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Updated May 24, 2023 - 9:20 PM EDT
Ukrainian Intelligence Says It's Trying to Kill Putin
  Neo-Nazis Used US Vehicles in Attack on Russia
  Russia Says It Defeated Ukrainian Sabotage Group in Belgorod
Poland 'Ready' to Start Ukrainians F-16 Training
  Boris Johnson Sent to Texas to Lobby GOP To Keep Arming Ukraine
Six African Countries to Promote Ukraine Ceasefire
  Hungary's Orban: Ukraine War Can Only End With Russia-US Deal
Netanyahu Govt Doubled Airstrikes in Syria
  Israeli Military Chief Says 'We Have the Ability to Hit Iran'
US Conducting More Patrols in the Persian Gulf
item It's a Bad Idea for Biden to Broker Saudi-Israeli Normalization  by Daniel Larison
item The FBI Just Got Caught in Yet More Massive, Outrageous FISA Abuses  by James Bovard
item A Bad Week for America in the World  by Ted Snider
item What Does the Fall of Bakhmut in Ukraine Really Mean?  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

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70% of US Voters Fear Intel Agencies Will Interfere in Elections: Harvard Poll
Israeli Authorities to Build 400 New Illegal Settlement Homes in East Jerusalem
Air Raids, Clashes at Start of One-Week Truce in Sudan
As India Holds G20 Meet, 'Brutal' Kashmir Media Crackdown Slammed

Israeli Forces Deprive Palestinian Village of Access to Water

Thousands of Israelis Protesting Outside Knesset Ahead of Crucial State Budget Vote
Israelis March Against Budget 'Looting' for Ultra-Orthodox Jews
US 'Deeply Troubled' by Israel's Homesh Settlement Order
IDF Soldier Arrested for Racially Motivated Attack on Arab Minors
Najwa, a Palestinian Woman Paralyzed in Israel's Assault on Gaza
The 2023-2024 National Budget Passed in the Knesset
US University Condemned for Removing Pro-Palestine Commencement Speech From YouTube
Turkish Intelligence Uncovers Alleged Mossad Spy Network
Iraq Awaits Turkey's Go-Ahead to Resume Kurdistan Oil Exports
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Turkish Strike Kills Three Yazidi Fighters in North Iraq: Officials
Middle East

Chinese Firm Cancels Oil Agreement With Yemen

Germany Orders Arrest of Lebanon's Central Bank Chief

Combined Maritime Force Introduces New Group to Train Partner Navies in Middle East
Bahrain Imam Detained After Calling for Release of Political Prisoners

Haqqani Urges UN to Invite Taliban to Meetings on Afghanistan

Aid Agency Chief: Taliban Say Guidelines on Female NGO Staff Resuming Work Close to Finalization
US Lawmakers View Afghanistan 'Dissent' Cable, Dispute Continues
Pakistan's Imran Khan Gets Bail From Anti-Terrorism Court
Pakistan's Imran Khan Presses Legal Fight, Gets Protection From Arrest in Multiple Terrorism Cases
Six Killed in Attack on Hungarian Energy Firm in Pakistan
Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Still Missing in Pakistan
China's New Ambassador to the US Arrives in New York
Chinese Scientists War-Game Hypersonic Strike on US Carrier Group in South China Sea
Independence Hero Gusmao Looks Set for Return as Opposition Wins East Timor Poll

Papua New Guinea Won't Be Used for 'Offensive Military Operations': Prime Minister

Thailand's Move Forward Party, Allies Agree on Coalition Platform
Putin Meets Bosnian Serb Leader Dodik, Hails Rise in Trade
Russian PM Arrives in China for Business Forum, Talks With Xi
Russian Interior Minister in Saudi Arabia Days After Surprise Zelensky Visit
Russian Court Orders WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich Held Three More Months
US Calls for Immediate Release of Gershkovich After Russia Seeks to Extend Detention
Russia's Key Gas Exporter Announces 41% Profit Fall
Western Arms for Ukraine Make 'Nuclear Apocalypse' More Likely: Russia's Medvedev
EU Welcomes F-16 Jet Decision for Training Ukraine Pilots
Armenia Might Quit Russia-Led Military Bloc: PM
Qatar Warns Europe: Aggressive Energy Transition Policies to Create Gas Shortages
Germany's New China Strategy Delayed by Policy Differences
Greece's Opposition Leader Rejects Mandate to Form Coalition
Belarus Leader Appears in Public, Dismisses Talk of Bad Illness
Two US Senators Promote Closer Serbia-Kosovo Ties in Balkans Visit
Poland Looks to Buy Early-Warning Aircraft From Sweden
Sudanese Stuck in War Zone After US Destroyed Their Passports
Photos: Fighting Continues in Sudan's Capital Despite Ceasefire
Ceasefire in Sudan Appears to Bring Some Respite for Citizens
More Than 90,000 Sudanese Take Refuge in Chad to Flee the Fighting
Sudan's Hemeti Releases Audio Message After Days of Absence
Blinken Warns Rival Sudanese Generals to Respect Latest Truce or Face Possible Sanctions
Sudan Ceasefire Monitoring Group, US Discussing Alleged Violations: State Dept
DR Congo Files New Complaint to ICC Against Rwanda's Military and M23 Rebels
Over 30 Women in Cameroon Abducted by Separatist Fighters for Protesting Illegal Taxes
Protesters in Ethiopia's Tigray Demand Eritrean Troops Withdraw
Niger Says France Is Testing Its New Military Approach in Africa
Aid Agencies Back UN's $7 Billion Appeal for Horn of Africa Food Crisis
The War at Home

Widespread FBI Abuse of Foreign Spy Law Sets Off 'Alarm Bells,' Tech Group Says

Air Force Looks to Tighten Access to Classified Data After Intel Leak
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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