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Updated September 9, 2023 - 8:17 PM EDT
Kyiv: Musk Prevented Ukrainian Attack on Russia
  US Intel Official: Media Misleads on Ukraine Battlefield Success
  US: $1 Billion More for Ukraine, Including Depleted Uranium
  Zelensky Talks With Netanyahu, Requests More Support From Israel
  NATO: No Indication of Intentional Russian Attack on Romania
Niger Gives US Ambassador 48 Hours to Leave Country
  Rand Paul Asks Lloyd Austin: Why Do We Still Have Troops in Niger?
Pentagon Developing AI Drone Swarms to 'Deter' China
ICC Top Prosecutor: We Will Prosecute Cyber 'War Crimes'
Iran Slows Enrichment, Opening Window for Biden Deal
2 US-Backed Syria Militias in 'War' Against Each Other
item How 9/11 Bred a 'War on Terror' From Hell  by Norman Solomon
item Oslo Is Dead. Liberal Israelis Must Make Common Cause With the Palestinians  by David Hearst
item Friends Don't Let Friends Play With Nukes  by Doug Bandow
item Is the CIA in Your Underwear?  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Ex-Mossad Chief's 'Apartheid' Criticism Undermines Occupation
NASA Finally Admits Space Launch System Is Unaffordable
Air Force Frets as Lockheed Announced Another Delay for New-Tech F-35
Canada Extended Cyber Defense Protection to Ukraine Following Russian Invasion
Raytheon to Deliver Over 100 AMRAAM Missiles to Ukraine
Ukraine Tycoon Kolomoisky Is Suspect in Second Criminal Case: Lawmaker
Five Ukrainian Drones Downed in Latest Raids on Russian Territory
UN Working on Guarantees for Russia to Restore Grain Deal but Moscow Skeptical
United Kingdom
Labeling Critics of Israel Anti-Semitic a 'Dangerous Road', UK MPs Told
Police Comb the UK and Put Ports on Alert for an Escaped Prison Inmate Awaiting Terrorism Trial
Austria Summons EU Envoy for Calling Russian Gas Payments 'Blood Money'
Bosnian Serb Leader Bans International Peace Envoy From Entering His Region
Sweden Says Awaiting NATO Ratification by Turkey
Kosovo's President Says Serb Investigators Are Dragging Their Feet Over Attacks on NATO Peacekeepers
Germany Arrests Two Syrians, One of Them Accused of War Crimes Related to a Deadly Syria Attack in 2013
China and Australia Open Their First High-Level Dialogue in Three Years in a Sign of a Slight Thaw
Top Chinese Officials to Join North Korea Founding Celebrations
What China's Apple iPhone Ban Could Mean for Other American Companies
After Huawei Smartphone Leap, Beijing Sets Sights High for Advanced Manufacturing in Midst of US Tech Curbs
After Clashes at Pakistan Border, Kabul Calls for Dialogue to Solve Tensions
Taliban MOI Recruits 74,000 People in Military, Civil Sectors
Taliban Spokesman Says There Is No 'General Restriction' on Former President Karzai
Indonesia's Leader Warns of Protracted Conflicts, After Summit Joined by China, US, and Russia
North Korea Announces New 'Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine: KCNA
India's Rising Geopolitical Clout Will Be Tested as It Hosts the G20 Summit
Japan Launches Rocket Carrying 'Moon Sniper' Lunar Lander
Myanmar's Jailed Former Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Is Ailing but Is Denied Care Outside Prison
Philippines Says It Signs Free Trade Agreement With South Korea
Mexico President Backs Ruling Party Candidate After Selection Process Row
Mexico Is Likely to Get Its First Female President After Top Parties Choose Two Women as Candidates
US Officials Ignored Mexican Corruption for Decades During Drug War, Sen. Grassley Says
Canada Announces Public Inquiry Into Whether China, Russia and Others Interfered in Elections
Colombian Ex-Soldier Pleads Guilty in Plot to Kill Haitian President
Thousands Rally in Support of Israel's Judicial Overhaul Before a Major Court Hearing Next Week
Legal Experts Agree: IDF Soldiers at Risk of Prosecution for War Crimes
'Lifeline for Gaza': Businesses Raise Concerns After Israel Halts Exports
Palestinian Fishermen Decry Israel's Ban on Gaza Exports as Collective Punishment
The Drop in Israel's Foreign Investments in 2023 Is Astonishing
Palestinians Give Terms Ahead of Potential Saudi-Israel Deal
Turkish-Backed Forces Take Sides Against SDF in Northern Syria Clashes
US-Backed SDF Issues 'General Amnesty' to Rebelling Arab Tribes in Syria
Kurdish-Led Syria Force Vows to Meet Tribal Demands After Clash
Middle East
Lebanese Premier Warns Syrian Refugees Pose a Danger to the Small Nation's Balance
US, Saudi Arabia, India Discuss Possible Middle East Rail, Port Deal
Yemen's Houthis and STC Accused of Forcing Ethiopian Women Into 'Sexual Slavery'
Daughter of Long-Imprisoned Activist in Bahrain to Return to Island in Bid to Push for His Release
Nearly 1,500 Unidentified Bodies Recovered in Mosul, Since ISIS War, Say Official
World Bank Agrees to Provide Turkey $18 Billion in Loans Amid Economic Overhaul
Gabon's Military Says Deposed President Ali Bongo 'Free' To Travel Abroad
Gabon Junta Appoints Former Bongo Ally Transitional Prime Minister
'They Blew Our Lives Up': South Sudanese Flee War in Sudan
Sudan's Army Chief Al-Burhan Meets Qatar's Sheikh Tamim in Diplomatic Push
Attacks by Islamist Insurgents in Mali Leave 49 Civilians and 15 Soldiers Dead, Military Says
US Military Repositions Some Troops in Niger, Pulls Non-Essential Personnel
'We Are Not Enemies' of the 'French People', Says Burkina Faso Transitional President
Cameroon Militants Set Cars on Fire, Shoot Passengers in Village Attack
Egypt Rights Groups Call for Immediate Release of Prominent Activist
Police Beat, Arrest Opposition Supporters in Ethiopia's Tigray
Chad President Talks Election Challenges With US Envoy to UN
The War at Home
US Military Scrubs Hypersonic Missile Test Launch From Cape Canaveral
The Inside Story of How the US Navy Spent Billions on the 'Little Crappy Ship'
Former Trump Adviser Navarro Convicted of Contempt of Congress
Former Navy Officers' 'Fat Leonard' Convictions Vacated
Anduril Buys Drone Maker Blue Force Technologies Amid Pentagon Push for Autonomous Aircraft
Greek Shipper Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Iranian Crude Oil and Will Pay $2.4 Million Fine
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The GOP Declares War on Mexico

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A 'Terrorist Onslaught'? This Is Why Netanyahu, Gallant Blame Iran for West Bank Violence

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Why the American Empire Was Expanded to Ukraine and Taiwan

Doug Bandow
How Will America's Borrow and Spend Politicians Pay for an Imperial Foreign Policy?

Sheldon Richman
Shame on Government for Censoring Us

Daniel Larison
'Mr. X' Would Not Approve of China Containment

Ray McGovern
Dan Ellsberg's Parting Plea: Don't Wait

Dave DeCamp
To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

Scott Horton
Iraq War II – 20 Years Later

David R. Henderson
How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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