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Updated September 14, 2023 - 8:36 PM EDT
Russia Doubles Ammo Output Despite Sanctions
  Ukraine Hits Russian Shipyard in Crimea With Cruise Missiles
  Russia's Putin and N. Korea's Kim Hold Talks
  Romania: Drone Fragments From Ukraine War 'Don't Pose a Threat'
US Clearing Jungles in Pacific for New Airfields
  Chinese Scientist Make World's Most Powerful Radar Chip
Israeli Airstrikes Kill Two Syrian Soldiers
Australian MPs Urge US to Drop Assange Charges

US Military Resumes Missions Out of Niger Bases

How the Navy Spent Billions on the 'Little Crappy Ship'
item Iran Interrupted: Mossadegh, the Shah, Khomeini, and the US Press  by M. Reza Behnam
item How the Government Weaponizes Surveillance to Silence Its Critics  by John & Nisha Whitehead
item Why They Hate Us
 by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Ignore the Threat Inflation About Chinese Overseas Bases  by Daniel Larison

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See How Private Ammo Sales From US Are Fueling the War in Ukraine
China Becomes First to Name New Afghan Ambassador Under Taliban
Indian Military Studying 'Options' if China Invades Taiwan

Five Killed and More Wounded When Suspicious Device Detonates During Protest at Gaza-Israel Fence

Growing Up Palestinian After the Oslo Accords
Israel Denied Life-Saving Healthcare to 'Two Palestinian Children a Day' in 2023
How Oslo Accords Entrenched Israel's Control Over Palestine's Water Access
Israel's Netanyahu Denies Report of Weapons for Palestinians
German Government Extends Military Mandate in Iraq
Violence in Kirkuk 'Artificial Crisis' Caused by Baghdad-Erbil Dispute: Turkoman Official
Iraqi MP Accused of 'High Treason' After Saying He'd Support US Troops Toppling Current System
UK, Lebanon Hold Largest Ever Joint Military Exercises
Deadly Fighting Continues in Lebanon's Ein El-Hilweh Palestinian Camp
Sudan's RSF Forces Kill 17 Civilians in Khartoum
Civilians Killed in Crossfire in Sudan's Second City as War Spreads

At Least 40 Killed in Darfur Air Raid as Sudan Army Chief Visits Turkey

United Nations Special Envoy to Sudan to Step Down
Taliban Significantly Degraded ISIS Capability: US Special Envoy
Afghan Students Urge India to Extend Visas and Restart Scholarships

Italy Committed to Fund Fighter Jet Program With UK, Japan

Romanian Fans Declare 'Kosovo Is Serbia', Halting Football Match

UK Parliament Adopts Controversial Northern Ireland Troubles 'Legacy' Bill
Romania Builds Air-Raid Shelters Near Ukraine Border
The War at Home
US Air Force to Miss Active-Duty Recruiting Goal for First Time in More Than 20 Years
Biden Administration to Formalize Investigating Civilian Deaths by US Arms
Somalia Car Bomb Targets Army Checkpoint in Capital, Injuring Seven Soldiers
'The EU Has Failed to Strengthen Democracy in the Sahel': Borrell
Leaked Videos Raise Concerns About Dire Conditions Inside Egypt's Badr Prison
Gabon's Squandered Oil Wealth Under 55 Years of Bongo Rule
Libya's Tripoli-Based PM Allots $446 Million for Benghazi, Derna Reconstruction
China Denies Reported Ban on Apple iPhone Purchases and Usage
Chinese Aircraft Carrier, Jets Holding Drills in the Pacific, Says Taiwan
China's Xi Says 'Upgrading' Venezuela Relations After Meeting Maduro
India, Russia to Widen Maritime Cooperation
Indian Security Officers, Rebels Killed in Gun Battle in Kashmir
Pakistan Court Extends Ex-PM Imran Khan's Custody in 'Cipher' Case
Indonesia Buys UK Submarine Rescue Vessel in $100 Million Deal
Japan's New Foreign Minister Is a Woman, While Pro-Taiwan Lawmaker Gets Defense Portfolio
North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles Toward Its Eastern Seas
Ukraine Made 'Great Strides' but More Work Before Joining EU: Von Der Leyen
Kyiv Faces Wave of Attacks in the East: Deputy Defense Minister
US Will Impose Sanctions on Russia, North Korea for Any New Arms Deals: State Dept
Russia Keeps Up 'Active Defense' on Ukrainian Front: Shoigu
Photos: When Russia's Vladimir Putin Met North Korea's Kim Jong un
Russia's Oil Export Revenues Jumped in August as Prices Rose
Russian Journalist's Phone Hacked With Israeli Spyware: Researchers
Brazil Requests US Help for Probes Involving Bolsonaro, Sources Say
'Strategic Partners': a Look at Burgeoning Saudi-Brazil Trade Ties
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