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Updated May 31, 2023 - 9:16 PM EDT
Ukraine Pushing for Road Map to NATO
  Drone Swarm Hits Moscow in Largest Attack on the City of the War
  Ukraine Calls for Massive Demilitarized Zone Inside of Russia
  NATO Members Mull Secret Plans for Responding to Russia Attack
US: Stinger Missiles to Taiwan From 2019 Sale
  US Accuses Chinese Jet of 'Unprofessional Intercept' Over S. China Sea
US Kicks Kosovo Out of Military Drills
  US Flies Bombers Over Bosnia Amid Secession Threats
US Hikes Sanctions on Syria After Rejoins Arab League
item When Will US Join the Global Call To End the Ukraine War?  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Turn Off, Don't Automate, the Killing Machine  by Laurie Calhoun
item Is the US Losing Control of Ukraine?  by Ted Snider
item One Hundred Years of Kissinger  by Carolyn Eisenberg

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North Korea Says It Will Launch Spy Satellite to Monitor US Drills
US Says 'The Time Is Now' for Sweden To Join NATO and Turkey To Get F16s
Ukraine Wants to Make Danube Canal Deeper to Expand Grain Export Routes
Kyiv Seeks Guarantees Black Sea Grain Deal Will Work if It Allows Russian Ammonia Transit
Russia Has Given Passports to 1.5 Million People in Annexed Ukraine, Says Russian PM
Russia, Ukraine Fail to Embrace IAEA Plan to Protect Nuclear Plant
Russia Puts Ukraine's Top Generals on Wanted List
EU Doubles Financial Aid to Moldova to 295 Million Euros
European Leaders Head to Moldova for Symbolic Summit on Ukraine's Doorstep
EU Blasts Poland Over Russian Interference Law
Poland Buys 800 Hellfire Missiles to Arms Its New Attack Helicopters
Cyprus Pushes Ahead With Plans to Become Europe's Hub for Israeli Gas
Denmark to Triple Defense Budget Over Next Decade
Finland Hosts Major Air Exercise With NATO Allies
Rheinmetall Wins $53 Million German Army Contract for 57 Heavy Military Trucks
Sunken Italian Boat Said to Have Hosted Operational Meeting of Israeli, Local Agents
Khartoum Hospitals Seized, Turned Into Military Bases

Warring Sudan Sides Extend Ceasefire for Five Days

At Least 17 Dead as Somali Army and Al-Shabab Clash, Says Witness
Opposition Sues South Africa Government to Force Putin Arrest
ICC's Khan Calls for 'New Way' to Tackle DR Congo War Crimes

Libyan Embassy in Khartoum Attacked and Looted: Ministry

Egypt, Turkey Presidents Agree on Reinstating Ambassadors
Protests Erupt After Allegations of Senegalese Leader's Detention
Boko Haram Fighters Kill Eight in Northern Cameroon
Latin America

Colombia, Venezuela Reach Agreement to Find Remains of Victims Buried by Paramilitaries

At Least 153 Died in Custody in
El Salvador's Gang Crackdown
Mexico Highway Shootout Leaves 10 Armed Men Dead, Four Police Injured
Yazidi Survivors Forge Future as Orphans After the Horrors of ISIS
Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament's 2022 Term Extension Unconstitutional, Supreme Court Rules
UN: Staggering 15.3 Million Syrians, Nearly 70% of Population, Need Aid
Teenagers From ISIS Families Undergo Rehabilitation in Syria, but Future Still Uncertain
Israel 'Complicit' in Perpetuating Crime in Palestinian Towns: Community Leaders
Israel Plunders Its Own Treasury to Prepare for a Far-Right Future
Israel Signs Transport Deal With Morocco as Relations Deepen
Israeli President Flies to Azerbaijan as Increasingly Public Alliance Strengthens
Israel Uses Advanced Balloons to Spy on Neighbors
Israel to Bolster Construction Sector With Thousands of Indian Workers
Israeli Shot Dead Near Illegal Settlement in West Bank
How the Israeli Army Broke the Law by Capitulating to Settler Pressure on Homesh
OPEC Would Welcome Iran's Return to the Int'l Oil Market
Iran Commander Calls Afghan Border Clashes 'Unimportant'
What Caused Deadly Afghan-Iran Border Clashes?
Middle East
Saudi Freed in Lebanon After Kidnapping
Turkish Lira Continues Slide Following Erdogan's Victory
Pro-Khan Pakistani TV Journalist Abducted Last Week Freed
Imran Khan to Be Tried Under Army Act for 'Masterminding' Riots: Interior Minister
Pakistan's Khan Gets Bail on New Charge of Abetting Violence: Lawyer
Specter of China Looms Over
EU-US Summit
China Launches New Crew for Space Station
South Korea, Australia Agree to Step Up Defense Cooperation
North Korea Says Its Attempt To Launch 1st Spy Satellite Ends in Failure

Australian Troops Banned From Drinking Alcohol During Operations and Military Exercises

Papua New Guinea Says Security Treaty With Australia Has Been Delayed Over Certain Provisions
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