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Updated September 7, 2023 - 8:28 PM EDT
US: $1B More for Ukraine, Including Dep. Uranium
  Western Sanctions on Russia Fracture G20 Ahead of Summit
  US Pledges Millions to Ukraine Seized From Russian Oligarch
  Drone Manufacturer Makes Bank on Ukraine War
Ukraine's Growing Assassination Program
  US 'Increasingly Concerned' With Ukraine Tactics Against Russia
  Romania: Potential Drones Parts Near Border Do Not Pose a Threat
Poland Aims To Create Largest Army in Europe
  Russia Concerned as Armenia Prepares To Exercise With US Troops
US Test ICBM Amid Tensions With North Korea, Russia
Blinken Speaks With Netanyahu, Abbas Over Saudi Talks
Ethnic Tensions Between US's Syrian Allies Boils Over
Evidence Lost in Discord Leaker's Case, To Stay in Jail
item The $850 Billion Chicken Comes Home to Roost  by Andrew Cockburn
item Prioritizing Human Rights in Relations With Saudi Arabia  by Kathy Kelly
item In Ukraine, the Best Plan B Is the Plan Before Plan A  by Ted Snider
item Behind the Veil of Indifference  by Jackson Lears

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Former Mossad Chief: Israel Enforcing Apartheid in the West Bank
Air Force Frets as Lockheed Announces Another Delay for New-Tech F-35

US Delegation to Discuss Putin's War Crimes Warrant in the Hague

Civilians Reported Killed as Russia Shells Outdoor Market in East Ukraine
Russia 'Tactically' Withdrew From Ukraine's Robotyne, Official Says
Russian Pilot Who Defected to Ukraine With Helicopter Gets $500,000 Reward
EU Plans to Arm Ukraine Bearing Fruit, but More Is Needed, Estonia Says
Most EU Countries Oppose Polish-Led Calls to Keep Ukraine Grain Curbs
EU Accession Prospects More Important for Ukraine Reconstruction Than Money: EBRD
Russia's Spy Chief Says Contacts With CIA Rare but Regular
G7 Price Cap Limits Russian Oil Revenue, but Moscow Has No Shortage of Buyers
Russia to Retrain Veterans of Ukraine War as Teachers of New Defense Course in Schools
Germany Forges Pact for Leopard 2 Successor in Snub to Paris
Germany in Talks With Netherlands, Denmark on Ammunition Purchases
Strategic Partnership With China More Important Than Belt and Road: Italy's FM Tajani
Kosovo Still 'Highly Volatile' After May Clashes: NATO Commander
Latvia, NATO to Test Unmanned Vehicles, Sensors, VR Systems in '5G Bubble'
'Justice Denied': Victims' Families Slam UK's Northern Ireland Legacy Bill
Bosnian Serb Separatist Leader Threatens Top International Envoy With Arrest and Deportation
EU Enlargement Can Combat Putin's Influence, France Says
Slovakia Liberals Pledge to Keep Support for Ukraine After Election
Pro-Palestine Groups Not Invited to Give Evidence to UK Parliamentary Committee Scrutinizing Anti-BDS Bill
Main Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Crossing Closed After Guards Exchange Fire
Former Afghan President Karzai's Relatives Confirm Ban on His Travel Abroad
Taliban Officials Blame Foreign Nations for Violating Human Rights
Why Is Pakistan Upset Over the Handling of Asia Cup Cricket Event?
Troops Clash With 'Hundreds' of Pakistan Taliban Near Afghan Border
Chinese Delegation Led by Vice Premier to Visit North Korea, State Media Says
Japan PM Speaks to China's Li About Radioactive Water Release
India or Bharat: What's Behind the Dispute Over the Country's Name?
Sri Lanka to Probe Allegation of Intelligence Complicity in 2019 Bombings
Latin America
Brazil's Lula to Announce Cabinet Reshuffle
Fifty Years After Chile's Coup, the Search for Truth Continues
Peru Reshuffles Cabinet for Second Time in Six Months
Israel Suspension of Gaza Exports Risks 'Catastrophe'
Family of Iyad Hallaq Petition Supreme Court Over Acquittal of Israeli Officer Who Killed Son
Israel's Judicial Overhaul Dismays Environmentalists
Palestinian Attacker Wounds Two People in Stabbing Attack Outside Jerusalem's Old City
Two Israelis Wounded Near Al-Khalil Gate in Jerusalem to Avenge Five Palestinian Women
Eritreans in Tel Aviv Unsure if They Fear Netanyahu or Other Eritreans More
Eritrea Blames Mossad for Stirring Unrest That Led to Tel Aviv Clashes
Jared Kushner's Investment Firm, Backed by Saudi Wealth Fund, to Acquire Stake in Israeli Company
Indonesia, Israel Hold Secret Talks
Kurdistan Regional Government Calls on Baghdad to Pay Erbil Salaries Per Agreements
Millions of Shi'ite Pilgrims Flock to Iraq's Karbala
Iraq-Turkey See More Delays in Resuming Oil Flows
US Tells Iraq Look to Constitution to Resolve Kirkuk Tensions
Iraq's Top Court Annuls Key Maritime Pact With Kuwait
Iran Journalist Says Was Sexually Assaulted During Arrest
Why Is the Shalamcheh-Basra Railroad So Important to Iran and Iraq?
United Arab Emirates
Western Officials Visit UAE in Efforts to Halt Exports to Russia
Darfur Atrocities Turn Isolated Nyala Into a Lifeless City
US Envoy in Chad: Sudan Atrocities 'Reminiscent' of Darfur
32 Killed in Sudanese Army Strikes on Tuesday: Activists
US Imposes Sanctions on Leaders in Sudan's RSF Over 'Extensive' Abuses
US Sanctions Brother of RSF Chief Hemeti
Handwritten Letters a Lifeline in War-Devastated Darfur
Sudanese Asylum Seekers Sleep Rough by Libya's UNHCR Office
South Africa Didn't Know a US-Sanctioned Russian Ship Carried Its Military Purchases, Inquiry Finds
Tunisian Police Arrest Two Top Ennahda Officials
Top Morocco Senator in Controversial Visit to Israel Knesset
A National Program in Niger Encouraged Jihadis to Defect. the Coup Put Its Future in Jeopardy
Nigeria Court Rejects Bid to Overturn Tinubu's Victory
East Africa Leaders Extend Regional Troop Mandate in DR Congo
The War at Home
Congress to Sell 1-Million-Barrel Emergency Gasoline Reserve
Top Biden Cyber Official Accused of Workplace Misconduct at NSA in 2014 - and Again at White House Last Year
Navy Unveils New Process to Speed Payouts for Camp Lejeune Illnesses
Pentagon Extends 400 Troops' Deployment Along US-Mexico Border
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Ted Snider
In Ukraine, the Best Plan B Is the Plan Before Plan A

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The GOP Declares War on Mexico

Ramzy Baroud
A 'Terrorist Onslaught'? This Is Why Netanyahu, Gallant Blame Iran for West Bank Violence

David Stockman
Why the American Empire Was Expanded to Ukraine and Taiwan

Doug Bandow
How Will America's Borrow and Spend Politicians Pay for an Imperial Foreign Policy?

Sheldon Richman
Shame on Government for Censoring Us

Daniel Larison
'Mr. X' Would Not Approve of China Containment

Ray McGovern
Dan Ellsberg's Parting Plea: Don't Wait

Dave DeCamp
To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

Scott Horton
Iraq War II – 20 Years Later

David R. Henderson
How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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