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Updated March 21, 2023 - 8:02 PM EDT
UK To Give Ukraine Depleted Uranium Shells
  Pentagon Speeds Up Plans to Get Abrams Tanks to Ukraine
  Putin, Xi To Discuss China Peace Plan for Ukraine
  US Announces $350 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
Former Taiwan President Plans Historic China Visit
  Taiwan's Military Shelves Law To Criminalize Spreading Rumors
US Gave India Intel During Clash With Chinese Troops
  China, Cambodia Hold First-Ever Joint Naval Drills
Warring Sides in Yemen Agree on Major Prisoner Swap
Israel's Smotrich: 'There's No Such Thing as Palestinians'
item Progressive 'Restrainers' Join the War Party  by James W. Carden
item Don't Let the Media Cheerlead US Into More Wars Like It Did in Iraq  by Col. Ann Wright (ret.)
item Learning Little From the Iraq War  by William J. Astore
item Asia Is None of NATO's Business  by Quinn Marschik

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US, Philippines to Announce New Sites for US Military Soon
Full Text: China's Position on Settling the Ukraine Crisis
The Children of the Iraq War Have Grown Up, but Some Wounds Don't Heal
Ukraine Warns of Further Fall in Grain Harvest
Before Power Is Back, Deminers Must Make Ukraine's War Repairs Safe
Estonia to Supply Ukraine With Sniper Rifles, Special Forces Equipment

After Arrest Warrant for Putin, Russia Opens Case Against ICC

Russia Sets Grain Deal Conditions, Putin Suggests Free Grain for Africa
Putin Warns Russia Could Drop Grain Deal After 60 Days
Factbox: Russia's Tighter Energy Ties With China Since Ukraine War
Russia Says Su-35 Scrambled Over Baltic as Two US Bombers Flew Towards Border
Portuguese Navy Relieves Sailors for Refusing to Board 'Faulty' Vessel Set to Track Russian Vessel
Macron Narrowly Survives Crucial No-Confidence Votes in French Parliament
Sanction Pro-Russian Oligarchs in Moldova, Georgia, Urge EU Foreign Ministers

Northern Ireland Unionists Say No to Sunak's Brexit Deal, for Now

US Approves $150 Million Hellfire Missile Sale to Poland
Aid Funding Shortfall Could Push Afghans Into Famine
Ex-Australian Soldier Charged With War Crime Over Afghan Killing

'Fascism at Unprecedented Levels' in Pakistan, Says Imran Khan

IMF Approves Sri Lanka's $2.9 Billion Bailout
UN Expert Calls for Coordinated Action Against Myanmar Junta
North Korea's Kim Leads 'Nuclear Counterattack' Simulation Drill
Smotrich Violated Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty With Expanded Israel Map
Palestinians Protest Egypt's PA-Israel 'Security Summit'
Israeli Protesters Reject Government's Softening of Judiciary Bill
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Iconic Images From the Iraq War
Mystery Surrounds Who Owns Helicopters That Crashed in Iraqi Kurdistan
Middle East
Credit Suisse: Saudi Arabia and Qatar Set to Lose Big After UBS Deal
UK Imposes Sanctions on Five Iranian IRGC Members
French Journalist Dubois Freed After 23-Month Abduction in Mali
International Red Cross Says Two Kidnapped Staff Freed in Mali
EU Observers Say 21 Killed in Nigeria Election Violence
US Aid Worker Jeff Woodke, Kidnapped in Niger, Is Freed
Kenyan Opposition Politicians Arrested, Tear Gassed During Protests
US Says All Sides Committed War Crimes in Ethiopia Conflict
Sudan Factions Agree to Form Transitional Gov 11 April: Spox
Somali Leaders Agree to Increase Troop Numbers
India Arrests More Than 100 People in Manhunt for Sikh Separatist
Windows Smashed at India Consulates During Protests in London, San Francisco

Explosives Sent to Two Ecuador Television Stations, One Journalist Wounded

Boeing Secures $1.9 Billion US Army Deal for 184 AH-64E Apache Helicopters
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