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Updated March 16, 2023 - 8:38 PM EDT
Poland To Provide Ukraine With Fighter Jets
  Sen. Graham Calls for US To Start Shooting Down Russian Planes
  US Releases Video of Drone Encounter With Russian Fighters
  Russia Trying to Recover Debris of Downed US MQ-9 Reaper Drone
  Austin Speaks With Russian Defense Minister About Drone Incident
Senators Pushing for US to Give Ukraine F-16s
  Canadian FM Says Regime Change in Moscow Is 'Definitely' the Goal
  Ukrainian Leaders Say Will Continue to Send Soldiers Into Bakhmut
US Says China Preparing for War It Doesn't Want to Fight
  Former Australian PM Says AUKUS Subs 'Worst Deal in All History'
Momentum Toward Yemen Peace After Saudi-Iran Deal
  Riyadh Investments Could Start 'Very Quickly' Following Iran Deal
Germany Cancels Roger Waters Concert for Israel Criticism
item It's Not Just the Settlers – or Israel – Responsible for the Torching of Huwwara  by Jonathan Cook
item Pro-Censorship Dems Whitewash the Federal Govt's Iron Fist  by Jim Bovard
item The Not-So-Winding Road From Iraq to Ukraine  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Spying in Plain Sight  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Saudi Arabia and Boeing Announce Massive Aircraft Deal
'Don't Come Back': Israelis Protest as Netanyahu Goes Abroad
Honduras Says Plans to Open Diplomatic Relations With China
Israeli President Presents Alternative to Judicial Overhaul, Lacks Coalition Support
Israel Army Says It Killed Suspected Bomber 'Coming From Lebanon'
Israeli Occupation Forces Seal Off Checkpoint Near Jerusalem
Jewish Democrats Issue Letter to Netanyahu Over Judiciary
A Palestinian Life Interrupted at 18 Begins Again
Mysterious Bombing Shakes Israeli Security Establishment
Israel Says Suspect Killed Wearing a Suicide Vest Following Roadside Bomb
Israeli Firm Elbit Awarded Electronic Warfare Contract for NATO Country's Future Fighter Jet
Turkey Wants 120-Day Extension of Grain Deal: Defense Minister
Erdogan Hints Turkey May Ratify Finland's NATO Membership
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed
China, Russia and Iran Hold Joint Naval Drills in Gulf of Oman
Hunger, Malnutrition Rising Sharply in Syria, WFP Says
UAE 'Arbitrarily Detaining' Thousands of Afghan Refugees: HRW
Pakistan Ex-PM Imran Khan Says Arrest Bid a Plot to Bar Him From Elections
Pakistan Court Orders Halting of Operation to Arrest Imran Khan
Eight Insurgents, Two Kids Killed in Battle With Pakistan Troops
North Korea Fires Another Missile Toward Sea: Seoul
North Korean Missiles Could Hit Central US in 33 Minutes, Chinese Simulation Finds
South Korea Approves $2.85 Billion F-35A Purchase Plan

Taiwan Shows Off Its Drones as Key to 'Asymmetric Warfare'

Who Are Taiwan's Formal Diplomatic Allies?
Indian Navy to Order BrahMos Cruise Missiles for $2.5 Billion
Japan Battles to Persuade Its Big Brands to Join Military Buildout
Sri Lanka Unions Stage Strike to Protest Against IMF Bailout Plan
Thai Officials Search for Radioactive Cylinder From Power Plant
Blinken Says Ethiopia Must Do More on Tigray Peace Deal
US Announces $331 Million in New Aid to Ethiopia as Blinken Meets Abiy
UK, German Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Plane Near Estonia
Putin Hails Assad Ties at Talks With Turkey Mend Brewing
Russia Strikes Kharkiv as Ukraine's Allies to Discuss Military Support
Israel Approves Export Licenses for Anti-Drone Systems for Ukraine
Denmark Establishes $1 Billion Fund to Aid Ukraine
IMF Says Staff Made 'Very Good Progress' in Talks About New Loan for Ukraine
Canada to Send Ammo, Missiles to Support Ukraine's Air Defense
Ukraine Can Defend $3 Billion Russian Eurobond Case: UK Top Court
German Military in Worse Shape Than Before Russia's Invasion: Official
German Arms Industry Seeks Clarity on Ukraine Weapons Orders
German Defense Minister Replaces Chief of the Armed Forces
German Military Has 'Too Little of Everything'
UN Official Says World Body Committed to Cyprus Peace Deal
France Accused of 'Delaying' EU Shells for Ukraine
Italy Blames Russia for Libyan Refugee Surge, Offshore Deaths
Lithuania Wants 54 New Tanks in Tweak to Land Forces Layout
Poland Deploys Anti-Tank Barricades on Russian, Belarusian Borders
The War at Home
GOP Senator Blocks Biden Nominee to Force Answers From VA
A Second Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Says Ron Desantis Attended Brutal Forced Feedings
Pentagon Mobilized to Support Tech Startups After Bank Failure

Space Force to Spend $340 Million on New Training Infrastructure

How a Penny-Stock Company Sold Pentagon on Small Drones for Ukraine
Niger Says It Killed '30 Jihadists', Arrests 960
Blinken Making 'Historic' Trip to Niger as Forces Shift in Sahel
Morocco Arrests Suspected Jihadists After Police Death
Mauritania Govt Denies Seeking Normalization With Israel
Tons of Uranium Missing From Libyan Site, IAEA Tells Member States
Thousands of Senegal Opposition Supporters Begin 3-Day Protest
Djibouti Says Expelled France-Based Rights Defenders Lack 'Neutrality'
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America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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