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Updated May 10, 2023 - 8:56 PM EDT
US, UK Vow Support for Ukraine No Matter What
  US Announces $1.2 Billion in Long-Term Military Aid for Ukraine
  Putin: West Unleashed a 'Real War' on Russia in Victory Day Speech
  Poland Confirms Transfer of Warplanes to Ukraine
Hawks Urge Sanctions to Stop Syria Normalization
  Syrian, Turkish FMs to Hold First Meeting in Over a Decade
Joint US-Philippine Patrols to Begin Later This Year
  Biden to Become First President to Visit Papua New Guinea
Australia Urged US to Drop Case Against Assange
  Mexico Embraces Assange
Israel Military Kills 20 Palestinians in Fresh Gaza Attacks
A (Real) Grand Total of Military Budget, Over $1.4 Trillion
item Does the Federal Government Believe in the Constitution?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Kent State: The School Shooting the Government Doesn't Want You to Remember  by Claire Bernish
item The Army We Don't See  by Andrea Mazzarino
item Are the Marines Losing Coveted Relevancy in China Battle Space?  by Jeff Groom

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Russian Troops Abandon Positions Near Bakhmut, Says Wagner Boss
'Princess of the Class': Killing of Gaza Children Leaves Classmates in Shock
Protests Erupt in Pakistan Cities After Imran Khan Arrest
Laser Rocket Firing Humvees Spotted in Service With Ukraine
Ukrainian Army in Possession of Israeli Radar
EU's Von Der Leyen Visits Kyiv as Russia Marks War Anniversary
EU Lawmakers Fast-Track Legislation to Boost Ammunition, Missile Production to Support Ukraine
AFP Video Journalist Killed in Eastern Ukraine
Ukraine Says It Has Alternatives if Grain Export Deal Not Extended
Outbound Inspections Resume Under Black Sea Grain Deal: UN
Pentagon Confirms Ukraine Downed Russian Missile With Patriot System
Russia Says It Launched Concentrated Missile Strike on Ukraine Overnight
Russian Mercenary Chief Says He's Been Told to Stay in Bakhmut or Be Branded Traitor
Photos: Russia Showcases Military in Wartime Victory Day Event
The West's Uphill Battle to Sanction Russian Diamonds
Scholz Urges Integrated EU Defense Industry, Migration Agreement
Finland, Sweden Sign Joint Military Vehicle Procurements
French Vision for an Autonomous Europe Proves Elusive
UK Police 'Regret' Coronation Day Protests Amid Rights Concerns
What Is Al-Qadir Trust Case for Which Imran Khan Was Arrested?
Pakistan Blocks Twitter, Restricts Internet After Khan's Arrest
China to Expel Canadian Diplomat in Tit-For-Tat Move
China Vows to Retaliate Against EU Sanctions on Its Companies
Tense Calm in India's Manipur Where Ethnic Riots Claimed 62 Lives
India Extends $1bn Credit Line for Sri Lanka by a Year
Asia Pacific
Australia to Boost Pacific, Defense Spending in Budget
HRW Says Myanmar Military Used Thermobaric Bomb on Opponents
UK's Liz Truss Heads to Taiwan After String of Hawkish China Speeches
The War at Home
Chinese Influence Bill Passes Legislature, Signed by Desantis, Despite Discrimination Concerns
Pentagon's New Mental Health Policy Prompted by Sailor's Death
Goodbye, Fort Hood: Texas Installation Renamed Fort Cavazos
Israel's Gaza Airstrikes
Children 'Bear the Brunt' as Israel Targets Gaza Homes
Israeli Strikes Kill Well-Known Gaza Dentist
Ben-Gvir Ends Government Boycott After Strikes on Gaza
Survivors Describe 'Massacre' After Israel's Airstrikes
Netanyahu Pledges 'Multi-Front' Conflict After Gaza Strike
US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides to Leave Post This Summer
Washington Keeps Israel in the Loop on Talks With Saudi Crown Prince: Report
Israel's Military Killed 20 Journalists in 22 Years, but 'No One Has Been Held Accountable'
Lions' Den Send Israeli Troops Fleeing From Nablus
Israel, Egypt to Expand Gas Pipeline Infrastructure
Armed Israeli Woman Shot Dead by Security Guards in the West Bank
Israel Presses Ahead With Settlement Plan, Separated Roads
Tensions Ease for Iraqi Kurds After Senior US Official Visit
'Too Little, Too Late:' HRW Slams Iraqi Compensation of ISIS Victims
Middle East
Smuggling of Iranian Fuel to Pakistan Surges
Turkey Election: Erdogan's Biggest Test at the Polls
Over 50 Political Prisoners Held in UAE Past Their Jail Terms: Activists
France's Totalenergies Set to Start Offshore Drilling in Lebanon Later This Year
Biden Unilaterally Extends 'National Emergency' Targeting Syria
At Least 481 Civilians Killed Since Fighting Began in Sudan
16 Dead in Ethnic Clashes, Curfew Imposed in Sudan's White Nile State
More Than 700,000 Sudanese Have Fled Violence, IOM Says
No Benefit in Sudan Talks Without Truce, Says Al-Burhan
Sudan Deepens Crisis in Africa as UN Sees Five Million More Needing Aid
Air Strikes and Guerrilla Fighting: the Tactics Deployed by Sudan's Warring Sides
Troops From Southern African Countries to Deploy Against Rebels in East DR Congo
Nigeria Protesters Storm Court as Legal Challenge Opens Against Presidential Election Result
Senegal Opposition Leader's Party Says Court Ruling Politically Motivated
Three Killed, 10 Injured in Attack Near Tunisian Synagogue During Annual Pilgrimage
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