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Updated September 5, 2023 - 8:55 PM EDT
Romania Denies Russian Drone Hit Its Territory
  Putin Tells Erdogan Russia Will Rejoin Grain Deal if Sanctions Eased
  Ukraine DM Resigns Amid Military Graft, Corruption Scandals
  Breaking Through Russia's Defenses Only First Step for Ukraine
S. Africa: No Evidence of Arms Shipment to Russia
  Report: Russia, China, North Korea To Hold Trilateral War Games
US, Philippines Joint Patrol in South China Sea
IAEA Report: Iran Slows 60% Uranium Enrichment
PA Delegation To Discuss Israel Normalization in Riyadh
Germany Ends Training of Saudi Forces Over Atrocities
item From the Partial Test Ban Treaty to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World  by Lawrence Wittner
item How To Ignore 4.5 Million Deaths  by Bryce Greene
item A Tale of Two Coups
 by Ted Snider
item Gabon Joins the Coup Club  by Brad Pearce

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Festive Mood in Gabon as Coup Leader Nguema Sworn In
Russia Says Destroys Four Ukraine Inflatable Boats in Black Sea
Western Officials Plan to Warn UAE Over Trade With Russia
Erdogan Says Ukraine Should Soften Stance to Revive Grain Deal
Ukraine Threatens Legal Action Against EU if Grain Curbs Drag On
Upward of 20,000 Ukrainian Amputees Face Trauma on a Scale Unseen Since WWI
Ukraine Limits Cargo Shipments to Danube Port After Russian Strikes
Russia Says It Repels Drone Attack on Power Plant in Bryansk Region
Give Russia Security Guarantees for Lasting Peace in Ukraine, Hungary Says
Russia Pulls Armata Tanks From Ukraine
UK Apologizes to Matthew Hedges After Watchdog Finds Foreign Office 'Ignored' Signs of UAE Torture
Lockheed Martin to Establish European F-16 Training Center in Romania
Attacks in Pakistan Surged After Collapse of Afghan Govt: Pakistan PM
Pakistan's Interim PM Says Saudi Arabia to Invest $25 Billion Over Next Five Years
China's Xi Will Skip G20 Summit in India During a Period of Soured Bilateral Relations
China's Spy Agency Blasts US for 'Engagement and Containment' Approach
China Says It Is Positive on Improving Relations With Vatican
Asia Pacific
Bomb Attack on Myanmar Border Town Kills Five, Wounds 11
Taiwan to Invest $4.1 Billion in Military Research and Development

Vanuatu Parliament to Elect New PM Amid Political Crisis Over Australia Security Pact

The War at Home
US Army Implements Brandon Act, Offers New Mental Healthcare
US Deficit Is Projected to Roughly Double This Year: Watchdog
Space Development Agency Launches 13 Satellites on SpaceX Rocket
US Consulate in Mexico Border Town Tells Staff 'To Shelter in Place' Amid Gun Violence
Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Jenin and Its Refugee Camp
Israel's State Attorney Will Not Appeal Acquittal of Soldier Who Killed Autistic Palestinian Man
Israel Military Legal Officer Warns of Curbs to Judicial Independence
UN Committee Releases Exhaustive Study on the Legality of Israel's Occupation
Gaza Landfill Fire Rages for Days, Officials Appeal for Help
Compromise Talks Over Netanyahu's Judicial Coup Resume, but Opposition Remains Distrustful
Finance Minister Smotrich Says Financial Performance Fails to Meet Expectation, Blames Protests
Hezbollah Chief Meets Palestinian Leaders Amid Growing Tension in West Bank
Middle East
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Six Killed
X (Formerly Twitter) Accused of Assisting in Saudi Crackdown on Dissent in US Lawsuit
US Officials Visit Syria's Deir Al Zor to Defuse Arab Tribal Unrest
EU Official From Sweden Has Been in Prison in Iran for Over 500 Days
Sudan's Top General Meets With South Sudan's President on the War
Army Air Strike Kills 20 Civilians in Khartoum as War Continues
UN Now Expects 1.8 Million People to Flee Sudan by Year-End
Niger's Post-Coup PM Hopes for 'Agreement' With West Africa Bloc

Niger Junta Reopens Airspace

France's Waning Influence in Coup-Hit Africa Appears Clear While Few Remember Their Former Colonizer
Two Military Officers Arrested in DR Congo for Leading a Protest Crackdown That Killed 43 People
Armed Attackers Fired on Burundi Civilians, Says Army
Gabon Coup Leader Sworn in as Transitional Head of State
Somali President Visits Frontline Town to Remobilize Troops
Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa Sworn in After Disputed Poll
Six Killed in Peru in Clashes Between Military and Shining Path Rebel Group
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A Tale of Two Coups

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The GOP Declares War on Mexico

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A 'Terrorist Onslaught'? This Is Why Netanyahu, Gallant Blame Iran for West Bank Violence

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Why the American Empire Was Expanded to Ukraine and Taiwan

Doug Bandow
How Will America's Borrow and Spend Politicians Pay for an Imperial Foreign Policy?

Sheldon Richman
Shame on Government for Censoring Us

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'Mr. X' Would Not Approve of China Containment

Ray McGovern
Dan Ellsberg's Parting Plea: Don't Wait

Dave DeCamp
To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

Scott Horton
Iraq War II – 20 Years Later

David R. Henderson
How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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