Congress has approved over $112 billion to fund its proxy war against Russia, the country with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. With no end in sight to the conflict in Ukraine, and no peace talks on the horizon, experts warn the risk of nuclear war is higher now than at any time during the Cold War.

Many feel helpless as we careen toward World War III, but our only hope for real change is the timely, clear, and accurate revelation of true information to the public. This is how we win against the War Machine's reckless policies and ceaseless propaganda.

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Updated January 9, 2023 - 9:32 PM EST
Zelensky Thanks US for $3 Billion Arms Package
  Ukraine Sanctions Russian Artists for Allegedly Supporting the War
  Putin's Christmas Ceasefire Doesn't Hold
  Russia Claims 600 Ukrainian Troops Dead in Strikes, Kyiv Denies
US Lied About Afghan Civilians Killed in 2021 Drone Strike
US Airstrikes in Somalia Increased by 30% in 2022
Sweden Says Can't Meet Turkey's Demands to Join NATO
Venezuelan Embassy in US Closes as Opposition Crumbles
item Lies, Democracy, Foreign Policy, and the Search for Peace  by Edward Lozansky
item Zelensky's Diaspora Delegation Led by Economic Hit-Woman Who Led Plunder of Ukraine  by Max Blumenthal
item Is Ben-Gvir Preparing a Holy War Against the Palestinians?  by Jonathan Cook
item Long-Term Economic Implications of the Ukraine War  by Dan Steinbock

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Mass Arrests and 'Federal Intervention' in Brazil After Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Government Buildings
UN 'Concerned' After Israel's Ben-Gvir Storms Al-Aqsa
US Mathematicians Disrupt NSA-Sponsored Maths Convention
The Pentagon Won't Comment on Russia's Fears of Psychic Weapons
Russia Offering 'Korea-Style' Peace Deal: Kiev
Russia Backs Banning of Maps Disputing Official 'Territorial Integrity'
Kyiv Claims Moscow Will Mobilize 500,000 New Conscripts
Suspected UFO Shot Down Over Russia's Rostov Oblast
Russian Mercenary Boss Says He Wants Ukraine's Bakhmut for Its 'Underground Cities'
Russia and Ukraine Exchange 50 Soldiers Each in Prison Release Deal
India Boosts Imports of Russia's Arctic Oil
Rocket Attack Destroys Two Power Plants in Russia-Controlled Territory
German Economy Minister: Can't Rule Out Deliveries of Leopard Tanks to Ukraine
Ukraine Holding Two Towns, Russians in New Attacks: Zelensky
Explainer: What Is the Bradley Fighting Vehicle?
Ukraine Will Need $1.79 Billion to Restore Telecoms Sector: UN Report
Ukrainians Honor Dead Fighter at Outdoor Funeral in Capital
A Bakers' Rebellion Looms in France to Defend Baguettes
Thousands March in Paris to Protest Unresolved Killings of Kurds Activists 10 Years Ago

Europe Imports of US Diesel, Gasoline to Hit 2-Year High

Seeking Northern Ireland Solution, UK Foreign Minister Hosts EU Talks
Germany's New China Strategy 'Guided by Ideology', Chinese Ambassador Says
NATO Turns Down Serbia's Request to Deploy Troops in Kosovo
Norway Replaces Russia as Germany's Top Gas Supplier
Sweden Vows to Push Defense Collaboration, Cyber Defense at EU Helm
Why ISIS Offshoot Is Still a Threat for China's Businesspeople in Afghanistan
Taliban Condemns Prince Harry's Comment on Afghan Killings
Afghan Families Affected by Conflicts in Helmand Seek Compensation
Transfer of Humanitarian Aid Packages to Afghanistan Suspended: Mehrabi
Taliban Insists Ban on Women From Afghan Schools and Universities Is 'Not Permanent'
US Backs Pakistan in Confronting Cross-Border Attacks From Afghanistan
Pakistan's Army Chief Visits Saudi Arabia Amid Economic Crisis
Beijing Protests After US Navy's First Taiwan Strait Transit of 2023
China Carries Out Combat Drills Around Taiwan Again

Japan's Kishida Set to Talk Military Buildup, Chips on G7 Tour

Myanmar's Military Holds Election Talks With Armed Ethnic Groups
The War at Home
Pentagon Hosts Five Eyes Partners for Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Talks
'We Have Nothing' to Indicate That UFOs Are Aliens, US Defense Official Says
Senators Demand Navy Reforms for Sailors on Dry-Docked Ships
Bernard Kalb, Journalist and Commentator, Dies at 100
New Israeli Government
Israel's Ben-Gvir Orders Police to Bar Palestinian Flags From Public Spaces
Thousands in Tel Aviv Protest New Netanyahu Government
Withholding Millions From Palestinian Authority, Smotrich Says He Has 'No Interest' in Its Existence
Israel Announces Punitive Freeze on Palestinian Construction
Israel Approves Punitive Response to Palestinian Moves at ICJ
Demoted Likud MK Amsalem Accuses Netanyahu of Racism, 'Humiliating' Sephardic Voters
Russia Compares Al-Aqsa Provocation to Trigger of Second Intifada
New Arab Allies Face Quandary as Israel Shifts Hard-Right

Israeli Police Break Up Meeting of Palestinian Parents

Morocco Asks Israel to Recognize Western Sahara Sovereignty
Israeli Delegation in UAE Ahead of Regional Summit, Despite Tensions
Palestinian Prisoners Call This Bus a 'Moving Grave'
US Restricts Israeli Dual-Citizens From Piloting F-35 Jets: Report
Israeli Settlers Destroy Dozens of Olive Trees Near Qalqiliya
Two Israeli Teens Arrested Over Christian Cemetery Vandalism
Israel Returns Bodies of Palestinians Killed by Israeli Army Two Years Ago
Palestinian Child Injured in the Head by Israeli Gunfire in Jericho

Iraq Daily Roundup: 5 Killed

Baghdad's Green Zone Begins Opening to Traffic
Protesters in Baghdad Demand Permanent Employment With Shiite Endowment Office
Drone Shot Down Over Iraqi Air Base Hosting US Forces
Yemenis Demonstrate Against Saudi Blockade
Seven Separatist Fighters Killed in Southern Yemen Explosion
Clashes Between Houthis, Govt Forces in Yemen's Oil-Rich Province Kill 13: Source
Iranian Drone Maker Sanctioned by US for Allegedly Supplying Moscow
Iran Says It Foiled Cyberattack on Central Bank
Top Iranian Sunni Cleric Says Torture of Protesters Un-Islamic
Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Hopes to Return From Syria Camp
Syrian Army Patrol Ambushed by ISIS in Al-Badia, at Least One Soldier Killed
Middle East
Lebanon Military Court Charges Seven in Killing of UNIFIL Soldier
Saudi Academic Freed Following Almost 10-Year Prison Term
Turkey Opposition Leaders Approve Pushing Forward Election

UN Urges 'Impartial' Probe After 28 Killed in Burkina Faso

Ivory Coast Troops Return Home After Months of Captivity in Mali
Somalia Says Al-Shabab Wants Talks for First Time
Sudan's Attempts to Boost Hemeti's Reputation Aren't Going to Plan

Kushner Reveals Washington Pressured Tunisia to Dismiss Pro-Palestine UN Ambassador

Gunmen Kidnap 32 People From Southern Nigeria Train Station
Latin America
Colombia, Venezuela Presidents Discuss Investment, Trade
UN Recognizes Colombian Govt's Efforts to Achieve Peace
At Least 29 Killed in Mexico Capture of Chapo's Son; US Extradition Not Guaranteed
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