Here we go again. See my letter of a few months ago.

Well today, we are STILL standing on the edge of a precipice, staring into the SAME abyss. The end of all life on earth is STILL a very real possibility. The reins of power are STILL in the hands of the oligarchs and ideologues and they are STILL hell bent on the end of times. Make no mistake. This is STILL not a drill.

"The Powers That Be," our "Masters," the self appointed "Ruling Class" want to keep us squabbling, at each other's throats, to be used us as cannon fodder in UKRAINE or slave labor elsewhere. When a great journalist and truth-teller like Julian Assange is imprisoned for sharing vital information, the time has come to man the barricades, to stand shoulder to shoulder with all our brothers and sisters all over the world in defense of our beautiful planet home.

As I told the audience on every night of my recent tour of the United States and Canada and Mexico and will tell my audiences in EUROPE this spring, we will never sell out. We, and here I include my brothers and sisters at ANTIWAR.COM, will keep speaking Truth to Power.

Will you stand with me and support ANTIWAR.COM today? Let's remember what is important in this life. The time is now. This is not a drill.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters (co-founder of Pink Floyd) is offering $20,000 in matching funds,
dollar for dollar, for every dollar of donation THIS WEEK.

We thank him, please take advantage of this generous offer.
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Updated January 24, 2023 - 9:10 PM EST
US Poised To Send M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine
  DM Reznikov Under Fire as Corruption Probes Rock Ukraine
US, Israel Launch 'Most Significant' Drills in History
  Netanyahu Vows to Bring Fired Minister Dery Back Intro Govt
Russia Says Still No Plans for New START Talks
  Lavrov Says the West's 'Hybrid War' on Russia Becoming a 'Real War'
House Speaker McCarthy Plans to Visit Taiwan
Erdogan Says Turkey Won't Support Sweden's NATO Bid
item Freedom for Assange and Journalism Are at Stake  by Brett Wilkins
item World War Three Isn't Coming. We've Been Living It All Our Lives.  by Thomas Knapp
item Creating a Russian Bogeyman  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item What About the Unprovoked US Aggression Against Iraq?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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US Military Vets in Ukraine Are Fighting Each Other in Court
Saudi-Led Coalition Shelling Kills Two, Injures Four in Northern Yemen
Turkey Exploring Massive UK Arms Deal Involving Planes, Ships and Tank Engines
Head of Russian-Occupied Parts of Ukraine's Donetsk Says Visited Soledar
Italy Confirms Samp-T Missile-Defense Donation to Ukraine
EU Agrees Extra $540 Million to Arm Ukraine
Zelensky Ally Threatens Jailings After High-Profile Graft Allegations
Hungary Won't Veto EU Arms Funding to Ukraine, Official Says
Russia Presses Attack in Ukraine's South While Kyiv Waits for Arms
Tanks for Ukraine?
Rheinmetall Could Deliver 139 Leopard Tanks to Ukraine
A Look at Leopard 2 Tanks That Could Soon Be Sent to Ukraine
Finland Says It Is Awaiting Germany's Decision to Send Leopard Tanks
Morocco First African Nation to Provide Tanks to Ukraine: Report
Explainer: How to Correctly Re-Export German Tanks
Russia Declares US Sakharov Foundation 'Undesirable'
Russia Says Ukraine Storing Arms at Nuclear Plants, Kyiv Denies
Russia, Estonia Expel Ambassadors Amid 'Destroyed' Relations
In Moscow, Quiet Antiwar Protest With Flowers, Plush Toys
Russian Crude Exports From Baltic Ports See 50% Hike in January
Tokyo to Pursue Peace Treaty With Moscow Despite Strained Ties: PM
Russia Says Held Air Defense Training in Moscow Region
Italy to Wean Itself Off Russian Gas Within Two Years
Documents Reveal Italy as Customer of Hero-30 Kamikaze Drones
EU Greenlights Armenia Mission to Ease Border Tensions
US Seeks Immediate Reopening of Key Corridor to Ease Armenia-Azerbaijan Tensions

Bulgaria Destroys Mine Drifting Near Its Black Sea Coast

US Says Finland, Sweden Are Ready to Join NATO Alliance
Germany Starts Deploying Patriot Air Defense Units to Poland
Norway Arrests Former Wagner Fighter Who Seeks Asylum
President Vucic Says Serbia Faces International Isolation Over Kosovo
UK Grid to Pay Households for Using Less Energy During Cold Snap
Families Leave Homes in Afghanistan's Farah District Over Lack of Schools
UN Continues to Support Afghan Women: Official
Afghanistan Faces Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis: UN Agency
Iran Seeks Commitment to Water Treaty With Afghanistan
Pakistan Hit by Nationwide Power Outage After Grid Failure
IED Attack Kills Soldier in Pakistan
Philippines President Marcos Seeks Foreign Minister Talks With China on Sea Feuds
Taiwan President Tells Pope War With China Not an Option
Japanese PM Kishida Prioritizes Arms Buildup, Reversing Low Birthrate
Latin America
Cuba Begins London Court Battle Over Unpaid Castro-Era Debt
Mexico's Former Safety Chief Goes on Trial in US Drug Case
New Israeli Government
Israel's AG Denies Considering Declaring Netanyahu Unfit for Office
Israeli Coalition to Destroy New Palestinian Homes in Area C
Central Bank Policymaker Quits to Fight Israel's Judicial Overhaul
Former Israeli Defense Legal Adviser Warns Against Planned Government Moves in West Bank
Protests After Israeli Threats to Remove Palestinian Village
Israeli Army Admits to 'Unnecessary' Killing of Palestinian
HRW Warns Israeli Rules in West Bank Risks 'Another Gaza'
Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest 16 Palestinians, Including
13-Year-Old Child
Israel Outraged by 'Irresponsible' Visit of Western Envoys to Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israel Formally Requests 25 F-15 EX jets From the US: Sources
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Sadr Stages Unexpected Political Comeback Through Iraq's Gulf Cup Victory
Iraqi PM Walks Diplomatic Tightrope in Crackdown on Dollars Smuggled to Iran
Iraqis Injured in Anti-Sweden Protest in Baghdad After Koran Burning
Iraqi PM Replaces Central Bank Governor Over Currency Drop
Iran, Syria Set to Conduct Joint-Military Drills, Expand Cooperation
More Sanctions as Iran and EU Clash Over IRGC 'Terror' Label
Russia, Syria Restore Syrian Air Base for Joint Use
Turkey-Backed Fighters Cut Olive Trees in Afrin
Investigation Into Beirut Explosion Resumes After 13 Months of Stalemate
Border Tensions Between Lebanese Army, Israel Escalate
Middle East
UK Royal Navy Takes Over Middle East Maritime Security Task Force
Jordan OKs Purchase of 12 Block 70 F-16s From Lockheed Martin
Egypt Lawyers End Strike After Colleagues Released Over Court Altercation
Kuwait's Government Resigns Amid Struggle With Assembly
Algeria, Italy Look to Broaden Ties Beyond Coveted Energy
Morocco Votes to Review Ties With European Parliament
Burkina Faso Ends French Military Accord, Says It Will Defend Itself

Cameroon Denies Asking for Help to Mediate Separatist Conflict

Suspected ADF Rebels Kill 23 in East DR Congo Attack
Governor Declares Emergency in Sudan Province After Four Killed
'The Crocodile Has Not Changed': Zimbabwe Opposition Warns of Election Violence
The War at Home
Military Probing Whether Cancers Linked to Nuclear Silo Work at Malmstrom AFB
US and Japan Team Up for Indo-Pacific Training Exercise
US Drops Case Against Marine Veteran Cop Accused of Spying for China
US: Ex-FBI Counterintelligence Agent Aided Russian Oligarch
Lula Says Brazil and Argentina Will Study Common Currency for Trade
Venezuela Calls Off Maduro Meeting With Lula, Brazil Govt Says
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Remembering Hiroshima

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