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Updated September 13, 2023 - 8:09 PM EDT
Warren: Probe Musk for Stopping Attack on Russia
  Sweden Considers Arming Ukraine With Gripen Fighter Jets
  US Stresses F-16s Will Aid Ukraine in 'Long Term'
Putin Accuses UK of Plot Against Nuclear Plant
  Putin Says Trump Won't Change US Foreign Policy
Air Force Secretary: US Must Prep for China War
US Moves Forward Prisoner Swap Deal With Iran
US, Bahrain to Sign Security Agreement
Clashes Continue Between US-Backed Militias in E. Syria
item A Day That Never Ended
 by Matt Taibbi
item Blinken Does Not Oppose Ukraine Attacks Inside Russia With US-Supplied Missiles  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Why We Don't Negotiate
by Ted Snider
item Depleted Uranium Added to Toxic Mess in Ukraine  by Yves Engler

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Netanyahu's Media Coup Will Secure Him Political Supervision on Opinion
North Korea's Kim Jong-un Arrives in Russia for Putin Visit
Ukraine Conducted Drone Attack Near Nuclear Plant: Russia's Rosatom
Kyiv Says It May Seek Arbitration Over Grain Export Restrictions as Poland Stands Firm
Denmark to Donate Military Aid Package to Ukraine, Worth $833 Million
Ukraine's Zelensky Vetoes Asset Declaration Law Containing Loophole
Ukraine's Antonov Turns to Drones in Response to Russian Invasion
Putin Says IOC Is Distorting Olympic Ideal
Putin: Sending Soviet Tanks Into Hungary and Czechoslovakia Was a Mistake; US Making Same Mistakes
Putin Projects Economic Calm After Ruble Slump, Warns of Inflation Risks
Putin Hails Elon Musk as an 'Outstanding Person' and Businessman
Russian Red Cross Truck Arrives in Karabakh From Azerbaijan
United Kingdom
Black Hawk Maker Lockheed Martin Looks to $1.5 Billion UK MoD Deal
'War Isn't Going Away Soon': Campaigners Defy UK Law to Protest at Arms Fair
4,500 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers Deploying to Eastern Europe
EU to Cease Sanctions Against Three Russian Businessmen This Week
Germany's Scholz: Fresh Nuclear Disarmament Talks Should Include China
Poland Threatens to Keep Ukrainian Grain Ban After Embargo Date Expires
The Taliban Have Waged a Systematic Assault on Freedom in Afghanistan, Says UN Human Rights Chief
Afghan-Pakistan Crossing at a Standstill a Week After Gunfight
China Publishes Backstory of US 'Spy' Jailed for Life
China Says It Is Willing to Deepen Mutually Beneficial Cooperation With Russia
Chinese Warships Gather in Sign of Major Naval Exercises

China Must Play 'Responsible' Role in Curbing North's Threats: South Korea's Yoon

US, Vietnam Warn Against 'Threat or Use of Force' in South China Sea
Israeli Settlers Try to Seize Palestinian Home in Jerusalem
Palestinian Faction Attacks Israeli Checkpoint After Raids
Deutsche Bank Advises Against Purchasing Israeli Currency
Supreme Court Hears Appeal Against Netanyahu's Overhaul
Israeli Academics and Artists Ask Biden and UN to Shun Netanyahu During His Upcoming US Visit
Israeli Occupation Forces Brutally Assault Palestinian Girl Near Jericho
Palestinian Armed Groups Hold Military Exercise in Gaza
US Senators Want Israel Blocked From Visa Waiver Program
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Eight Killed
Iraq Starts Relocating Iranian Kurdish Fighters From Iran Border: Iraq Foreign Minister
Austria Reopens Embassy in Baghdad After 30 Years
Five US Citizens Detained in Iran Are 'in Full Health,' Says Raisi
Iran Confirms Detention of Swedish EU Worker
Middle East
Bahrain Prisoners Suspend Weeks-Long Mass Hunger Strike Before Crown Prince Visits US
Jordan Refuses US Request to Release Bassam Awadallah
US Sanctions Lebanon-South America Network Accused of Financing Hezbollah
France Calls for Release of French Official in Niger
Niger Junta Ends Military Accord With Benin Amid Regional Standoff
Fourteen Kenyan Soldiers Injured in IED Attack
Libya Floods: 'The Damage Is Huge, Hard to Describe' Says Khalifa Haftar
Tuareg Rebels Claim Control of Northern Mali Town After Weeks of Fighting
Hundreds Killed in Ethnic Attacks in Sudan's West Darfur: UN
Zimbabwe's Newly Re-Elected President Appoints His Son and Nephew to Deputy Minister Posts
The War at Home
Senate Republicans Now Blame Democrats for Military Leadership Gaps
Top Republican Directs US House Committee to Open Biden Impeachment Inquiry
Gunmen Kill Mexico AG's Delegate to Southern State of Guerrero
Republican Hopefuls Ramp Up War Talk Over Mexican Border
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