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Updated August 31, 2023 - 9:21 PM EDT
Senator: US Getting Its 'Money's Worth' in Ukraine
  Russia Says Ukraine Attacks Not Possible Without Help From West
  Ukraine Blasts Pope Francis for Address to Russian Youth
US OKs Foreign Military Financing for Taiwan
  US Military in Talks to Build Port in Philippines Facing Taiwan
  British Parliament Calls Taiwan an 'Independent Country'
Another Regime in 'French Africa' Is Toppled
  The Bongo Family's 56-Year Rule Over Gabon
  Gaetz Wants Pentagon to Answer for Training Coup Leaders
Dozens Killed by Fighting Among US's Syrian Allies
North Korea Test Fires Missiles Amid US War Games

Documents Show Nixon's Briefings on Chilean Coup

item By Now Jake Sullivan Expected Russia To be Destroyed  by Martin Sieff
item Buying and Selling Arms Stock While Voting on War Should Be Illegal  by William Hartung & Dillon Fisher
item The Real Malignancy in America's Justice System  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Living on a War Planet  by David Bromwich

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Israel's Ben Gvir Hails 'Sacred' Demolition of Palestinian Homes in Negev
Nuclear Weapons Tests Blamed for Radioactive European Boar
EU Weighs Sanctions on Niger as Gabon Hit by Latest Coup
Ukrainian Military Says Six Servicemen Killed in
Helicopter Incident
EU's Borrell Urges Countries to Order More Ammunition for Ukraine
Ukraine Scandal Over Inflated Price of Military Jackets Bought From Turkey
Ukraine's Zelensky Decries Corruption in Military Medical Exemptions
'Premeditated Villainous Act' Among Police Theories of Prigozhin Plane Crash: Kremlin
West Sees Risks of Direct Confrontation With Russian: Senior Russian Diplomat
For 60 Years, a Hotline Aims to Keep Cool Between US and Moscow
Russia Claims Ukrainian Special Forces Boats Destroyed in Black Sea
Russia Says It Will Have Talks With Turkey About Alternative to Black Sea Deal
Germany Will Classify Georgia, Moldova as 'Safe Countries,' Making Rejecting Asylum-Seekers Easier
German Navy Will Lead Drill to Defend the Baltics From the Sea
UK Dedicates $125 Million to Support Afghans
Taliban MoI Says It Installed 62,000 Cameras in Kabul and Key Places
US Ambassador: Ban on Girls Education 'Most Unconscionable Act of Taliban'
Afghans Remain Hopeful Amid Repeated Delays to Permanent US Legal Status
Photos: Protests Across Pakistan Against High Electricity Bills
Pakistan Ex-PM Imran Khan's Custody Extended by Two Weeks in 'Cypher' Case
US State Department Approves JASSM-ER Missile Sale to Japan
Britain's Top Diplomat Cleverly Visits China to Stabilize Frayed Ties
The War at Home
Air Force Expanding Number of Bases in Pacific Over Next Decade
Marines Order Safety Review After Deadly Osprey Crash
Gabon Coup Leaders to Meet and Decide Bongo Fate, New Leader
Ali Bongo Calls for Help After Gabon Coup, Says 'I Don't Know What Is Going On'
Reaction to Gabon Military Officers' Declaration of Coup
Oil, Manganese, Food: France's Gabon Business Interests
Who Is Brice Oligui Nguema, Alleged Coup Leader in Gabon?
Mapping Africa's Coups D'Etat Across the Years
At Least Seven Killed in Anti-UN Protests in DR Congo's Goma
UN Sanctions in Mali to End After Russia Blocks Renewal
Palestinian Mayor's Home in Israel Targeted in Shooting
One Killed as Palestinian Forces Clash With Resistance Fighters
Israel Ministers Want Million Settlers in West Bank by 2050
Israeli Military Bans Palestinian Women Activists From Higher Education
Israeli Defense Minister to Meet US Officials Against Netanyahu's Wishes
Israeli Soldier Who Accidentally Killed Comrade Jailed for Three Years in Plea Deal
US Adviser Hochstein in Lebanon Visit as Iran Sends FM
UN Debates UNIFIL Renewal in Lebanon as Border Tensions Rise
UN Calls for $15.5 Million for Aftermath of Clashes in Lebanon's Largest Palestinian Refugee Camp
Middle East
Former Iraqi PM Maliki Claims US Border Move in Iraq Seeks To Topple Syrian Regime
Iran Bans Weightlifter for Life After He Shakes Israeli's Hand on Podium
Kyrgyzstan Brings Back 95 ISIS Wives, Children From Syrian Internment Camps
Latin America
Chile Launches Push to Find People Disappeared in Pinochet Era
Former Head of Colombian Army Charged in Killings of 130 Civilians
Guatemala's Congress Refuses to Recognize President-Elect's Party
US Embassy in Haiti Urges Citizens to Leave Country 'As Soon as Possible'
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