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Updated September 11, 2023 - 8:23 PM EDT
Kyiv: Musk Prevented Ukrainian Attack on Russia
  Russia Targets Kyiv, Ukraine Targets Crimea With Drone Barrages
NATO War Games Simulate Attack on Russia
  Blinken Announces $1B More for Ukraine, Including Dep. Uranium
  G20 Weakens Condemnation of Russia After India Summit
  West Won't Adjust Russian Oil Ceiling as Moscow Exports Above Cap
China, Philippine Vessels Standoff in S. China Sea
  Pentagon Developing AI Drone Swarms to 'Deter' China
Pentagon Misled Congress on US Bases in Africa
Iran, US Prisoner Swap and Funds Release Imminent
item Will Ukraine's Western Apologists Finally Admit the Truth?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Rand Paul Out to Repeal 2001 AUMF and End US Interventionist Regime  by Bradley Devlin
item Hawks Want Biden to Take the Fight With Russia Global  by Daniel Larison
item A Pox on Many Houses in Ukraine  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Vice Pulled a Documentary Critical of Saudi Arabia. but Here It Is.
US Navy Rearms Warship With Missile at an Australian Port for First Time
Biden Officials 'Likely Violated First Amendment' Over Covid: Court
Russia Sticks to Demands on Black Sea Grain Deal, Rejects UN Bank Proposal
Excluding Russia From Grain Deal Talks Will Not Be Sustainable, Erdogan Says
EU's Michel Says Russian Blockade of Ukraine Ports 'Must Stop'
Macron Says G20 Declaration Not a Victory for Russia
Russia Summons Armenia's Ambassador as Ties Fray and Exercises With US Troops Approach
Russia Detains Man Accused of Plotting Rail Bombing in Crimea
Putin Hopes for Closer Ties With North Korea in Message to Kim Jong Un
UN Atomic Watchdog Warns of Threat to Nuclear Safety as Fighting Spikes Near a Plant in Ukraine
UK Shipping 23 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles to Ukraine
Antony Blinken Defends G20's Statement on Ukraine Amid Criticism
Germany Will Keep Russian Oil Giant Rosneft Subsidiaries Under Its Control for Another 6 Months
German Intelligence Employee and Acquaintance Charged With Treason for Passing Secrets to Russia
Azerbaijan Will Allow Aid Into Karabakh From Armenia if Aid From Its Side Is Let In, Official Says
Armenia Says Azerbaijan Preparing Fresh 'Military Provocation'
Separatist Parliament in Azerbaijan's Breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh Region Elects New President
Romania Summons Russian Charge D'Affaires Over Drone Fragments, Agerpres Reports
Paris Strips Palestinian Leader Abbas of Special Honor for Remarks on Holocaust
Terrorism Suspect Who Escaped From London Prison Is Captured While Riding a Bike
Afghan Taliban Criticizes Closure of Main Border Crossing With Pakistan
Afghanistan Meth Trade Surges as Taliban Clamps Down on Heroin, UN Report Says
Pakistan FM Calls on Interim Afghan Govt to Suppress 'Terrorists'
Pakistan: Military Vows to Play Role in GDP Growth by Launching Drive Against Black Economy
India: One Killed as Security Forces Open Fire to Disperse Crowd in Manipur
G20 Delhi Summit: Modi, Biden Pledge to Deepen India-US Partnership
EU-Mid East-India To Launch 'Historic' Trade Plan
India's Tibetan Refugees Demand Discussion on Tibet During G20 Summit
China, Europe Should 'Unite and Co-Operate', Premier Li Says at G20
Tibetans Protest China's G20 Summit Participation Over Beijing's Occupation of Tibet
Indonesia's Leader Calls for Peaceful Solutions to Conflicts at ASEAN Summit
Sticky Case of Indonesia, Seized Iranian Oil Tanker, and Legal Jurisdiction
Vietnam Chases Secret Russian Arms Deal, Even as It Deepens US Ties
Biden Says US Outreach to Vietnam Is About Providing Global Stability, Not Containing China
Biden Visits Vietnam: Wartime Foes to Highest-Level Partners?
North Korea Unveils 'Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine'
North Korea's Kim Marks Founding Day With Parade, Promises to China, Russia
Maldives Election Goes to Run-Off, With Pro-China Opposition Leading
In US-Led Drills, Australian and Indonesian Forces Deploy Battle Tanks
Australian PM Keen to Ink EU Free Trade Agreement 'As Soon as Possible'
Philippines and Australia Sign Pact Amid China's Rising Clout, Albanese Hails 'Great Friends'
Myanmar Receives First Shipment of Russia's Su-30 Fighter Jets
The War at Home
US Army OKs Major M1 Abrams Tank Upgrade
McCaul Says House Committee Wants Jen Psaki to Testify on Afghanistan Withdrawal
Israel Not in Compliance With Visa Waiver Program, Senate Democrats Say
'We Had Wrong Assessments': Almost All Remaining Yom Kippur War Files Declassified
Israelis Protest Against Overhaul Plans Ahead of Key Court Decision
Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Palestinian Child Near Hebron
iPhone Owners Beware: Israel Pegasus Strikes Again - What You Must Do
Palestinian Man Stabbed, Palestinian Woman Shot in Jerusalem Settler Attacks
Israel Authorizes Three Settler Outposts in West Bank
Israeli Military Says Failed Rocket Launch Attempt Made From West Bank
Israeli Forces Storm Bab Al-Rahma Prayer Hall Inside Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israel Will Reopen the Main Cargo Crossing to Gaza on Sunday
Israel's El Al Airlines Refuses to Fly Netanyahu to New York
Israeli Soldiers Riot During Training Session: Video
Four Killed in Fresh Palestinian Clashes in Lebanon Refugee Camp
Netanyahu Celebrates India-Gulf-Europe Mega-Railway Deal
Israeli Navy Shoots Sewage Water at Gaza Fishermen
Israeli Forces Confiscate Books Depicting Palestinian Flag From Students in East Jerusalem
Meta Deletes Al Jazeera Presenter's Facebook Profile After Show Criticizing Israel
Families in Gaza Have Waited Years to Move Into New Homes. Political Infighting Is Keeping Them Out
Clashes Resume Between Factions in Lebanon's Largest Palestinian Refugee Camp
Lebanon Seeks Exemption From $1.1 Billion Iraqi Oil Debt
Child Killed in Syria Amid SDF-Arab Militia Clashes
Damascus Accuses US Forces of 'Looting' Syrian Resources
Factbox: Iranian-American Prisoners Involved in Swap, Fund Release
American Families of Terror Victims Sue to Block Release of $40 Billion in Frozen Iran Funds
Sweden's NATO Accession and Turkey's Bid to Buy F-16 Jets Should Be Kept Separate, Erdogan Says
Sources: Turkey's Erdogan Spoke With Japan's Kishida to Revive Black Sea Grain Deal
Turkey Seeks $950 Million Damages Against Iraq Over Kurdish Oil Dispute
US State Department Urges Resolution to Tensions in Kirkuk Between Iraq and KRG
A Drone Attack Kills at Least 43 in Sudan's Capital as Rival Troops Battle, Activists Say
Torture and Sexual Assault Taking Place in Illegal Detention Centers in Sudan
Sudan Army Chief Lambasts African Union as War Deaths Top 7,000
'French Forces Will Redeploy Only at Niger President Bazoum's Requests': Macron
Tens of Thousands of Libyans Expelled From Their Homes by Haftar Troops
Two-Year Transition to Elections 'Reasonable': Gabon PM
Police in Tanzania Detain Opposition Leader
Mali Armed Groups Say Preparing for Battle With Junta
Morocco Demands Western Sahara Deal 'Based Exclusively' on Its Plan
UN Court Charges Central African Republic Ex-Strongman With Crimes Against Humanity
Ethiopia Says Filling of Nile Renaissance Mega-Dam Complete
Sierra Leone Hit by Power Cuts After Turkish Power Ship Switches Off Supply
Egypt's Annual Inflation Hits a New Record, Reaching 39.7% in August
Lula Says Putin Would Not Be Arrested in 2024 Brazil G20 Meeting
Russia Ships First Oil to Brazil
Chile Political Prisoners Reclaim Torture Sites to Preserve Coup Memory
Chile March to Commemorate Pinochet Victims Marred by Violence
Latin America
Cuba Arrests 17 People It Accuses of Recruiting for Russia's War in Ukraine
Councilor's Murder in Ecuador Fuels Crime Concerns Ahead of Election
Colombian President Proposes Latin American Alliance to Transform 'War on Drugs'
Gunmen Attack Vehicles at Border Crossing Into North Mexico, Wounding Three, Including Some Americans
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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