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Updated November 6, 2023 - 9:02 PM EST
Israel Has Not Come Close to Destroying Hamas
  Pentagon Says US Is Flying Drones Over Gaza to Look for Hostages
  Satellite Images Show Scale of Destruction in Gaza
  Gaza Children Death Toll Crosses 4,000 as Raids Intensify
Israeli Minister: Nuking Gaza Is an Option
  Largest Palestine Protest in US History Shut Down the Streets of DC
  Hospital Struggles to Treat Wounded Children After Israeli Airstrike
Blinken Visits Iraq as Attacks Continue
  US Announces Presence of Nuclear-Capable Sub in Middle East
  Woman, Three Children Killed in Israeli Airstrike in S. Lebanon
US Broaches the Idea of Peace Talks With Ukraine
  US Announces New $425 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
  Ukraine Seeks to Become 'Arsenal of the Free World'
item Uncle Sam Doesn't Have One Thin Dime for Joe Biden's $106 Billion War Package  by David Stockman
item How Israel Secretly Influences American Politics  by James Bamford
item Kurt Campbell: The Lobbyist as Diplomat  by James Carden
item No Country Has a 'Right to Exist'  by Brian McGlinchey

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Hamas Says More Than 60 Hostages Are Missing Due to Israeli Airstrikes
US Military Presence in Yemen Adds Twist to Houthi Attack on Israel
Ukraine Replaces Special Forces Commander, Removed Officer Wonders Why
Ukrainian Shelling Kills Nine in Occupied South: Russia-Installed Officials
Zelensky Pushes US for More Aid, Invites Trump to Ukraine
Ukraine Military Says It Hit Zalyv Shipyard in Crimea
Russia Says It Test-Fired an ICBM From a New Nuclear Sub
Russian Drones, Missiles and Shells Target Ukrainian Infrastructure
Russia Dismisses New US Sanctions: 'You Will Never Defeat Moscow'
Russia Sends Biggest Drone Barrage in Weeks, Ukrainian Officials Say
Putin Says Some Western Weapons for Ukraine Are Ending Up in the Taliban's Hands
United Kingdom
Agnes Wanjiru Murder: Kenyan Police Fly to UK to Quiz Soldiers
Britain Bans Prosecution of Past Catholic and Protestant Killings in Northern Ireland
Legal Center Pushes UK to Clarify if Brits Who Fight in Israel Will Be Prosecuted
UK Seeks to Brand Anyone Who 'Undermines' Country as Extremist
Bulgaria Commits to Defense Spending Spree
Goldman Sachs Says the Israel-Hamas War Could Have Major Implications for Europe's Economy
France to Host International Conference for Gaza Next Week
CEO: Ukraine-Requested German Cruise Missile Requires Months of Training to Operate
Ukraine 'Fatigue' Prevalent in Europe, Italian PM Tells Russian Prank Callers
Head of Serbia's State Security Agency Resigns After Being Sanctioned by US
Talban Allocates 2 Billion Afghanis for Returnees
Afghans Fleeing Pakistan Lack Water, Food, Shelter Once They Cross Border, Aid Groups Say
Afghan Opium Poppy Cultivation Plunges by 95 Percent Under Taliban: UN
Pakistan: Nine Attackers Killed in Raid on Air Base
Five Civilians Killed in Blast Targeting Pakistan Police
India's Modi Talks to UAE President, Urges 'Need for Early Resolution' in Israel-Hamas War
Indian Diplomat Tells Newspaper High-Level Canadian Official Damaged Probe Into Sikh's Murder
Myanmar: Junta Vows to Hit Back at Ethnic Groups' Offensive
Myanmar's Army Chief Vows Counterattacks on Armed Groups That Captured Northeastern Border Towns
Philippines' Marcos Condemns Killing of Journalist, Orders Investigation
National Security Adviser: Philippines Military Remains Loyal to the President
Bangladesh Arrests 8,000 Opposition Activists: Newspaper
Two Million People March in Jakarta in Solidarity With Gaza
Japan's Prime Minister Visits Manila to Boost Defense Ties

North Korea Says Recent Embassy Closures 'Regular Affairs'

Thailand in Talks With Iran, Other Governments for Hamas Hostages Release
Australia's Secret Support for the Israeli Assault on Gaza
Australia's Albanese Heads to China Touting 'Consistent, Steady' Engagement
Guinea's Escaped Ex-Military Leader Recaptured, Back in Jail, Says Lawyer
DR Congo Army, UN Troops Announce Joint Operation Against M23 Rebels
Kenya Concedes 'Millions of Hectares' to UAE Firm in Latest Carbon Offset Deal
Mali: 15 UN Peacekeepers Injured in Convoy Explosives Attack
Turkish Police Fire Teargas, Water Cannon at Pro-Palestine Protesters
Erdogan Says He Will Try to Facilitate Sweden's NATO Bid Ratification
Middle East
Middle East War Could Spark Global Recession, Say Wall Street Experts
Unmanned US Navy Boat Fires Weapons in Middle East
Latin America
Brazil's Workers Party Slams Israel for Holding Brazilians in Gaza
Honduras Recalls Ambassador to Israel as It Condemns Civilian Palestinian Toll in War
Israeli Air Raid Kills Palestinian Journalist and Family in Gaza
100 Israeli Doctors Call for Gaza Hospitals to Be Bombed
UN Says Average Gazan Is Living on Two Pieces of Bread a Day
Gaza Tunes in to Radio After Israel Turns Off the Internet
UK Conducts Egypt Airlift to Deliver Lifesaving Supplies to Gaza
The Brutal Reality of Daily Life for Gaza's Residents
Israel Sends Thousands of Cross-Border Palestinian Workers Back to Gaza
Workers From Gaza Describe Torture and Abuse in Israeli Detention
Israel's Military Claims It Has Cut Gaza in Half, Surrounded Gaza City
Amid the Rubble, Desperate Gazans Look for Survivors
'We Have Nothing': Families Seek Safety From Bombs Inside Gaza Hospitals
No Fuel for Gaza 'Under Any Circumstances', Smotrich Says
Gaza Evacuations Suspended After Ambulance Attacked: Egyptian Sources
All Gaza Telecom Network to Shut Off in a Week: Paltel CEO
CIA Chief Visiting Israel and Other Middle East Nations as War in Gaza Grinds On
More Than 300 Americans Have Left Gaza, National Security Adviser Says
Israel Bombs Al-Maghazi Refugee Camp, Killing Dozens, Gaza Officials Say
Gaza Becomes a Death Trap for Children as Israeli Strikes Intensify
France Delivers Three Planes of Aid to Gaza, French Boats in Mediterranean
UK Says Over 100 Britons Have Left Gaza, Hopeful of Getting More Out
Over 30 Killed in Israeli Bombing on Al-Maghazi Camp in Gaza
World Reaction to Gaza
Gaza War: Turkey's Erdogan Says Ceasefire Calls 'A Priority' Amid Ongoing Massacre
Hezbollah's Nasrallah Says Regional War a 'Realistic Possibility'
Rep. Omar Rips US Policy Toward Israeli PM, Saying It 'Doesn't Add Up'
Rep. Tlaib Accuses Biden of Supporting Genocide Against Palestinians
Latin America Distances Itself From the US and Israel Over Gaza Assault
UAE Says US Should Push for Quick End to War in Gaza
Pro-Palestine Protesters 'Shut-Down' Oxford Circus
Photos: Tens of Thousands March Across the World for Gaza Ceasefire
Israel Ramps Up Attacks in Gaza, Striking Schools, Hospitals and Mosques
'Significant Pause' in Gaza Fighting Needed to Free Captives: US Official
Turkey Recalls Ambassador to Israel Over 'Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza'
'Freedom Convoy' to US Military Base in Turkey Calls for Gaza Ceasefire
Israel Kills at Least Ten Palestinians in Occupied West Bank
Bibi's Blame Game Over Hamas Attack Draws Backlash
Blinken Meets Palestinian Leader in the Occupied West Bank
Israeli Civilian Killed in Anti-Tank Missile Attack From Lebanon Amid Escalation
'Nobody's Hands Are Clean': Obama Urges Reflection Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict
War With Hamas to Cost Israel Above $50 Billion: Newspaper
Jordan King 'Completely Rejects' Separating West Bank, Gaza
Israel Forces Kill Three Palestinians in West Bank Raids
Protests in Israel Target Netanyahu Over Release of Captives
Former PMs Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison Join Forces on 'Solidarity' Trip to Israel
'Like a Prison': The Palestinians in Hebron Living Under Israeli Lockdown
In Israel's Eilat, Residents Fear War From the North and South
Gaza Could See Return of Palestinian Authority in Case of a 'Political Solution,' Says Abbas
Israel's Netanyahu Appears to Backtrack on Reported Comment Linking Hamas Attack to Reservist Protest
Kremlin Dismisses Report on Wagner Plan to Give Hezbollah Air Defense System
Hezbollah Leader Says Hamas October 7 Assault Was '100% Palestinian'
Mullah Baradar Leads Taliban Delegation to Iran
Iranians March for Gaza on Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover
Iraqi Militia Claims to Target US Forces in Syria
Russian Forces Strike Drone Warehouse in Syria's Idlib: Admiral
Iraq 'Indefinitely Postpones' Macron Summit Over Gaza
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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