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Updated February 2, 2023 - 9:05 PM EST
UK Defense Sec. Won't Rule Out Jets for Ukraine
  Ex-UK Minister: NATO Should Consider Ground Troops in Ukraine
Ukraine's Intel Chief: Crimea Will Be Retaken
  General Atomics Offers To Sell Ukraine Two Reaper Drones for $1
  Ukraine To Host EU Summit, Will Get Cold Shoulder on Membership
US To Open Four New Military Sites in Philippines
  US Opens Embassy in Solomon Islands to Counter China
  Marshall Islands Caught in US-China Pacific Race for Influence
Netanyahu Says Iran Needs Sanctions and Military Threat
UN Rights Expert to Visit Guantanamo for First Time
The US Is Making Billions Being Warlords in Yemen  by Joziah Thayer
Thomas L. Friedman's Israel: The Krytron and the Cholent Heater  by Grant F. Smith
item The Legacy of George W. Bush and His Torturers  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Why Not Defund the Military?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Netanyahu Wants to Avoid Getting 'Hung Up' on Peace With Palestinians

Regional Heads Plan Joint Push Against Al-Shabaab in Somalia
Russia Says It Wants to Keep New START Nuclear Treaty, Despite US Friction
Russian Arms Dealer, Son and Front Firms Hit With US Sanctions
OPEC+ Leaves Production Unchanged Amid Russia Sanctions Uncertainty
Long-Range Weapons for Ukraine Will Not Deter Russia: Kremlin
Russia Said Eyeing Eastern Ukraine Push
Russia Warns Israel Against Supplying Any Arms to Ukraine
Putin Says Military Must Stop Ukrainian Shelling of Russian Regions
Ukraine Hails French Gift of Radar as 'Cherry on the Cake'
Ukraine Raids Tycoon's Home, Tax Office in Wartime Clampdown
First Batch of US Bradley Fighting Vehicles on the Way to Ukraine
US Rocket-Powered Bomb Would Double Ukraine's Strike Range
Ukrainian Authorities Search House of Ex-Interior Minister
'We Found No Misuse of US Funds in Ukraine', US Treasury Says
Putin Backs Military Training Centers With Belarus
Belarus Says It Is Now Operating Russian Iskander Missiles Autonomously

Polish Leader Donates to Ukraine Army to End Defamation Case

Poland Buys Additional Javelin Missiles from US for $103 Million
Hungary Blasts Sweden's 'Stupidity' on NATO Row With Turkey
NATO Chief Wants More 'Friends' as Russia, China Move Closer

Erdogan: Sweden Can't Join NATO if Quran-Burning Is Allowed

Belgian Arms Trader Tangles With Minister Over Tanks for Ukraine
Bulgaria and Serbia Diversify Energy Supplies
EU Talks on Fresh Russian Oil Price Caps Go to the Wire
Twelve German Troops Injured in Crash of Puma Fighting Vehicles During Exercise
Greece: 2nd Airman Found Dead After Fighter Jet Crash
Kosovo Leader Says Ethnic Serb Association Isn't a Priority
Spain's PM Heads to Morocco to Reap Benefits of Mended Ties
Mali Jihadist Leader in Secret Talks With Northern Groups
Nigerian Gunmen Kill Eight, Including Police Chief
US Military
700 Gallons of Diesel Fuel Spilled at Maui Space Surveillance Complex, Says Air Force
Another Sailor Assigned to the USS George Washington Has Died by Suicide, Police Said
Latin America
Argentina Sets Large Order of Brazilian Armored Vehicles
El Salvador Opens 40,000-Person Prison as Arrests Soar in Gang Crackdown
Jamaica Ready to Send Soldiers, Police to Haiti
Peru's Legislature Shoots Down Proposal to Fast-Track Elections
US Senator: Two-State Solution on Collision Course With Right-Wing Israeli Government
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians During New Violence
Khan Al-Ahmar's Palestinians Threatened by Israeli Eviction
Blinken Pressed Abbas to Accept US Security Plan for Jenin and Nablus
Security Minister Ben-Gvir Orders Closure of Palestinian Prisoner-Run Bakeries
Here Are the Names and Faces of 35 Palestinians Killed in January
US Sets Up 'Security Team' to Liaise Between Palestinian Authority and Israel
Tel Aviv Steps Up 'Collective Punishment' Across Israeli Prisons: Prisoners Society
Chad to Open Embassy in Israel on Thursday: Israeli PM Netanyahu
Israel Jets Strike Hamas Site in Gaza After Rocket Fired
Palestinians 'in Constant Anxiety' After Jenin Massacre
UK Labour MP Apologizes for Calling Israel 'Fascist' During Prime Minister's Questions
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 49 Killed
Turkish Base in Northern Iraq Hit by Rocket Fire: Kurds

Iraqi PM Says Banking Reforms Reveal Fraudulent Transactions

Iraq to Receive T-50 Korean Fighter Jets Soon
Turkey Signs 10 Year Gas Deal With Oman: Energy Minister
Several European Consulates Shut Down Over Istanbul Terror Threats
Iranian Kurds in Iraq Deny Any Role in Isfahan Drone Attack
Any Military Action Against Iran Deemed Declaration of War: Iran Mission to UN
Middle East
Women's World Cup: Australia and New Zealand 'Disappointed' Over Potential Saudi Sponsorship
Houthi Tactics 'Made It Difficult' for Saudis to Avoid War Crimes in Yemen, Court Hears
White House Continues to Block Energy Sharing Plan for Lebanon: French Official
Taliban Asks Pakistan Not to Blame Them for Violence at Home
Afghanistan Ranks 150th on Corruption Perception Index
Hundreds of Afghans Risk 11-Country Trek to Seek Haven in US
Pakistani Taliban Attacks Police Station in Punjab Province
Pakistan Inflation Hits 48-Year High as IMF Visits
US Says It Seeks Ways to Limit Russian Military Supplies to Myanmar
Australia Targets Myanmar, Iran With Economic Sanctions
Khmer Rouge Leader Moved to Cambodian Prison For Genocide Sentence
Hong Kong Bans CBD, Forcing Businesses to Shut or Revamp
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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The Scourge of Conscription

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The Solomon Islands and the Perils of 'Great Power Competition'

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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