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Updated May 8, 2023 - 9:06 PM EDT
Arab League Votes to Readmit Syria
Wagner Head Says Moscow Promised More Arms
  Russian Novelist Injured in Deadly Car Bombing
  Russia Evacuates People Near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
  Turkey Rejects US Request to Send S-400 Air Defense to Ukraine
Sullivan in Saudi Arabia Discussing Rail Project
  Sudan's Warring Sides Meet in Jeddah
Japan, South Korea Commanders Tour US Nuclear Sub
Australia PM 'Frustrated' US Won't Drop Assange Charges
House Dem Introduces Bill to Restrict Aid to Israel
item Nuking the Promise of America  by William J. Astore
item US Officials Confronted About Assange Hypocrisy on Press Freedom Day  by Caitlin Johnstone
item The Flight From the US Dollar  by Ted Snider
item US Military Driving Violence in Somalia  by Daniel Larison

More Viewpoints

Bill Banning Chinese Citizens From Owning Land in Florida Passes in the House
Blinken: Peace Deal 'Within Reach' in Armenia-Azerbaijan Talks
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians in West Bank City of Tulkarm
Blind Palestinian Prisoner Suspends 12-Day Hunger Strike After Israel Agrees to Free Him
Israel Hands Over Jordanian Lawmaker Accused of Arms Smuggling
Resourceful Gazans Create Work to Overcome Dire Prospects
Israel Wounds Palestinian Boy With Rubber-Coated Bullet
Israelis Protest Against Judicial Reforms for 18th Week
Israel Demolishes Palestinian West Bank School
Israeli Citizen Kills Palestinian Man After Apparent Road-Rage Brawl
Israel Publishes Tenders for New West Bank Settlement Units
Israel Escalates Siege Against Jericho With Iron Gates, Cement Blocks
Over 250 Palestinian Olive Saplings Destroyed by Settlers
World Food Program to Suspend Aid to Palestinians Due to Funding Shortage
Turkey Unveils Drone-Launched Mini Cruise Missile
Turkey to Deploy 600 Thousand Security Personnel For Elections
Turkey's Kurds Endorse Erdogan's Secular Rival Despite Bitter History
Iran, Syria Agree to Increase Commercial Flights
Iran Expels Four Azeri Diplomats Amid Ongoing Tensions
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraq Sentences Killer of Security Expert to Death
Contaminated Water Spreads Hepatitis A in Syria's Hama
Turkey to Move Its Sudan Embassy After Ambassador's Car Hit
Seven Children Killed or Injured Every Hour by Sudan Fighting: UNICEF
Sudan Residents Describe Raids, Evictions by RSF Soldiers
South Sudan Struggling to Implement Power-Sharing Deal
Interim Burkina Faso President Hails Russia as 'Strategic Ally'
Thirteen Die in Attack on DR Congo Displacement Camp
Egypt MP Delays Return Home Following Family Arrests
Mali's Military Government Sets June 18 Constitutional Referendum Date
Suspected Jihadists Kill Seven, Kidnap 22 in Nigeria
The War at Home
US Military Moves to Improve Mental Health Care Access as Suicides Remain High
New Images of Massive US Embassy Compound in Beirut Prompt Questions
Lockheed Wins $1.4 Billion Contract to Develop Critical F-35 Capability
The Americas
Canada Summons Chinese Ambassador Over Election Interference Claims
Spain Expresses Backing for Colombia Peace Plan
Venezuelan Opposition Party Replaces Guaido as Candidate
Ukraine Hails Return of 45 Azov Fighters, Russia Says Three Pilots Released
Ukraine Farmers Surrounded by Risks, From Mines to Logistics
Ukraine Delegate Punches Russian Representative at Black Sea Nations Assembly in Turkey
Arkansas Army National Guard Takes Over Joint Multinational Training for Ukraine
Ukraine Preparing to Ban Imports From Moldova
Ukraine Allegedly Downs Russian Hypersonic Missile With US Patriot
Ukrainian Plot to Strike Airfield Deep Inside Russia Thwarted: FSB
Russia Arrests Two Theater Workers on 'Justifying Terrorism' Charges
Romanian Report: Russian Jet Intercepts Polish Plane Over Black Sea
Russia Confirms Enriched Uranium Supplies to China
Security Worries Overshadow Russia's Victory Day Preparations
Blasts Rock Russia-Annexed Crimea as Sirens Blare Across Ukraine
Latvian Governmentt Approves $110 Million Naval Strike Missile Buy
Belgium Arrests Iraqi Suspected of Terror Attack Involvement
EU Deal to Clear Grain Glut Unravels Amid Acrimony
German Chancellor Supports Permanent UNSC Seat for Africa
Italy Left With 'Inadequate' Ammunition After Arming Ukraine: Media
Norway's Surprise Natural Gas Nationalization Plan Even Broader Than Expected
Poland to Call for EU Sanctions on Imports of Russian Farm Products
Taliban FM Woos Neighbours in Rare Visit Abroad
China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan FMs Hold Talks in Islamabad
Islamabad for Boosting Ties With Kabul to Tackle Terrorism
Ethnic Clashes Continue in India's Manipur Despite Army Presence
23,000 Flee Violence in Northeast India, Army Says
Five Indian Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Army Operation
Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang Urges Neighbors to Keep Their Distance From US
China Gave 190 Chip Firms $1.75 Billion in Subsidies in 2022 as It Seeks Semiconductor Self-Sufficiency
Taiwan Leader, Paraguay President-Elect Reaffirm Ties in Phone Call
Taiwan to Receive 19 Indigenous Sky Sword II Missile Launchers
Japan Leader Expresses Sympathy for Korean Colonial Victims
Myanmar Military Commutes 38 Death Sentences as Part of Amnesty
US F-16 Jet Crashes During Training South of Seoul
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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