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Updated September 12, 2023 - 9:04 PM EDT
Blinken OKs Attacks on Russia With US Missiles
  Milley Says Time Is Running Out for Ukraine's Counteroffensive
  Zelensky Blames West for Failed Counteroffensive
Stoltenberg: Putin Invaded Ukraine Due to NATO
  NATO Says 'No Risk' of Romania Being Dragged Into War
US, Canadian Ships Sail Through Taiwan Strait
North Korea's Kim To Meet Putin in Russia
Niger Says France Amassing Troops in ECOWAS States
Poland OKs Framework for Massive HIMARS Purchase
item The West's Blueprint for Goading China Was Laid Out in Ukraine  by Jonathan Cook
item Why Blind Optimism Leads US Astray on Ukraine  by Ben Armbruster
item Why Are We in Niger?
 by Ron Paul
item 'Apartheid,' Says Tom Friedman  by Philip Weiss

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Putin's Party Wins Controversial Polls in Annexed Ukraine Regions
'Exact Heavy Price: Mossad Chief Threatens to Assassinate Iran's Leaders
Germany Orders Additional 40 Marder Infantry Vehicles for Ukraine
Israeli Delegation Makes First Visit to Saudi Arabia for UNESCO Meeting
Palestinian Child Killed, Two Wounded by Israeli Army in West Bank
More Than 40 Israeli Firms Among 'World's Worst Arms Dealers' at London Weapons Fair
Gaza Exports to Israel Resume as Crossing Reopens
Palestinian Prisoner Fatima Amarneh Was Abused and Tortured After Arrest
Israelis Rally Near Top Court on Eve of Legal Reform Hearing
Rights Groups Question Israel's Inclusion of Gaza in Visa Waiver Trial
Fighting Intensifies in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Despite Truce Talks
Lebanese and Palestinian Officials Meet Over Camp Clashes as Death Toll Rises to 10
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Eight Killed
Iraq Unlikely To Meet Iran's Deadline to Disarm, Relocate Kurdish Militias
Middle East
Jail 'For an Opinion': Fears Grow for Kuwait Media Freedom
Turkey's Erdogan Opposes India-Middle East Transport Project
US, Saudi Arabia in Talks to Secure African Metals for EVs
Second Pilot Found Dead After UAE Helicopter Crash
Yemen's Explosives Contamination Among World's Worst: ICRC
Algeria-Morocco Solidarity Stronger Than Tensions After Devastating Earthquake
Morocco Only Accepts Aid From a Few Countries Amid Criticism
An Algerian Outpouring of Support for Moroccans After Earthquake
Egyptian Women Cooking for Detainees Face Terror Charges
Elseddik, Son of Libya's Haftar, Positions Himself for Presidential Bid
Commercial Flights Halted to Mali's Timbuktu Amid Islamist Blockade
Tanzania Opposition Leader Lissu Released After Weekend Arrest
The War at Home
Post-9/11 First Responder Deaths Now Nearly Equal to Attack Casualties
Pentagon Selects Airborne Power Beaming Project Contenders
Second UK Challenger 2 Tank Reportedly Destroyed in Ukraine
Ukraine Collects Russian Bodies on 'Road of Death' in Retaken Southeast
Germany to Provide Ukraine Additional $21.44 Million in Aid: Baerbock in Kyiv
Cyberspace Also a 'Frontline' in Ukraine, Estonian PM Warns
Berlin Says Missile Supply to Kyiv Won't Automatically Follow US Supplies
Ukraine Says Black Sea Platforms Used by Russian Forces Captured
Russia Says Ban on Russians Bringing Cars, Some Goods Into EU Is Racist
Armenia Holds Drills With US Amid Rift With Russia
Risk of Leaving Russia Could Be Higher Than Staying for Western Firms
Northern Ireland
Irish PM Downbeat on Chances of End to Northern Ireland Political Stalemate
'Shut It All Down': UK Legacy Bill Threatens Northern Ireland Troubles-Era Atrocity Inquests
Latvia and Estonia Sign Deal to Buy German-Made Missile Defense System
Norway Orders Additional Naval Strike Missiles in $45 Million Deal
How a Tiny Polish Airport Became a Key Node for Western Aid to Ukraine
Sweden Adds Another $2.44 Billion to Its 2024 Defense Spending
Pakistan Says Afghanistan Building 'Unlawful Structures' Along Tense Border
Pakistan Deploys Paramilitary Forces to Rescue Abducted Soccer Players
Blinken Defends US Troops Exit From Afghanistan

Macron Visits Bangladesh to 'Consolidate' France's Indo-Pacific Push

China Says Reports It Had Spy in UK Parliament 'Malicious Slander'
Fukushima Nuclear Plant's Operator Says the First Round of Wastewater Release Is Complete
Latin America
Lula Rows Back From Comments That Brazil Would Not Arrest Putin
Dominican Republic to Seal Dajabon Border With Haiti in Canal Dispute
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