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Updated May 11, 2023 - 9:09 PM EDT
UK Confirms Sending Ukraine Long-Range Missiles
  Ukraine Seeking More Weapons for 'Next Counteroffensive'
  Ukraine Claims Gains Near Bakhmut
  US Officials Happy the UK To Send Ukraine Long-Range Missiles
  Poll: Less Than Half of Republicans Have Confidence in Zelensky
Heavy Israeli Shelling in Gaza Continues
  State Deptartment Backs Israel After Gaza Airstrikes
  Capitol Nakba Event Takes Place Despite McCarthy's Attempt to Block
China in Touch With All Parties on Ukraine Ceasefire
  Putin Says the West Has Unleashed a 'Real War' on Russia
Taiwan Warns Against US Blowing Up Chip Factories
Biden To Sign Military Deal With Papua New Guinea
item Ukraine's 'Press Freedom' Score Increases Despite Martial Law, Banned Media  by Bryce Greene
item How Khader Adnan Unified Palestinians From His Prison Cell  by Ramzy Baroud
item China and Russia’s Worldview Is One of Multipolarity, Not Bipolarity  by Ted Snider
item Lessons Not Learned From the Pentagon Papers  by Alfred de Zayas

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Saudi King Invites Syria's President Al-Assad to Attend Arab League Summit
Warming South Korea-Japan Ties Sends Chill Through China
US, NATO Missile Defense Exercise Kicks Off in Atlantic Amid Russian Show of Force
UN Chief Condemns Civilian Deaths in Gaza, Urges Restraint by All
A Palestinian Cultural Memorial in Honor of Shireen Abu Akleh
Gaza: The Names and Faces of the 13 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Air Strikes
Western Media Criticized for Ignoring Palestinian Child Deaths
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians in West Bank Raid
Only 10% of Potential Haredi Conscripts Join IDF Annually, Report Reveals
TV News Crew Attacked in Tel Aviv as Right Wing Fumes Over Gaza Coverage
The Sad Story of a Former IDF Soldier Who Feigned Terror Attack to Commit Suicide
Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe, Explained
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Iraq Recovers 6,000 'Borrowed' Artifacts From Britain
Iraqi Documents Say Hashd Al-Shaabi Fighters Have Doubled in Two Years
Erdogan Gives Public Workers 45% Pay Rise Before Elections
Several Injured in Clash Between Turkish Opposition and Ruling Party Youth Members
Middle East
Car Explosion Wounds Five Syrian Policemen Near Damascus
Yemen Separatists 'National Charter' Calls for Partition
Iran Hangs 'Sultan of Cocaine' as UN Warns of Rising Executions
Sudan Doctors Syndicate Says 25 Dead in Tribal Fighting, as Truce Talks Stall
Sudan's Presidential Palace Damaged by Rebel Forces, Claims RSF
Egypt Adds 81 Names to'Terror List' Including 'Unprecedented' Number of Journalists
Ex-Policeman Goes on Trial in France Over Rwanda Genocide
One Dead, 30 Injured in New Wave of Unrest in Senegal
Two Dead, Many Injured in Riots in Guinean Anti-Government Protests
Niger Says It Has Picked Up 1,400 Boko Haram Followers

Return of Benin Bronzes Delayed After Nigerian President's Decree

Six Dead After Attack Near Synagogue on Tunisia's Djerba Island
Ukraine's Occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Faces Possible Staffing Crunch
Canada, Latvia to Jointly Train Ukrainian Soldiers Starting Monday
Ukraine War Will Increasingly Pit Quantity Against Quality, NATO Official Says
France Calls on EU to List Wagner as 'Terrorists', UK Considering
US Attorney General OKs Transfer of Forfeited Funds From Russia Oligarch for Use in Ukraine
Putin Signs Annual Decree on Reservist Training
Georgia Balks as Russia Ends Visa Regime
Explosion at Swedish Ammunition Factory Injures at Least One, Allegedly an Industrial Accident
German Lawmakers Grant $1.6 Billion for 50 Puma Fighting Vehicles
Daimler to Provide Over 300 Utility Trucks for Lithuanian Army
US Approves Polish and Slovak Weapons Buys Totaling $375 Million
Anger Spreads in Pakistan as Govt Arrests Nearly 1,000 Imran Khan Supporters
Pakistan's Military, Once a 'Sacred Cow,' Comes Under Attack by Protesters
Pakistan Riots Over Imran Khan's Arrest Continue as Army Deployed, Eight People Killed in Clashes
Pakistan Widows, Orphans Left Behind as Men Die in Fighting Taliban
Pakistan Wants to Pay in Chinese Yuan for Russia's Crude Oil
India's Modi to Visit White House in June as Biden Seeks Stronger Ties Amid Competition With China
Conditions Not Yet Right for Girls to Return to School: Taliban Minister
Myanmar Military Government Offers Cash Rewards to Defectors

Japan, US, South Korea Discuss Sharing of North Korea Missile Data

Blame 'Global Demand,' Parts Shortages for Taiwan's Tardy F-16s, US Says
The War at Home
It's Official: No More Covid Vaccine Mandate for Pentagon Workers and Contractors
US Defense Budget Bill Hit With Delay Over Debt Ceiling Fight
US Navy Eyes Private Capital to Modernize Dated Facilities
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