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Updated June 1, 2023 - 9:35 PM EDT
Debt Ceiling Deal Puts No Limits on Ukraine Aid
FBI Reopens Probe Into Julian Assange
Czech Gen.: NATO on Course for War With Russia
  Russia: UK Encouraging Ukrainian Attacks on Russian Civilians
  Berlin Orders Moscow to Close Four of Five Consulates in Germany
  NATO Holds Arctic War Games Hours From Russian Border
Macron: 'Concrete' NATO Guarantees for Ukraine
  Ukraine and Western Backers Plan 'Peace Summit' Without Russia
  US Announces $300 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
US Discussed Oman Mediating Talks With Iran
  UAE Suspended Its Participation With American Lead Military Bloc
US: Stinger Shipment to Taiwan From 2019 Sale
British Police Detain Journalist Kit Klarenberg
item How the UAE and China Set Their Sights on Southern Yemen  by Joziah Thayer
item Azerbaijan Taught a Crucial Military Lesson, but Russia Skipped Class  by Michael Ellis
item FISA and Freedom  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Biden Refuses to Lift Sanctions on Chinese Defense Minister  by Daniel Larison

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RFK Jr Calls for 'Mature Conversation' on Ukraine as Admin Is 'Lying to Us'
Auditors: Over One Million F-35 Spare Parts Lost by DoD and Lockheed
The Slow Ethnic Cleansing of Ein Samiya's Bedouin Community
Israeli Settlers Attack on Nablus, Jenin Wounds at Least Ten Palestinians
Over 40 Palestinians Injured in Latest Israeli Raid
Israel Government Proposes 'Jewish State' Loyalty Oath for Diplomats
Low on Cash, UN Warns of Looming Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza. Israel Aware of Crisis 'For Weeks'
Revealed: How British Spies Pull the PA's Strings
IDF Officer, Three Soldiers Accused of Seriously Injuring Palestinian Detainee
'Unhinged': US Politicians Accused of Bullying Student Over Pro-Palestine Speech
Erdogan Pulls Out of European Summit
US Denies Turkish Media Reports HIMARS Rocket Launchers in Syria Are for SDF
Seven Parties to Constitute New Turkish Parliament
Turkey: Imprisoned Kurdish Leader Demirtas Retires From Turkish Politics
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 53 Killed in May
Iraq, US Discuss Repatriation of Iraqis From ISIS-Linked Syria Camp
Italy Ends Yemen-Linked Embargo on Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Houthis, Saudi-Backed Govt in Largest Exchange of Corpses: Official
Middle East
UK Spy Agencies Under Scrutiny Over Torture of Saudi Men by CIA
Saudi Woman Sentenced to 30 Years Over Tweets, as Crackdown Deepens
Kurdish SDF Commander Killed in Suspected ISIS Attack
Explosion in Lebanon Kills Five Members of Palestinian Armed Group
Burkina Faso PM Vows No Deal With Jihadists, Boosts Civil Militias
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Security Post in Cameroon
Regional Force Tackling DR Congo Violence Extended to September
Kenya Bipartisan Talks Suspended Indefinitely
GNU-Led Military Operation in Zawiya Risks Sparking Wider Violence in Western Libya
Morocco Acquires Chinese HJ-9A Anti-Tank Missiles
South Africa Mulls Options on ICC Arrest Warrant for Potential Visitor Putin
Tunisian Judge Opens New Probe Into Political Figures, Lawyer Says
Bakhmut Falls Silent as Russia and Ukraine Trade Air Raids
Russia Says It Destroys Ukraine's 'Last Warship'
Russia's Lavrov Rejects US Accusations Against South Africa
Equipment for Ukraine Drawn From Kuwait Wasn't Combat-Ready, IG Says
Kremlin: Russia Backs Kosovo's Serbs, Their Rights Must Be Respected
NATO Troops in Kosovo Set Up Barriers Amid Protests
Qatari PM Holds Secret Talks With 'Reclusive' Taliban Chief
EU States Resettled Just 271 Afghan Refugees in 2022: IRC Report
Acting Taliban FM Muttaqi Calls World's Sanctions 'Cruel'
Taliban Official Accuses Countries of Mistreating Afghan Refugees
Pakistan Urged to Release Brother of Pro-Khan Human Rights Lawyer
Pakistani Police Say Gunmen Kill Soldier and Wound Another in Attack on Polio Workers
China Blames India for Journalist Visa Spat
Beijing Blasts 'Provocative' US Fly-Bys Over South China Sea
India and Cambodia Seek to Deepen Defense, Trade Ties
UN Special Envoy for Myanmar to Step Down: UN Chief Spokesman
North Korea Says Its Attempt To Launch 1st Spy Satellite Ends in Failure

Australian General Says US Warns Afghan War Crime Allegations Could Prevent Work With Australia's SAS

UK, US, Australia Jointly Test
AI-Enabled Drone Swarm
Army Suspends Participation in Jeddah Ceasefire Talks
Sudan's Military Says It Has Suspended Its Participation in Talks With Paramilitary Rival
How Fighting in Sudan's Darfur Could Worsen Africa Insecurity
South Sudan Struggles to Clear Landmines After Decades of War
The War at Home
Army's Years-Delayed Suicide Prevention Regulation Still Missing
Sen. Tuberville's Top Military Adviser Bows Out After Criticism
Navy Aggressor F-5 Crashes Off Key West
Once Hostile, NASA Holds First Public Meeting on UFOs
Virginia Governor the Latest to Send Troops to US-Mexico Border
Gen. Eric Smith Tapped as Next Marine Commandant
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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