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Updated March 2, 2023 - 9:13 PM EST
Some Personal News From Daniel Ellsberg
House Votes to Keep Syria Sanctions After Quake
Blinken Briefly Meets Lavrov at Summit Sidelines
  Zelensky Aide Says Ukraine Might Pull Out of Bakhmut
  Russia Says It Might Continue Talks With US on New START Treaty
  Locals in Crimea Say They're Happy They're Part of Russia
US Seeks Allies' Support for Sanctions on China
  US House Panel Advances Slew of Sanctions Bills Related to China
US Drone Strike Against al-Qaeda Reported in Yemen
US Increases Military Support for Somali Government
US Official Falsely Claims Iran 12 Days From Nuke Material
'Huwwara Should Be Wiped Out,' Says Israeli Minister
'Havana Syndrome' Not Caused by Foreign Weapon
item Sending Tanks to Ukraine Won't Win the War, but They Will Escalate It  by Patrick Cockburn
item Understanding the Logic of Canada Giving $2.26 Billion in Arms to Ukraine  by Yves Engler
item Military-Industrial Complex and American Fascism  by William J. Astore
item AIPAC Israeli Economic Espionage Against US Hits $366 Billion  by Grant F. Smith

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Israel Passes Initial Vote Approving Death Penalty Against Terror Offenders
Saudi, British Defense Ministers Sign Defense Program Agreement
China, Belarus Presidents Call for Ukraine Ceasefire, Talks
Russia Says It Will Only Renew Grain Deal if Its Own Exports Are Unblocked
EU, Russia Take Strong Positions as Ukraine Takes Center Stage at G20
Gazprom CEO Visits Tehran to Advance $40 Billion Oil and Gas Deal
Ukraine War Important Point of Discussion at G20 Meet, Says India
Finland's Parliament Gives Final Approval for NATO Bid
Finland Begins Construction of Russia Border Fence
Germany's Natural Gas Bill Doubled in 2022 Despite Import Volumes Falling
Hungary Outraged by Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Ministers Statement
Moldova and Romania Vow to Boost Ties Amid War in Ukraine
Slovakia Basks Under NATO Umbrella, Sends Ukraine Old Arms
Third Anniversary of Doha Agreement
Kabul, Washington Blame Each Other for Doha Deal Violations
South Korea's Yoon Renews Hopes for Improved Ties With Japan
Myanmar Military Gets New Aviation Fuel Supplies Despite Abuses
US Imposes Fresh Sanctions to Restrict North Korea's Revenues
Singapore to Purchase Eight Additional F-35B Fighters From Lockheed Martin
Sri Lanka Workers Defy Strike Ban to Protest IMF Bailout Plan

US Taps New Chair for Institute to Guide Ties With Taiwan

US Army Artillery Officer Dies During Assignment in Thailand
The War at Home
Sabanto Delivers Autonomous Tractors to US Space Force
Florida Airman Who Died in WWII Bombing Mission Identified Nearly 80 Years Later
Nigeria Gas Fuels Morocco, Algeria Pipeline Power Struggle
Austria Says Autonomy Plan a 'Credible' Basis for Western Sahara Settlement
Nigeria's Bola Tinubu Declared Winner of Presidential Vote
Who Is Bola Tinubu, Nigeria's President-Elect?
Syrian Civil Society Group Demands Probe Into UN Earthquake Response
Syrian FM Claims West Helped Nusra, ISIS Obtain Chemical Weapons
Israeli Settler Violence
Israeli Settlers Attack Huwwara During US Envoy's Visit
Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Journalist Near Nablus
Israel Arrests Six After Hundreds Rampaged Through Huwwara
'Repugnant': US Rebukes Israeli Remark on Palestinian Village
Critics Doubt Accountability by Israel for Huwwara 'Pogrom'
Knesset Committee Approves Key Judicial Overhaul Bills
McConnell Says US Shouldn't Weigh in on Bibi's Judicial Overhaul Plan
Israeli Police Assault Protesters During Anti-Government Marches
Israeli Police Fire Stun Grenades on Pro-Judiciary Protests
Israeli Forces Continue to Besiege Jericho for Third Consecutive Day
One Palestinian Killed, Six Arrested Over Killing of Israeli-American
Netanyahu Under Pressure From US, Israeli Protests Grow
Video: How an Israeli Raid on a Safe House Ended With Civilians Killed
Anti-Government Protesters Besiege Netanyahu's Wife at Tel Aviv Beauty Salon for Hours
Palestine Urges UN to Guarantee 'Protection' Against Israeli Aggression
Turkey Opposes Iraq's Decision to Promote Kurdish Language in Kirkuk
Erdogan Says May Election to Go Ahead Despite Turkey Quake
Who Is Poisoning Hundreds of Iranian Schoolgirls?
Iran Expels Two German Diplomats in Tit-For-Tat Move
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 113 Killed in February
UN Chief Visits Iraq for First Time in Six Years
US Special Forces Launch Counter-Terrorism Drills With African Armies
Burkina Faso Scraps 1961 Military Aid Pact With France
At Least 22 People, Including Children, Abducted in DR Congo
International Concern as Conflict Grows in Breakaway Somaliland
Tunisia Warns Foreign Diplomats Not to 'interfere'
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A Month's Notice: Why Burkina Faso Ordered French Troops Out of the Country

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The Scourge of Conscription

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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