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Updated June 6, 2023 - 8:58 PM EDT
Ukraine Dam Supplying Water to Crimea Destroyed
Milley: Ukraine 'Well Prepared' for Counteroffensive
  Belgium Asks Ukraine if Belgian Rifles Used in Attack on Russia
  Ukraine Won't Attend NATO Summit if No 'Signal' on Membership
  Father of American Jailed in Ukraine Speaks Out
  New York Times Acknowledges Nazi Problem in Ukraine
Netanyahu Threatens Iran, Slams IAEA
  Palestinian Toddler Shot by Israeli Soldiers Dies From Wounds
  US to Strengthen Ties With Tel Aviv, Promote Saudi-Israeli Ties
US Accuses China of 'Aggressiveness' in Taiwan Strait
  US, Chinese Diplomats Held 'Candid Talks' in Beijing: State Dept
France Objects to NATO Opening Office in Japan
US Launches Second Airstrike in Somalia Within a Week
item Deconstructing Israel's Propaganda Machine  by M. Reza Behnam
item Best Way to Honor Fallen Soldiers Is to Stop Sending Troops to War  by Carey Wedler
item A Plea Not to Risk Nuclear War  by Ted Snider
item Don't Ask, Don't Tell in Ukraine  by Bradley Devlin

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What Is Iran's Foreign Policy Path? Meet Ali Akbar Ahmadian
Independent Nord Stream Expedition Finds Clue Missed by Official Investigators
UN Body Faults US, Other States Over Guantanamo Prisoner Torture
Ukraine's Zelensky Welcomes 'The News We Have Been Waiting For,' but Gives No Details
Ukraine Has Enough Weapons to Begin Counter-Offensive, Says Foreign Minister
EU Extends Restrictions on Ukrainian Grain Imports
Ukraine Fights Back Near Bakhmut, Wagner Boss and Russian Official Say
Ukraine Orders Another
300 Battle-Tested German Reconnaissance Drones
Russia Says It Sees 'No Prospects' for Further Grain Deal Renewal
Deep Fake Video of Putin Declaring Martial Law Is Broadcast in Parts of Russia
Russia Starts Naval Exercises in Japan and Okhotsk Seas Waters
Russia Begins Baltic Sea Drills One Day After NATO
Wildfire on German Military Training Site Contaminated With Ammunition
Prominent Figure in German
Far-Right Party Charged Over Alleged Nazi Slogan
NATO Says Reinforcements Arriving in Kosovo After Clashes Last Week
Top EU Court Rules Poland's Justice Reforms Infringe EU Law
Finland to Purchase 91 Armored Personnel Carriers From Patria
Britain, Germany Give Update on Future Indo-Pacific Naval Deployments
Aid Group NRC Resumes Work With Female Staff in Taliban Heartland
Australia's Most Decorated War Veteran 'Responsible for Murder of Afghans', Says Judge
China Reiterates Support for Stability in Afghanistan
Pakistan's Embattled Imran Khan Faces Blackout on Local Media
Pakistan's Prime Minister Hopeful for Deal With IMF This Month
US and India Agree Defense Industry Cooperation Plan

New Zealand Pilot Kidnapping Exposes Indonesia's Papua 'Hotspot'

Police Arrest US Troops Following Car Vandalism Sprees in Japan, South Korea
Israel to Demolish Two Buildings in Occupied East Jerusalem; 29 Displaced
Palestinian Administrative Detainees to Start Open-Ended Hunger Strike
Israeli Forces Assault Elderly Palestinian Woman, Arrest Four Young Men in Jericho
Palestinians Near Homesh Outpost Share Fears of Attack
Death of Baby Sheds Light on West Bank Healthcare Crisis
Settlement Expansion Is Obstacle to Peace, Blinken Tells AIPAC
Hamas, PIJ Leaders Meet With Egyptian Intelligence to Discuss Gaza Truce
Netanyahu Appoints New Media Adviser, Journalist Who Had Called Biden 'Unfit,' Report Says
Naksa Explainer: How Israel's 1967 Invasion Is Still Felt
Saudi Arabia
Venezuela's Maduro Visits Saudi Arabia to Deepen Oil Sector Ties
Iran to Reopen Embassy in Saudi Arabia After Seven Years
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Lebanon MPs Nominate IMF Official for Vacant Presidency
Syrian Opposition Calls for New Talks With Damascus
Shelling, Looting in Sudan's Capital as Military Factions Battle for Eighth Week
Scores Killed as RSF Attacks North Darfur's Kutum
DR Congo Says Sudan Army Killed 10 Citizens in Khartoum
More Than Two Million Displaced in Burkina Faso, Humanitarian Aid Is Slipping
Libya Political Leaders to Meet on Electoral Laws
How Benin Is Beating Back Jihadists Against All Odds
Calm Returns to the Streets of Dakar After 72 Hours of Violence
The War at Home
McCarthy Shoots Down Idea of Pentagon Supplemental Spending
Pentagon's UFO Office Needs More Data to Study Hundreds of Cases
US Marines Are Developing Air-Launched Swarming Munitions for Helos
Overheating F-35s May Get Service-Specific Cooling Upgrades, Likely Hiking Cost
Marines Will Restructure Infantry Battalions by September
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To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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