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Updated November 8, 2023 - 9:08 PM EST
More US Airstrikes in E. Syria Against IRGC Site
US: Israel Has Killed 'Many 1000s of Innocents'
  Biden Discusses Potential Three-Day Pause With Netanyahu
  Another Palestinian Journalist Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza
Netanyahu Envisions 'Indefinite' Gaza Occupation
  Russia: Israeli Minister's Nuke Comment Raises Questions
  Live Updates on Gaza from Al Jazeera
Zelensky Aide Criticizes Western 'War Fatigue'
  Ukraine Investigates Birthday Explosion That Killed Military Aide
Russia Exits Cold War-Era Pact, NATO Suspends
US and China Hold Nuclear Arms Control Talks
item The Haunting of Christ in the Holy Land  by David Gornoski
item 'Countering Islamophobia' While Incinerating Gaza Is the Most Biden Thing Ever  by Caitlin Johnstone
item US Foreign Policy Has Come Full Circle  by James Carden
item Israel's Military Is Part of the US War Machine  by Norman Solomon

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Netherlands Sends
Five F-16s to Romania to Train Ukrainian Pilots
Israel Quietly Pushed for Egypt to Admit Large Numbers of Gazans
Armed Drones Downed Over Iraqi Kurdistan Airport Housing US Forces

Zelensky Proposes Extending Ukraine's Gas Export Ban

'Strategic Objectives Not Achieved': Has Ukraine's Counteroffensive Failed?
Senate Republicans Outline Border Security Measures They Want as a Condition for Aiding Ukraine
For Foreign Soldiers in Ukraine, US Foundation Provides Lifeline to Medical Treatment
Russian Firm Says Baltic Telecoms Cable Was Severed as Chinese Ship Passed Over
European Natural Gas Demand Is Unlikely to Recover: French Utility Giant
Germany Releases Aid for Palestinians, Gives Extra 20 Million Euros
Hungary Receives First NASAMS Air Defense Systems From Norway
Italy to Struggle to Meet NATO 2% Defense Spending Target: Minister
Barcelona Dockers Refuse to Handle Military Material Amid Gaza War
Switzerland to Keep Nuclear Plants Operating for Longer Than Planned
At Least Seven Civilians Killed and 20 Others Wounded After a Minibus Exploded in the Afghan Capital
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Kabul Attack on Passenger Bus
Indian Journalist Targeted With NSO Spyware, Anti-Corruption Group Says
Forming Multi-Polar World Painful, but Reason Will Prevail: Kazakh President
Japan and UK Ministers Discuss Deeper Security Ties on the Sidelines of G7 Meeting
Myanmar Rebels Capture Provincial Town as Anti-Junta Offensive Widens

As Pakistan Deports Refugees, Tense Afghanistan Ties Come in Sharp Focus

Darfur Refugees Report New Spate of Ethnically Driven Killings
Sudan Conflict Is Getting Closer to South Sudan and Abyei
Sudan Army and RSF Agree to Free Up Aid, Open Communication
Almost All of Darfur Falls to the RSF in Severe Blow to the Sudanese Army
Kidal Mayor Says 14 People Dead in Northern Mali After Series of Drone Strikes Near Rebel Stronghold
22 UN Peacekeepers Injured in Retreat From Northern Mali Base
Riled by Israel's Gaza Plans, Egypt Pushes Back
US Asks DR Congo and Rwanda to De-Escalate Tensions as Fighting Near Their Border Displaces Millions

Fighting in Ethiopia's Amhara Region Prompts Fear for Ancient Churches

Gunmen Kill 13 Islamic School Pupils in Northwest Nigeria
Every 10 Minutes, Israel Kills One Palestinian Child, Injures Two: UNRWA
Hundreds of Foreign Passport Holders Leave Gaza for Egypt
US Trying to Push Palestinian Authority to Assume Responsibility for Gaza
Is Gaza War Deadliest Conflict for Children in Modern Times?
'How Are They Going to Evacuate Them?': The Search for Solutions to Gaza's Hospital Crisis
US Opposes Israeli Occupation of Post-Conflict Gaza: White House
Red Cross Says Humanitarian Convoy Came Under Fire in Gaza City
In the Midst of Israel's Assault, People of Gaza Still Don't Want the Palestinian Authority
70 Children in Danger as Israel Threatens to Bomb Rantisi Hospital in Gaza
Defense Minister Says Israeli Forces in the 'Heart of Gaza City'
In Chile, a Palestinian Diaspora Makes Its Voice Heard on Gaza
'We Will Not Be Exiled' – the Final Messages of Gaza's Victims
HRW Urges Arms Embargo on Israel and Palestinian Groups
Two Workers From Gaza 'Assassinated' in Custody
Call for Meta to End Dehumanization of Palestinians
Palestinian Authority Security Members to Dissent After Abbas-Blinken Meeting
Armenians in Jerusalem Repel Armed Israeli Settlers
Bank of Israel Sold $8.2 Billion Since War Started to Protect Shekel From Collapse
At Knesset Protest, Two Mourners Blame Netanyahu for Oct. 7, Urge End to the War
'World Is Turning Against Us': Former Israeli Prime Minister Barak
One Month of Israel's War: What's Happening to Palestinians Outside Gaza?
Israel-Hamas War Prompts Thousands of Thais to Flee
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Six Killed
Kurdistan President Barzani Says Attacks on US Troops in Iraq 'Extremely Dangerous'
Iraq Announces Return of 487 Yazidis to Sinjar
The War at Home
Biden's Outreach to US Arabs and Muslims 'Falling Flat'
Pentagon UFO Boss to Step Down Next Month
CBS News Poll: If Trump Wins, More Voters Foresee Staying Out of War
Senators Tell the Pentagon How to Fix Barracks Problems
Senators Press Army on What Went Wrong With Maine Shooter
Jewish Man Dies After Altercation at Dueling Protests Over Israel-Hamas War in California
Mexico Rules Out Severing Ties With Israel Over Gaza, Calls for Peace
Mexico's Hurricane Reconstruction Plans Prioritize Military Barracks, Owners Left to Rebuild Hotels
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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