Stages Drills Simulating Downing of North Drones
UN Denies Rumors of New Libya Peace 'Roadmap'
What Are Haftar's Real Intentions in Libya?
Burkina Faso Army Officer Held in 'Destabilization' Plot: Prosecutor
Mediators Meet to Bolster Ethiopia Truce Amid Signs of Detente
30,000 Flee Ethnic Violence in South Sudan, Says UN
Eight Killed in Fighting in Sudan's Darfur: Aid Group
Tunisia's Saied Downplays Poor Voter Turnout, Slams Critics
Ivorian Troops on Trial in Mali as Deadline Looms in Row
New Israeli Government
Who Is Israel's New Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?
The Top Ministers in Israel's New Cabinet
Israel's New DM: Netanyahu Loyalist, Settler's Friend
Accusing New Government of Violating Democracy, Israel's Envoy to France Resigns
Israeli Forces Shoot, Critically Injure Young Palestinian Man Near Hebron
Jordan King Warns of 'Red Lines' on Jerusalem Status Quo
Israeli Forces Demolished 950 Palestinian Homes in 2022: Report
A Year of Palestinian Resistance and Repression: A Timeline of 'Operation Break the Wave'
Israel Offers Palestinian Prisoners Completion of Sentence in Jordan
Hundreds Protest Incoming Israeli Coalition Outside Knesset as Government Sworn In
Druze IDF Troops Charged With Hurling Explosive at West Bank Home in Revenge Attack

Iraq's Moqtada Sadr Risks Isolation With Political Retreat

Former Iraqi PM Responds to Abuse Allegations
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iran to Hold Military Exercises Near Strait of Hormuz
Iran Replaces Central Bank Governor Amid Currency Crash
Border Security Discussed at Syria-Turkey Talks: Official
Syria's Kurds Launch Offensive Against ISIS Militants
Turkish Court Refuses to Release Doctor in Chemical Arms Trial
Turkey Denounces French Politicians for Attending Protest at Killing of Kurds
Middle East
Saudi Army Kills Man, Wounds Eight in Yemen
Inflation Rips Through Middle East Economies in 2022
Egyptian-American Activist Arrives in US After Release From UAE Custody
The War at Home
Sikorsky Challenges $1.3 Billion US Army Future Helicopter Contract With Bell
US Army Seeks HIMARS Fire Control Systems for Ukraine, Taiwan
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Biden Reneged – Now Russian Army Will Talk

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