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Updated September 30, 2023 - 9:54 PM EDT
House Averts Shutdown: Cuts New Aid to Ukraine
  Russia Gained More Territory in 2023 Than Ukraine
  Zelensky Discusses Joint Arms Production With Western Officials
  Moscow Announces Massive Military Spending Increase
  Ukraine Aid Fight Is Central to Government Shutdown Debate
Blinken: China Threatens 'Liberal World Order'
  Australia Forms Long-Range Missile Brigade to Counter China
  Saudi Arabia, China To Hold Second-Ever Joint Naval Exercise
US-Backed SDF Militia Shells Positions of Arab Fighters
Nagorno-Karabakh Govt Will 'Cease to Exist' on Jan. 1
SpaceX Awarded $70 Million Pentagon Contract
item NATO Admits That Ukraine War Is the War of NATO Expansion  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
item Contemplating the Unimaginable Costs of a Nuclear War  by Andrea Mazzarino
item Volodymyr Zelensky, Between a Rock and a Hard Place  by Ted Snider
item British Intelligence in the Dock for CIA Torture  by Kit Klarenberg

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Dozens Suffocate From Tear Gas as Israeli Forces Storm Town Near Jenin

Senator Accuses Pentagon Appointees of Using Position for 'Profit'

Iran Reaches Deal With Qatar to Tap $6 Billion in Previously Seized Funds
High Court Hears a Challenge to a Law That Makes It Harder to Remove Netanyahu From Office
Israel Tightens Palestinian Entry Restrictions to Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israel's Religious Far Right Has a New Settler Target: Tel Aviv
Israel: Police to Use Pegasus Spyware to Probe Mass Shooting of Palestinian Citizens
US Urges Respect for Religion, Right of Protest After Yom Kippur Dispute
After a 10-Day Ban, Israel Reopens Erez Crossing for Palestinian Workers From Gaza
Israel Hears Appeal on Challenges to Law Limiting PM Removal
After 18 Years, Hamas Ready for Municipal Elections in Gaza
Blaming Palestinians and Iran, Mike Pompeo Rules Out Normalization Between Saudi Arabia, Israel
Cyprus Says Lebanon Needs EU Aid to Deal With Refugee Influx
Lebanon Army Says It Exchanged Smoke Bomb Fire With Israel
Lebanese Armenians Scuffle With Riot Police During Protest Outside Azerbaijan Embassy in Beirut
Middle East
Houthi Govt in Yemen Dissolved as Resistance Urges 'Radical Change'
Iran Says It 'Successfully' Launched New Military Satellite

US Sanctions Former Sudan Foreign Minister

Sudanese Revolutionaries Fighting Alongside Army Against Rapid Support Forces
Air Force Cargo Jet's Disastrous Landing in Mali Captured on Video
Mali Military Reports Two Attacks on Army Posts
UNESCO Rejects Egyptian Request to Reduce Historic Cairo, Says Report
East Libya Commander Haftar in Moscow for Talks With Putin
Burkina Faso Detains Four Officers After Thwarted Coup
Niger Junta Says a Dozen Soldiers Killed in Militant Attack
Dozens Dead After Blast in SW Pakistan at a Rally Celebrating Birthday of Islam's Prophet
All You Need to Know About Taiwan's New Submarine in 500 Words
Vietnam Jails Environmental Activist for for Tax Fraud
Thai Court Drops Murder Charges Against Officials Over Vanished Activist
North Korea
American Soldier's Release From Detention Was Quick by North Korean Standards

North Korean Parliament Enshrines Nuclear Ambitions in Constitution

The War at Home
McCarthy and Gaetz Spar in Heated Meeting Ahead of Government Shutdown
Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California Dies at Age 90
Why Has the Navy Spent at Least $175 Million on an Old Ship That May Never Return to Sea?
Pentagon Issues 101 Recommendations for Suicide Prevention to Be Implemented by End of Fiscal 2030
Latin America
Cuba Warns of Worsening Blackouts as Fuel Crisis Bites
US Offers $5 Million Reward for Information on Killing of Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate
Mexican Army Sends Troops, Helicopters, Convoys in to Towns Cut Off by Drug Cartels
Russian Defensive Lines Stronger Than West Expected, Admits British Defense Chief
Russian Power Substation Hit in Latest Ukrainian Drone Wave Attack
Britain's Shapps Meets Zelensky on First Visit to Kyiv as DM
Chechen Leader Kadyrov Meets Putin After Storm Over Prisoner Beating
  More Than 70% of Nagorno-Karabakh's Population Has Fled as Separatist Government Plans to Dissolve
Congress Calls for Sanctions on Azerbaijan After Military Takeover of Disputed Region
Is Armenia-Azerbaijan Fight for Nagorno-Karabakh Finally Over?
Kosovo Police Conduct Raids in Serb-Dominated North Following Weekend Violence That Left 4 Dead
Serbia to Investigate Killing of Policeman in Northern Kosovo
Kosovo Accuses Serbia of Direct Involvement in Deadly Clashes
Swiss Court Acquits Former Belarusian Security Operative in Case of Enforced Disappearances
Belarus Says Polish Helicopter Violated Airspace; Warsaw Denies
Bosnia's Serb Region Adopts Draft 'Foreign Agents' Law Despite Criticism
EU Mulls How to Make Enlarged Bloc Work, to Offer Cash, Market Access to Candidates
Macron Proposes Limited Autonomy for France's Mediterranean Island of Corsica
Germany and Israel Sign an Agreement for Berlin to Buy a US-Israeli Missile Defense System
Three Killed in Shootings and an Explosion in Sweden as a Feud Between Criminal Gangs Worsens
NATO Jets Deployed in Lithuania to Track Russian Movements
Amnesty International Calls on Taliban for Release of Activists and Family Members
Calls Mount for Continuation of Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan
UN Deputy Sec-Gen Calls for Applying Pressure on Interim Afghan Government
Blinken Meeting Indian Counterpart Amid Fallout Over Sikh Leader's Killing
Cheering Indian Crowds Welcome Pakistan Team Before ICC Cricket World Cup
Curfew in Parts of India's Manipur After Protests Over Killing of Students
Indian Protesters Try to Storm Home of Manipur Chief Minister
China Issues Warning for Military Exercises in Parts of South China Sea
Australia Says Exports of Hay to China Will Resume in Normalization Step
US, China Talks Gather Momentum, Paving Way for
Xi-Biden Summit

China's Defense Minister Has Been Missing for a Month. His Ministry Isn't Making Any Comment

US Won't Have Any Pandas for the First Time in 50 Years
North Korea
American Soldier's Release From Detention Was Quick by North Korean Standards

North Korean Parliament Enshrines Nuclear Ambitions in Constitution

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