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Updated August 28, 2023 - 8:43 PM EDT
US Expects to Back Ukraine Into 2024 and Beyond
  Zelensky: Ukraine Elections Could Happen if Funded by West
  Russian Authorities Confirm Prigozhin's Death
US: China Must Be 'Challenged' in S. China Sea
  Philippines, Australia Practice Retaking Island in South China Sea
US Launches Airstrike in Somalia, Claims 13 Killed
Niger Places Military on High Alert Amid Tensions
Saudi Arabia Mulls Nuclear Power Offer From China
Milley: US To Stay in the Middle East for Years to Come
item The Most Fundamental Problem With the US Military  by William Astore
item The Chance of Being Killed by Foreign-Born Terrorists Is 1 in 4.3 Million Per Year  by Alex Nowrasteh
item Who Killed Yevgeny Prigozhin?  by Ted Snider
item Fighting China Over Taiwan Could Cripple US Military  by Daniel Davis

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A US Marine Osprey Crashes During Drills in Australia, Killing 3
Brother of Prominent Saudi Arabia Scholar Sentenced to Death Over Tweets
Israeli Forces Storm West Bank Village, Arrest Two Teenagers
UN Schools in Gaza Begin School Year Uncertain if They Will Stay Open

Israel: Ben-Gvir Whines About Supermodel's Criticism

Who Is Israel's Far-Right, Pro-Settler Security Minister Ben-Gvir?
'Accusing Israel of Apartheid Is Not Anti-Semitic': Holocaust Historian
Palestinian Dies Month After Being Shot During Israeli Raid in West Bank
US Tells Israel Mega-Deal With Saudi Arabia Must Include Concessions to Palestinians
Five Palestinians Injured as Israel Storms Tulkarm
US 'Alarmed' by Horrific Video of Palestinian Man Shot in the Back of His Head
Israeli Special Units Raid Palestinian Section of Nafha Prison
Palestinian Prisoners Remain in Weeks-Long Hunger Strike Against Administrative Detention
Israel and Libya's Foreign Ministers Meet for First Time in History
This School Year, Students in Masafer Yatta Brave Settler and Army Harassment
Palestine at the Center of Free-Speech Battle on US Campuses, Academics Say
Former Israeli Prime Minister Barak Urges Jewish Americans to Bypass AIPAC in Washington
Lebanon Rejects UNSC Resolution Calling for UNIFIL to Conduct Duties 'By Force'
Interim Central Bank Chief Vows Not to Lend Money to Govt, Calls for Economic Reform
Popular Lebanese Comedian Detained After Sketch on Economic Conditions
Iran Court Orders US to Pay $330 Million for 'Planning Coup'
Iran's Dam on Lesser Zab Leaves Iraq's Qaladze Without Water
Middle East
Eleven Syrian Soldiers Killed in Tunnel Attack
Houthis Kill 10 Southern Separatist Soldiers: Military Sources
Hundreds of Political Prisoners Join Bahrain Hunger Strike
Sudanese Paramilitary Force Backs Ceasefire and Talks on Country's Future
Far From Fighting, Doctor Strikes Aggravate Healthcare Collapse in Port Sudan
Civilians Targeted in War-Torn Khartoum as Poor and Elderly Remain Trapped
UN Aid Chief Warns of Regional Catastrophe as Sudan Violence Spreads
Outcry in Somalia Over Government Decision to Ban TikTok, Telegram
Pro-Somalia Militia Takes Key Army Base in Somaliland
Somaliland Vows Revenge After Militia Attack on Army Camp
Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa Wins Second Term, Opposition Rejects Result
Harare Residents Fear Violence as Questions Simmer Over Election
Indian PM Modi Proposes Full G20 Membership for African Union
Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan Resume Negotiations Over a Disputed Dam
Poll Delays in Gabon as President Bongo Seeks to Extend Dynasty
Libya's LNA Launches Operations Against Chad Rebels Along Border
UN Experts Say ISIS Territory Almost Doubled in Mali in Under a Year
Gunmen Kidnap 12 in Nigeria's N. Zamfara and Borno States
G20: Trudeau Disappointed Over President Zelensky's Exclusion From Summit
Ukraine Uncovers Corruption Scheme Implicating Top Officials
Zelensky Says He Will Propose Tougher Corruption Measures This Week
Ukrainian Refugees in Israel Struggle to Get Medical Treatment Due to Lack of Budget
Second Vessel Leaves Odesa Through Temporary Black Sea Corridor: Minister
  Three Ukrainian Military Pilots Die in Mid-Air Collision
Claims Swirl Around What Weapon Destroyed S-400 in Crimea
Russia Says Destroyed 42 Ukraine-Launched Drones Over Crimea
Russia Downs Drone Near Moscow, Suspends Flights
Erdogan and Putin to Meet Soon, Discuss Black Sea Grain Deal
Heineken Completes Exit From Russia
Putin Signs Decree Forcing Paramilitary Fighters to Swear Oath
Kremlin: Putin Has No Plans to Attend G20 in India in Person
We Don't Want to Join Russia, Breakaway Georgian Region Warns
Interfax: Russia, US Agree Additional US Astronaut Flight to ISS
Russia Destroys Drone Near Moscow in Latest Attack on Russian Capital
Lukashenko: I Urged Mercenary Prigozhin to 'Watch Out'
Estonia's Pro-Ukrainian PM Faces Pressure to Quit Over Husband's Indirect Russian Business Links
France to Ban Muslim Abaya Dress in State Schools
Denmark Introduces Bill to Ban Quran Desecrations
Spain Approves $2 Billion Purchase of 400 Armored Carriers to Replace M113s
UN Geneva Complex Shuts Briefly After 'intruder' Breaks Into Security Perimeter in 'Minor' Incident
Biden Honors Service Members Killed During Afghanistan Withdrawal
British Official Claims TTP Militant Group Operating in Afghan Territory
Banning of Women From Afghan National Park Sparks Reactions
Japan Says No Radioactivity Found in Fukushima Fish
Japan Mulls Easing Lethal Weapons Export Restrictions
Taiwan's Vice President Accuses China of Using Trade Curbs to Influence Elections
Presidential Hopeful Lai Says Taiwan's Sovereignty Is 'A Fact'
Asia Pacific
India's Modi Urges Nations With Critical Minerals to See Custodianship as 'Global Responsibility'
Chinese Police Experts Arrive in Vanuatu Amid Political Crisis
US Defense Chief Backs Indonesia's Push to Modernize Military
North Korea Lets Citizens Abroad Return in Easing of Covid Isolation
US Coast Guard Undertakes First Joint Ops With Papua New Guinea
The War at Home

US Navy Orders 35 CH-53K Heavy-Lift Choppers for $2.7 Billion

Combat Jet Crashes Near Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Senators Could Be Forced to Ram Through Some Military Nominations Soon
Three Soldier Suicides at Fort Cavazos Prompt Reeducation on Suicide Prevention Services
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