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Updated March 3, 2023 - 7:25 PM EST
Some Personal News From Daniel Ellsberg
US Army Preparing to Win a War With China
  State Department Approves $619 Million F-16 Missile Sale for Taiwan
  House Bill Would Allow US to Lend Weapons to Taiwan

China and US Flex Military Might Around Taiwan

Blinken Briefly Meets Lavrov at Summit Sidelines
  Moscow: Ukrainian Saboteurs Launched Attack in Russia's Bryansk
  Russia Suspended New START Because Attacks on Strategic Sites

Growing Number of Dems/Republicans Split Over Aid to Ukraine

Israel Says Its Window to Attack Iran Is Closing
European Antiwar Protests Gain Strength as War Escalates
House Votes to Keep Syria Sanctions After Earthquake
item The Historic Urgency for an Antiwar Movement  by Caitlin Johnstone
item False Hopes and Broken Promises: The UN Statement on Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Coming Battle for the Liberation of Cuba  by Ted Snider
item Dr. Strangelove Is No Longer Satire  by Dee Knight

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Hungary Further Delays Vote on Sweden, Finland Joining NATO
Countries That Receive the Most Foreign Aid From the US
Israel Lifts Jericho Blockade After Killing Palestinian Suspect
Saudi Forces Target Border With Yemen
Opposition to Netanyahu
'I've Already Lived Under Stalin!' Anti-Government Protests Spread Across Israel
Why Sara Netanyahu's Hair Salon Trip Ended With Riot Police
Netanyahu Denounces Protesters After Salon Siege of His Wife
Israelis Refuse Military Service Over Judicial Overhaul
Israeli Opposition Groups Call for US Sanctions on Netanyahu Under Global Magnitsky Act
Palestinians Ramp Up 'Disobedience' in Israeli Jails
Tulkarm Brigade Will Join Lions' Den in Armed Resistance
Israeli Government Seizes Property, Bank Accounts of Former Palestinian Prisoners
Israel Detains Two Suspects in Hawara Riot Minutes After Court Releases Them
Sixth Palestinian Killed in Aqbat Jabr Refugee Camp by Israeli Army
For Some Gaza Kids, a Donkey Cart Is the Only Way to Class
Israeli Campaign Raises Funds for Torched Palestinian Town
Free-Falling Rial Leaves Iranians Worried About Financial Future
US Issues More Iran Sanctions Amid Stalled Diplomacy
UN Nuclear Watchdog Head to Go to Iran for High-Level Talks
Dear Media: How Many Nuclear Bombs Does Iran Have?

Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed

Iraq Seeks to Resolve Turkish Airstrikes Via Diplomacy

UN Chief Praises Moves Toward Stability in Rare Iraq Visit

Middle East
Egypt Raises Fuel Prices by 10 Percent as Inflation Bites
Clashes Leave One Killed in South Lebanon Palestinian Camp
Eight Truffle-Hunters Killed in Syria Landmine Explosion
Afghan Diplomats Return to Turkey and Iran as Taliban Pushes for Relations Thaw
Passport Distribution Begins in Kabul, Other Provinces
Ned Price: Taliban Has Not Fulfilled Doha Agreement
US Expects Calls, Engagements With China in Coming Weeks
Sanctions on China Loom Large as Von Der Leyen to Meet Biden
India, China FMs Discuss Border Peace on G20 Sidelines
Expanded US Access to Bases 'Not for Aggression', Philippines Defense Chief Says
Half of Sri Lanka Families Reducing Children Food Intake: Charity
Pakistan Frees Retired General Accused of Inciting Violence
The War at Home
Raytheon to Make Seven Missile-Tracking Satellites for US Space Agency
Missouri Lawmakers Back Ban on Chinese Ownership of Land
Minot Base Firings Due to Failed Nuclear Safety Inspection
Entire F-35 Fleet to Get Fix for Engine Vibration Issue
Pentagon Budgeting Panel Says 'All Options' on Table for Reform
Russia MOEX Exchange Begins Trading in Turkish Lira
Moldovan Parliament Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine
SpaceX Launches US, Russia, UAE Astronauts to Space Station
Russian Parliament Backs Tougher, Wider Law on 'Discrediting' the Army
Poland, Ukraine Call for Nuclear Energy Sanctions Against Russia
Accident at Russian Plane Factory Kills One, Injures Several
UAE Is 'Country of Focus' as US Looks to Target Russia's Economic Partners
New IAEA Monitors Reach Ukrainian Nuclear Plant at Fourth Attempt
Ukraine Urges EU to Prepare More Russia Sanctions as Soon as Possible
India's G20 Meeting Ends Without Consensus on Russia-Ukraine War
US to Announce New Military Aid Package for Ukraine on Friday
Photos: Ukraine Says It's Survived Its 'Most Difficult Winter'
Italy PM Urges India to Play Key Role in Ending Ukraine War
How Elon Musk's Starlink Is Still Helping Ukraine's Defenders
Estonia Urges Allies to Pay More After Ukraine War Anniversary, Claims 'Crisis' in UN
EU to Speed Up Deliveries of Howitzer Shells for Ukraine
United Kingdom
US Approves $125 Million UK Javelin Missile Request, to Replenish Ukraine Drawdown
Manchester Arena Bomber Was Radicalized Fighting in Libyan Civil War
UK Disappointed as Argentina Withdraws From Falklands Pact
London Hospital Removed Gaza Children's Artwork Following Legal Threat
British MPs Blast Formula One Organization Over Bahrain and Saudi Arabia 'Sportswashing'
Albanian Leader Denies Corruption Over Indicted FBI Agent
Estonia's Pro-Kyiv Government Faces Election Test Amid Cost of Living Crisis
EU Mulls Billions in Funding to Quicken Artillery Shell Production
Macron Says Era of French Interference in Africa Is 'Over'
Petrol Bombs Thrown in Greek Train Crash Protest: Police
Three NATO Aircraft Carriers Drill in Mediterranean Sea in Message to Russia
Serbians Protest Removal of Prosecutors Probing Corruption
Tunisia Senior Ennahda Figure Hospitalized Following Prison Hunger Strike
Tunis Governor Refuses Protest Permit, Cites Alleged Plot
Libya Approves Voting Rules but No Election Breakthrough
Mali Junta Warns Key Peace Deal Under Threat
Nigeria Opposition Renews Calls to Overturn Election Result
US Offers US $5 Million Bounty for Information on Al-Shabab Spokesman
210 Civilians Killed in 24 Days of Somaliland Clashes
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Ramzy Baroud
On False Hopes and Broken Promises: Behind the Scenes of the UN Statement on Palestine

Ted Snider
The Coming Battle for the Liberation of Cuba

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Nine More Ukraines

Ray McGovern
Washington Post Lets Hersh's Dangerous Cat Out of the Bag

David R. Henderson
How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Ted Galen Carpenter
Volodymyr Zelensky Is Washington's New Jonas Savimbi

Daniel Larison
Nikki Haley Would Return to the Hardline Policies We Want To Forget

Doug Bandow
When Federal Interest Payments Come To Exceed the Military Budget: Time To Stop Defending the Rest of the World

Dave DeCamp
No Sign of Peace in Ukraine as New Year Approaches

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

Scott Horton
America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

Sheldon Richman
The Scourge of Conscription

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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