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Updated February 27, 2023 - 9:21 PM EST
Zelensky Says Ukraine Preparing to Attack Crimea
  Macron, Scholz Told Zelensky to Start Thinking About Peace Talks
  China Releases 12-Point Peace for Ukraine
  Putin Says Russia Cannot Ignore NATO's Nuclear Capabilities
Biden Believed Asset Theft Would End Ukraine War
  US Announces Arms Package for Ukraine, Sanctions on Russia
  Biden Says Ruling Out Sending Ukraine F-16 Fighter Jets 'For Now'
Pro-Settler Minister Gets WB Powers: 'De Jure Annexation'
  Bush-Era US Envoy Accuses Israel of 'Creeping WB Annexation'
Ship Carrying General Cargo Enters Yemen's Hodeidah Port
CIA Chief: Iran Not Resuming Nuclear Weapons Program
1000s Protest in Berlin Against Giving Arms to Ukraine
item What if the West Can't Put Ukraine Back Together?  by James Bohn
item Volodymyr Zelensky: Not Exactly a Champion of Democracy  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Nine More Ukraines
 by David Stockman
item Ukraine: The Violence Before the Violence  by Ted Snider

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Israeli Settlers Set West Bank Town Ablaze in 'Revenge' Attack
Syria's Assad Meets Senior Arab Lawmakers in Damascus
US, Poland and Germany May Hold Joint Maneuvers: Minister
The Israelis Destabilizing Democracy and Disrupting Elections Worldwide
Palestinian Kills Two Israeli Settlers Near Nablus
Israeli and Palestinian Officials Meet in Jordan, Pledge to Prevent Escalating Violence
Israeli Troops Beat Up a Palestinian With Epilepsy, Jailed Him Outside Overnight
Fake Friends: Leak Reveals Israeli Firms Turning Social Media Into Spy Tech
Palestinian Killed as Settlers Rampage in Huwara After Deadly Terror Attack
Palestinian Who Converted to Judaism Denied Israeli Citizenship
Jericho Residents Demand Israel Release Palestinian Bodies
Israeli Air Force Chief Makes First Visit to Morocco
Israel to Raze Home Owned by Attacker's Grandmother
Gaza Children's Artwork Removed From London Hospital
Israel's Netanyahu Govt
Far-Right Israeli Minister Says 'No' to West Bank Settlement Freeze
UK Has No Intention of Working With Ben Gvir: British Foreign Secretary
Tens of Thousands Set to Protest Netanyahu's Judicial Coup for Eight Consecutive Week
As Reservist Rebellion Grows, IDF Chief Said Concerned It Will Harm Operations
Netanyahu Tells MPs He Wants to Give Them 'A Fist to Strike' Judicial Overhaul Protesters
Iran Agrees to Sell Air Defense Equipment to Syria
Istanbul 2022 Bomb Suspect Killed in Operation in Syria
Syrian Refugees in Turkey Face Return to Quake-Stricken Areas
22 Syrian Migrants on Hunger Strike in Libyan Prison
Top Arab Parliamentarians in Syria for First Visit Since 2011
Pan-Arab Convoy Aims to Break Western-Led Blockade, Provide Aid to Syria
Saudi-Led Coalition Targets Yemeni Fishermen, Destroys Their Livelihood
War-Weary Yemenis Fell Trees for Fuel, Cash
Overnight Houthi Attack Kills 11 Govt Soldiers in Central Yemen
Yemen's Southern Separatists Demand Role in Oman Peace Talks
Death Toll Climbs Above 50,000 After Turkey, Syria Earthquakes
UN Food Agency Chief Tells of 'Apocalyptic' Scenes in Quake-Hit Turkey
Iraq Daily Roundup: 31 Killed
Iraq Alcohol Ban Comes Into Effect, Causes Controversy
Middle East
Oman Promises Palestinian Authority It Will Not Normalize Relations With Israel
Muslim Brotherhood Leader on Hunger Strike Against Conditions in Egyptian 'Model' Prison
UAE Spends Billions on Home-Grown Arms at Defense Fair
Former Japanese Soldier Who Was Sexually Assaulted Takes on Military
Sri Lanka Police Fire Tear Gas at Election Protest; 15 Hurt
Russian Factories Working Overtime to Make Hi-Tech Weapons, Claims Putin Ally
Macron to Visit China, Seek Xi's Help to End Russia-Ukraine War
G20 Meeting Ends Without Consensus Over Russia's War in Ukraine
Russia's UN Diplomat Accuses West of Arm Twisting in Vote Isolating Moscow
Russia, Iran Sending Top Envoys to UN's Human Rights Council
Wagner Group Chief Wages Political War With Russian Elite
EU Approves 10th Package of Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine War
Billionaire Ackman Donates $3.25 Million for Ambulances in Ukraine
Zelensky Fires a Top Ukrainian Military Commander, No Reason Given
Tens of Thousands of Americans Have Welcomed Ukrainian Refugees
US-Trained Afghan Special Forces Recruited by Wagner Group in Ukraine
Ukraine Parliament Member to US: Use Russian Oligarchs' Money as Aid
Belarus President Lukashenko to Visit China Next Week
Belarus Says It Has 1.5 Million Potential Soldiers Outside Armed Forces
Germany to Place Order for Backfilling Howitzers Months Earlier Than Planned
Germany's New Defense Minister Faces 'Ticking Time Bombs' in His Armed Forces
Despite US Plea, Greece Refuses to Supply S-300 to Ukraine
'Fleeing Hardship': Shipwreck Kills Dozens in Southern Italy
Polish Refiner Says Russia Halted Pipeline Oil Supplies to Poland
Burkina Faso to Recruit 5,000 Soldiers to Battle Jihadists
Athletes Wounded After Blasts Hit Race in Cameroon's Anglophone Region
Nigeria MP Arrested With Nearly $500,000 Before Election
Three Dead After African Peacekeeping Mission Helicopter Crashes in Somalia
20 Years Since War Began in Sudan's Darfur, Suffering Continues
Tunisia Judge Imprisons Politicians, Businessman Amid Crackdown
The Americas
Tens of Thousands Protest Mexico Electoral Reforms
Peru Recalls Ambassador to Mexico Amid Row Over Ousted Leader

El Salvador Moves 2,000 Alleged Gang Members to New 'Mega Prison'

Former US Soldier Arrested in Cold Case Murder of Army Private
Blast Kills Four at Crowded Market in Pakistan's Balochistan
Trade Resumes as Pakistan, Afghanistan Reopen Torkham Crossing
Afghan Refugees in Pakistan Protest Delay in US Resettlement
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Volodymyr Zelensky Is Washington's New Jonas Savimbi

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Nikki Haley Would Return to the Hardline Policies We Want To Forget

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When Federal Interest Payments Come To Exceed the Military Budget: Time To Stop Defending the Rest of the World

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No Sign of Peace in Ukraine as New Year Approaches

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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

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The Scourge of Conscription

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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