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Updated May 21, 2023 - 9:19 PM EDT
Russia: Providing F-16s to Ukraine a 'Colossal Risk'
  Russia's Wagner Claims Bakhmut; Kyiv Says Situation Critical
  US 'Overvalued' Arms Sent to Ukraine by $3 Billion
  US General: Iron Dome System Ready for Deployment to Ukraine
US Set for Ukraine War to Become a Frozen Conflict
  NATO to Draw Up Russia War Plans for First Time Since Cold War
  Ukraine Tells China It Won't Cede Territory for Peace Deal
UK Confirms Ukraine Used Storm Shadow Missiles
  Revealed: Russian Neo-Nazi Leader Obtained UK Missiles in Ukraine
Pentagon Doesn't Know Who It Killed in Syria Drone Strike
House Democrats Tell Biden to Support Ending Yemen War

US Military Will Access Ports, Airport in Papua New Guinea

item National Security Experts: War in Ukraine Is an 'Unmitigated Disaster'  by Blaise Malley
item The Good, the Bad, and the Befuddling: A Review of Philip Short's Putin  by Natylie Baldwin
item Nakba at 75: Israel's State-Building Project Is Unraveling – From Within  by Jonathan Cook
item Taking Notes Out of Rothbard's Taiwan Playbook  Joseph Solis-Mullen

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Arms Industry Titan Poised to Sit on Council on Foreign Relations Board

Jerusalem March: Hundreds of Israelis Chant 'Death to Arabs'

US, Taiwan Reach Deal on First Part of '21st Century' Trade Pact: US Trade Rep.

Ukraine Battles Russia in Bakhmut as Zelensky Secures More Arms
France to Send New Missiles to Ukraine for Counteroffensive: Macron
Japan Military Hospital to Treat Injured Ukrainian Soldiers
Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Agencies Fund Fight Against Russia
Antigua Desperate to Unload Seized Russian Yacht
Russia-Belarus Border Checks Return, Linked to Ukraine War Draft
Russia Extends Detention of US Consular Worker by Three Months
Russia Admits 'Problems' as Energy Revenues Drop
Explosions Derail Train in Crimea
United Kingdom
UK Aircraft Carrier Returning to Pacific in 2025: Sunak
UK and Norway Agree Cooperation to Counter Undersea Threats
Kremlin Says Freezing of Finland's Bank Accounts in Russia Was Forced Retaliatory Step
German Lawmakers Approve $1.7 Billion Purchase of 50 Puma Infantry Vehicles
Italy Realigns Its Defense Budget to Grow to $38.5 Billion by 2028: Army Technology
Moldova to EU: Let Us in ASAP
NATO's Stoltenberg Expects New 2% Defense Investment Pledge at Vilnius Summit
Who's Maulvi Abdul Kabir, Afghanistan's New Taliban-Appointed PM?
Qatar PM: Afghan People Need International Help to Avoid 'Internal Crises'
Chairman Says US House Committee 'Will Do All It Can' for Afghan Women
Iran's President Warns Taliban to Take Water Rights Issue Seriously
Imran Khan Says Pakistan Govt, Army 'Scared I Will Win Election'
Soldier Killed, Militant Gunned Down During Crossfire in Pakistan
Pakistani Police Surround Imran Khan's Home, Claim Former Leader Is Hiding Suspects in Recent Riots
Pakistan's Imran Khan Says He Won't Join Corruption Probe
Pakistan Faces $18 Billion Fine Over Iran Gas Pipeline Delayed by US Sanctions
Australia Offers Drones to Philippine Coast Guard for Stronger Border Patrols
Philippines' Military Chief Visits Remote Islands Near Disputed Spratlys
Japan, UK Renew Security Ties, Aircraft Carrier to Deploy in 2025
G-7 Hiroshima Summit: Who's Attending, What Will Be Discussed?
Biden, Japan's Prime Minister Meet Ahead of G-7 Summit
China Asks Foreign Embassies to Avoid 'Propaganda' in Apparent Reference to Pro-Ukrainian Displays
India Arrests Freelance Journalist, Ex-Navy Officer for Espionage
New Zealand Unveils Defense Budget, With Army in the Lead
New Thai Government 'Firmly Taking Shape', Potential PM Says
Palestinian Shop Owners in Jerusalem's Old City Forced to Close Ahead of 'Flag March'
Israeli Settlers and Politicians Storm Al-Aqsa Ahead of Far-Right March
Palestinians Assaulted as Israeli Ministers Join Divisive 'Flag March'
Israel Fires on Palestinians Protesting 'Flag March' in Gaza
Israel, Netherlands Sign $305 Million Defense Export Deal: Ministry
In Haifa, Israel Sells Palestinian Homes as Luxury Real Estate
Palestinian PM Denounces Israeli Flag March as 'Absurd'
38 Palestinians Injured as Israeli Troops Storm Nablus
Israeli Minister Threatens to Assassinate Top Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar
Israeli Forces Injure 14-Year-Old Palestinian Minor Near Bethlehem
Turkish Opposition Candidate Kilicdaroglu Promises to Expel All Refugees
Erdogan's Campaign Thinks Inclusivity Key to a Comfortable Win in Turkish Elections
Turkey Slams US for Sending Warship to Cyprus
Middle East
Syria's Assad Arrives in Saudi Arabia in First Visit Since War
Russia to Modernize Iran's Outdated Oil and Gas Industry
Informal Dollarization of Lebanon's Economy Curtails Recovery: World Bank
A Second Exile: Sudanese Refugees Flee Again to Destitute Chad
Witnesses Recount Gunmen's Raid on Church in Sudan's Capital
Heavy Fighting in Sudan's Capital as Food Aid Needs Grow
Thousands Displaced, 85 People Killed in Central Nigeria Clashes
UN Warns That Urgent Funding Needed to Avert Catastrophic Hunger in Northeast Nigeria
Chad Says Troops Killed 'Bandits' in Operation With Central African Republic
Moroccan Parliament Forms 'Israeli Friendship' Group
Egyptian Intelligence Source Refutes Iran's Claims of Restored Ties
Tunisia a 'Ticking Time Bomb' as Saied Cracks Down on Opposition
Convoy Attack in Eastern DR Congo Leaves Four Dead, Including Three Park Rangers
The War at Home
US Will Use AI to Track Orbiting Objects, Space Command Says
US State Department Wants to Speed Weapons Export Process
US Air Force Shoots Down Drone Swarm With Thor Microwave Weapon
USAF Opens Bidding to Build Its 1st New Fighter in Decades
Apache Helicopter Crash Injures Two in Latest Army Aviation Mishap
Pentagon Accelerates Timeline to Defuel Red Hill Facilities

Documents Leak Suspect Had Been Warned About Handling of Classified Information, Prosecutors Say

Junior Sailors on USS George Washington Endured Some of the Toughest Living Conditions in the Military, Says New Navy Investigation
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