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Updated March 1, 2023 - 9:43 PM EST
US Tells Nations Not To Work With Assad on Quake
  State Dept Refers Reporter to Israel When Pressed on Secret Nukes
Afghan IG: US Likely to Repeat Mistakes in Ukraine
  Pentagon Admits Russia Captured American Weapons in Ukraine
NATO Chief Reaffirms: Ukraine Will Eventually Join
  Zelensky Says Situation in Bakhmut 'Getting More and More Difficult'
Moscow Blames Ukraine for Drone Attacks Inside Russia
  Belarusian Opposition Claims Attack on Russian Plane Near Minsk
Democrat Rep. Doesn't Care Taiwan Trip Angered China
Major Antiwar Protests Held in Germany, France, and Italy
IAEA: Some 83.7% Enriched Uranium Particles Found in Iran

Defend the Guard Act Passes Montana House Committee

item How Social Networks Became a 'Subsidiary' of the FBI and CIA  by Jonathan Cook
item Supreme Court Says Domestic Spying Is Too Secret to Be Challenged in Court  by J.D. Tuccille
item Public vs. Private: Managing Perceptions of the War in Ukraine  by Ted Snider
item Russiagate & Journalism's Death  by Chris Hedges

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Sanctions Fail to Sour Russians' Outlook on Economy: Gallup
US Importers Demand Refund of Trump-Era Tariffs on Chinese Goods
Russia Affirms Readiness to Facilitate Peace Talks Between Azerbaijan, Armenia
Russia's Oil Exports Still Strong Despite Sanctions
Putin Signs Bill to Suspend Last Nuclear Arms Pact With US
UK Seeks Ukraine-Bound AS90 Artillery Replacement Within 12 Months
US Army Veteran Killed Fighting in Ukraine
ICC's Top Prosecutor in Ukraine to Probe Russian Attacks on Power Grid
Switzerland Becomes Stumbling Block for Western Military Aid to Ukraine
Denmark Defies Critics, Nixes Holiday to Boost Army Spending
Denmark Jails ISIS Wife and Strips Her of Citizenship
Europe Leaps Towards Energy Autonomy as Sanctions Undercut Russia
Moldova Anti-Government Protest Stirs Fears of More Unrest
NATO Chief: Membership for Finland, Sweden 'Top Priority'
Poland Eyes 1,400 New Fighting Vehicles to Replace Soviet-Era Rides
UK, German Air Forces Prepare for First Joint Air Policing Mission

Bola Tinubu Leads in Nigeria Election, Opposition Seeks New Vote

Follow the Vote: Nigeria Presidential Election Results by State
Hospital in Disputed Somaliland City Shelled, One Dead
'The Conflict Goes On': South Sudan's Never-Ending War
Sudanese Protester Killed as Marches Enter 17th Month, Despite Talks
Tunisia Arrests Ennahda Figure Said Ferjani as Crackdown Escalates
Two Senior ISIS Members Killed in Afghanistan: Taliban
80 Afghan Citizens Dead in Italian Shipwreck: Taliban FM
Belarusian Leader Visits China Amid Ukraine Tensions
Japan OKs New Budget Including Hefty Arms Cost to Deter China
India Revives Civil Militia After Hindu Killings in Kashmir
Philippines' Marcos Jr Urges Military to Focus on South China Sea
Thailand Hosts Thousands of US Troops for Annual 'Cobra Gold' Drills
Blinken in Central Asia to Boost Ties Amid Russia-Ukraine War
Israel's Smotrich to Declare Nablus Outpost 'State-Owned Land' After Riots

Israeli MK Calls for Hawara to Be 'Burned and Closed'

Biden Administration Takes Its Capitulation to Israel to an Absurd New Level

Israel Releases Settlers Arrested After Anti-Palestinian Attacks
US 'Expects' Israel to Prosecute Settlers Over Riots
Columnist Warns 'Kristallnacht Was Relived in Huwwara'
Israel's Smotrich Wants 'Another Nakba', Says Former Defense Minister
Palestinians Count Cost of Israeli Violence in West Bank
How Hawara Became the Latest Battle for Israeli Settlers
Settlers Attack Palestinian Ambulance Transporting Sick Child
After Hawara, Israel Settlers Stage 'Organized Pogroms' in Other Villages
Israel Experts Urge Probe Into MKs for Inciting 'War Crimes'
Israeli Forces Stop Palestinians From Leaving Jericho
Over 40,000 Syrians Head Home From Turkey Following Earthquake
US Army Resumes Theft of Syrian Oil Weeks After Deadly Quake
Turkey Bans Fenerbahce Soccer Fans From Attending Away Game
Turkish Court Sentences Journalist to Jail Under 'Disinformation' Law
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 113 Killed
Iraq Repatriates Over 500 Refugees From Syria's Al-Hawl Camp
Iraq's Parliament Fails to Amend Provincial Elections Law
Middle East
Dozens of Iran Girls Hospitalized in New School Poisoning
Saudi Court Sentences 10 Former Judges on Charges of 'High Treason'
Rights Group, UN Experts Express Concern Over Bahrain Arrests
Cyprus' New President Says Country on Firm Western Footing
The War at Home
Mexican President: Mexico Has More Democracy Than US
US Military Seeks to Brew Jet Fuel From the Air
Americans Grow Numb as War in Ukraine Drags on Past 1-Year Mark

US Spy Agency Girds for Fight Over Warrantless Surveillance

White House: Federal Agencies Have 30 Days to Remove Tiktok From Devices
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America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

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The Scourge of Conscription

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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