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Updated March 28, 2023 - 9:30 PM EDT
Senate Rejects Special Watchdog for Ukraine
Rep. Gaetz Introduces Bill To Pull Out of Somalia
Ukraine Receives Deliveries of German, UK Tanks
  Russian Official Says Moscow Has Weapons That Can Destroy the US
  Senate to Vote on Appointing Inspector General for Ukraine Aid
  EU Planning to Invest Frozen Russian Assets, Give Returns to Ukraine
Congress to Invite S. Korea's Yoon to Give Speech
  US Aircraft Carrier Conducts Drills With South Korean Military
Netanyahu Suspends Judicial Overhaul
Biden Committed to Keeping Troops in Syria
Hungary's Parliament OKs Finland's NATO Membership
Former Taiwanese President Ma Arrives in China
item The Ukraine War Enters the
2024 US Presidential Election – Stage Right
 by John V. Walsh
item We Don't Have to Choose Between Nuclear Madmen  by Norman Solomon
item A Litany of Pride
 by Doug Bandow
item The Best Way to Protect US Troops in Syria  by Ron Paul

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Israeli Forces Injure Six Palestinians During Military Raid in Jericho
Saudi Defector Fears He Is Being Hunted in London After Bounty Posted Online
USAF Purchases 1,500 Stormbreaker Air-to-Surface 'Smart' Munitions
Tens of Thousands Descend on Israeli Supreme Court to Voice Support for Judicial Reform
Despite Netanyahu Calling Time-Out on Judicial Reform, Violent Clashes With Police Persist
Israeli Closures in Huwwara Stifle Palestinian Businesses and Movement
Here's Israel's Judicial Proposal That Drew People to Protest
Thousands Mourn Palestinian Prisoner After Body Released
Christians Facing Increased Attacks in Jerusalem in 2023
Israel, UAE Sign Free Trade Agreement
UAE Slams Israel Green Light on West Bank Settlements Return
Hundreds of Israelis, US Jews Protest at Israeli Consulate in New York
Saudi Arabia
Saudi National Bank Appoints Chairman After Credit Suisse Loss
Saudi Oil Giant to Build Refinery in Northeast China
War in Ukraine Adds Another Layer of Suffering for Millions in Yemen
Yemenis Flood Streets to Mark Eight Anniversary of Saudi-Led War
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraqi Parliament Passes Controversial Vote Law Amendments
Senate Advances Iraq AUMF Repeal, Tees Up Final Passage Vote
Kurdistan's 400,000-Bpd Oil Exports Still Shut-In as Talks With Iraq Fail
Independent Kurdistan in US Interest: John Bolton
Kurdistan Region Parliamentary Elections Set for November 18
Middle East
Several Kurdish Officials Arrested in Turkey Ahead of Elections
Lebanon Reverses Decision to Delay Clock Changes
The War at Home
Lockheed Martin Wins $474 Million Trident II Missile Deal From US, UK
US Army Unveils Ribbon for Soldiers Who Refer a Friend

Biden Signs Executive Order Restricting Use of Commercial Spyware

Ex-Navy CIO Weis Joins Google Public Sector as Managing Director
US Coast Guard Wants $1.6 Billion Extra to Hasten Modernization Projects
Ukraine Fears Nuclear Plant Could Face Dangerous Water Cooling Shortage
Ukraine Counts Heavy Cost of Russian Attacks on Hydropower Plants
Germany to Buy Up to 28 Howitzers to Help Replace Arms Rushed to Ukraine
Ukrainians Crowdsource Scorpion Light Tanks for Military
Russia May Demand Compensation Over Nord Stream Blasts: Diplomat
Kazakhstan Tightens Controls Over Trade With Russia
Russia: Azerbaijan Violated Ceasefire Deal With Armenia
Belarus Accuses Poland of Causing Long Delays at EU Border
Switzerland Should Allow
Re-Export of Arms to Ukraine: Kyiv Envoy
Scotland's Ruling SNP Picks Humza Yousaf to Succeed Sturgeon
Thee Key ISIS Members Killed: Taliban Intelligence Directorate
Blast Near Afghanistan Foreign Ministry Kills at Least Two: NGO
Pakistan Minister Slammed for Khan Remarks
Pakistani Court Rules in Defense of Former PM Imran Kahn
China Says No Conditions on Honduras Diplomatic Deal
China Spent $240 Billion Bailing Out 'Belt & Road' Countries
Japan Plans Tomahawk-Equipped Aegis Destroyers by 2027
Myanmar Military Pledges Decisive Action Against Opponents
Taiwan Welcomes Czech Delegation After Honduras Shifts Allegiance
Vietnam Sends Ship to Track Chinese Vessel Patrolling Russian Gas Field in EEZ
India's Congress Lawmakers Wear Black to Protest Rahul Gandhi's Dismissal
West Papua Liberation Army Fighter Shot Dead, Claims Indonesia
UN Mission Accuses EU of Aiding Crimes Against Humanity in Libya
Kenyan Opposition Leader Odinga Says Protests on Despite Police Ban
Exiles Denied Passports as the Egypt Seeks to Bring Them Home
Burkina Faso Halts France 24 Broadcasts After Al-Qaeda Interview
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