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Updated September 16, 2023 - 4:01 PM EDT
Zelensky to Visit White House Next Week
  Zelensky Implies Ukrainian Refugees Could Resort to Terror
  Senate Armed Services Panel 'Aggressively' Investigating Elon Musk
  Act Now to Save Ukrainian Peace Activist From Prosecution
  Ukraine Pilots Complete 'Orientation Training' on Swedish Jets
US Sanctions Russia's Ability To Acquire Tech
  Czech General: NATO Must Prepare for a Long War in Ukraine
US to Shift Military Aid From Egypt to Taiwan
  Chinese Military Holds Major Drills in Western Pacific
US Considers Moving Drone Base From Niger
US, Bahrain Sign Security Agreement
item The Abraham Accords Are No Victory for Religious Tolerance  by Matthew Petti
item The Untold Story of the Abuse of Palestinian Women in Hebron  by Ramzy Baroud
item America Since 9/11: 22 Years of Lies and Despotism  by Ryan McMaken
item The US Is Fanning the Flames of War With China  by Marjorie Cohn

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Israel's Netanyahu to Meet Biden During Trip to UN Next Week
US Approves $5 Billion Sale of 'Top-Of-The-Line' F-35 Jets to S. Korea
Senate Committee Passes Bill That Would Cut Taxes on Taiwanese Firms
Israeli Police Questioned, Suspended Over 'Star of David' Branding on Palestinian
Ben-Gvir Seeks to Tighten Noose Around Palestinian Prisoners
Russia Accuses US of 'Stagnating' Palestine-Israel Peace Process
Two Israelis Sentenced to 11 Years for Attack on Israeli Arab
Israel Data Shows Palestinian Citizens Facing Poorer Health, Economic Conditions
Israel's Netanyahu Denies Report of Weapons for Palestinian Authority
BDS Movement Says Boycott Ban Would Harm UK Relations With Arab World
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Executes Two Military Personnel for Treason: State Media
Saudi Arms Megadeal Collapsed When China, Russia Links Emerged
Middle East
Palestinian Fighters in Lebanon Camp Agree New Truce
Turkey's Erdogan Revamps His Team by Asking Long-Time Advisors to Resign
Prevented From Carrying Out Mission, UN Envoy to Sudan Steps Down, Warns Against Bashir Loyalists' Role
Panic South of Sudan Capital as Paramilitaries Advance
Sudan Paramilitary Threatens to Set Up Authority With Khartoum as Capital
Libyans Come Together for Flood Aid Effort Despite Conflict
Rival Governments Cooperate to Aid Libya's Flood Victims as Misery Piles On
Wagner Group Sustains Significant Losses in Clashes With Central African Republic Rebels
Phone of Egyptian Presidential Hopeful 'Hacked Several Times' Using European Spyware
Mali Cancels Independence Day Celebrations After Attacks
France Announces Release of French Official in Niger
Cuba Is Not Against Its Citizens Fighting on Russia's Side in Ukraine, RIA Cites Envoy
High-Level US-Cuba Talks Yield No Progress on Top Disputes: Cuban Official
US Names Former Commerce Secretary, Big Democrat Donor to Coordinate Private Sector Aid for Ukraine
Ukrainian Government Seeks to Use Tax Paid by Service Personnel to Fund Arms Production
Russia Orders Expulsion of Two US Embassy Staff for Links to 'Spy'
Russian Su-27's Missile Missed British RC-135 Spy Plane After Deliberate Launch
Russian Natural Gas Pipeline Catches Fire Following Blast
Russia Tells US: Don't Lecture Us Over Ties With North Korea
Satellite Images Show Damage to Russian Naval Vessels Struck in Ukraine Attack
Satellite Images Appear to Show Wagner Camp in Belarus Being Dismantled
EU Blames Kosovo Over Stalled Normalization Pact With Serbia
Slovakia Expels Russian Diplomat: Foreign Ministry
Eight US Soldiers Released From Hospital After Armored Vehicle Crash in Germany
US General Milley Has 'Lots of Regrets' on Way US Ended War in Afghanistan
Lawmakers Push Bill to Help Afghan Evacuees, Allies Still in Afghanistan Two Years After US Withdrawal
Pakistan Caretaker Govt Appears to Favor Imran Khan's Foes: Election Commission
Pakistan's Military Helps Stifle Currency Black Market to Stabilize Rupee
Asia Pacific
Australia to Toughen Laws on Ex-Military Staff Who Train Foreign Armies
Bangladesh Court Jails Prominent Rights Activists for Two Years
The War at Home
Top US Court Halts Order Limiting Officials' Contact With Social Media Orgs
AUKUS Agreement Requires Submarine Production Boost, Adm. Franchetti Says
Military Secrets Leaked on 'War Thunder' Forums Yet Again
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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