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Updated February 26, 2023 - 9:15 PM EST
Rep. Gaetz Bill Would Pull US Troops Out of Syria

Biden Believed Asset Theft Would End Ukraine War

  US to Send $10 Billion in Economic Aid to Ukraine
  Nuland Says US Ready to Discuss New START With Russia 'Tomorrow'
  UNSC Holds Meeting on Nord Stream Sabotage
US to Expand Military Presence in Taiwan
  Philippines in Talks With US, Australia on Joint S. China Sea Patrols
  China Says Sending Weapons Into Ukraine War Won't Bring Peace
Israel Bombs Gaza Following Deadly W. Bank Raid
Hungary to Send Delegation to Sweden, Finland Over NATO
New Biden Arms Sale Policy on Human Rights Abusers
When Biden Says 'As Long as It Takes,' What Does Ukraine Hear?  by Ted Snider
Endless Wars Are the Enemy of Freedom  by John & Nisha Whitehead
item What They Didn't Talk About in Munich  by Doug Bandow
item War and Indifference  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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The Corruption of Massive Industry 'Sweeteners' in Foreign Arm Sales
Western Countries Far More Hawkish on Russia Than Asia: Poll
Russia's Putin Discusses Karabakh Crisis With Armenian PM
UN Approves Resolution Calling for Russia to Leave Ukraine
These Six Countries Sided With Russia in UN Vote on Ukraine War
Putin Says Sarmat Nuclear Missile to Be Deployed This Year

Senators Urge Halt to Chinese Carriers Overflying Russia on US Flights

Zelensky: Military Situation in Ukraine's South Quite Dangerous in Places
Tanks Might Not Reach Ukraine This Year, US Army Secretary Says
Ukraine Shuns OSCE Gathering in Vienna Over Russian Presence
Western States Isolated in Support of Ukraine War, Unipolar World Order: Poll
Senior Zelensky Adviser Says Ukraine to 'Stop Voting Against Israel' at UN
Mariupol Strikes Raise Questions About Possible New Ukrainian Long-Range Weapons
Spain Eyes Up to 10 Leopard Tanks for Ukraine, PM Says
Finland Says Will Send Three Leopard Tanks to Ukraine
Australia Sending Drones to Ukraine, Imposes More Sanctions on Russia
German Energy Boss Warns: Don't Let Guard Down on Gas Supply
Germany Supporting Ukraine, Now Others Must Deliver: German Finance Minister
German Court Convicts Man Over Deadly 2014 Attack in Syria
United Kingdom
UK Trialed 3D-Printed 'Suicide' Drones in Secret Ukraine Program
UK Military Rejects Claim Giving Ukraine Challenger Tanks Would Reduce Its Operational Capability
EU Dampens Bulgaria's Hopes of Joining Eurozone Before 2025
Northern Irish Police Suspect New IRA Behind Detective Shooting
Presidential Candidates Sign Peace Pact Before Nigeria Election
Nigerian Senate Candidate Killed Ahead of Presidential Elections
Could Nigeria's Cash Shortage Hurt the Presidential Vote?
Somaliland Clashes Kill at Least 96 in Two Weeks: Hospital
Algeria Moves Against Youth Association and Political Party
Reforms to Mexico Electoral Law Spark Fierce Debate
Mexico's Senate Passes Controversial Electoral Reform
Biden's Top Middle East Advisor Travels to Region Amid West Bank Tensions
'Catastrophic': Palestinians Recount Fatal Israeli Raid on Nablus
Palestinian Man Shot by Israeli Troops Dies From Wounds
A Palestinian Man Died in This Medic's Arms After Israeli Raid. Then He Realized It Was His Father
Gaza 'Waiting for War Every Moment' as Israel Tension Surges
Israel's 'Massacre' in Nablus Ferments Anger in Gaza

General Strike Launched in Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem

Oman Follows Saudi Arabia in Opening Airspace to Israeli Flights
Bernie Sanders Calls for Cutting US Funds to Israel Over 'Racist' Moves
Netanyahu's Coup for Dummies: Israel's Constitutional Crisis, Explained
Israeli Pro-Settler Minister Formally Gains West Bank Powers
Middle East
Death Toll From Turkey, Syria Earthquake Tops 47,000
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Yemeni Torture Victims Accuse Total of Breaching French Corporate Duty Law
Tens of Millions Still Use Instagram in Iran Despite Crackdown: Meta
Divided Cyprus' New President Scopes Out Peace Talks Reset
Report Says Donors 'Turning Away' From Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan
Pakistan-Afghan Border Crossing Shut After Brief Reopening

129,000 Afghans Apply for Asylum in EU in 2022

Okinawa Seeks Soil, Water Samples From Marine Base After Finding PFOS at Nearby School
Malaysia Pressed to Probe Deaths of 150 Foreigners in Detention, Including Children
NATO Chief Warns China Against Supplying Arms to Russia
The War at Home
NSA's 'State Secrets' Defense Kills Lawsuit Challenging Internet Surveillance
Reps. Lee, Pocan Introduce Bill That Would Trim Defense Budget by $100 Billion
Parachuting Accident Claims Life of Navy SEAL in Arizona
Putin, Afghans Among Top Gift Givers to Bidens in 2021
US Navy Mulls Adding Info Warfare Specialists on More Submarines
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Ted Snider
When Biden Says 'As Long As It Takes,' What Does Ukraine Hear?

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Biden Goes All in on Proxy War Against Russia

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Ramzy Baroud
A Month's Notice: Why Burkina Faso Ordered French Troops Out of the Country

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Volodymyr Zelensky Is Washington's New Jonas Savimbi

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Nikki Haley Would Return to the Hardline Policies We Want To Forget

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When Federal Interest Payments Come To Exceed the Military Budget: Time To Stop Defending the Rest of the World

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No Sign of Peace in Ukraine as New Year Approaches

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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

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The Scourge of Conscription

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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