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Updated November 9, 2023 - 8:42 PM EST
More US Airstrikes in E. Syria Against IRGC Site
  Houthis Down US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Off Yemen
  US: Israel Will Have 'Initial Security Responsibility' in Gaza
  Pentagon Lays Out Four Military Objectives for the Middle East

Israel Fighting in the 'Heart' of Gaza City

  1,000 USAID Employees Sign Letter Backing Gaza Ceasefire
  Live Gaza Updates from Al Jazeera
Ukraine Takes Credit for Car Bombing in Luhansk
  State Department Officials: US Must Assist 'Besieged' Ukraine
Philippines and Japan Working on Military Pact
item Israel-Palestine: If the Shoe Were on the Other Foot  by Jim Fitzgerald
item A Ceasefire in Gaza Can End the War on Civilians. A 'Humanitarian Pause' Will Not  by Branko Marcetic
item More Violence Leads to Even More Violence  by Ron Forthofer
item Israel Alone in Supporting the US Embargo of Cuba  by Ted Snider

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Poll: Americans Divided Over Israel Response to Hamas Attacks
Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza Runs Out of Fuel, Shuts Down Key Services
Republican Proposal to Expel Palestinians From US Faces Backlash
Ukrainian Lawmakers Back Use of Military Taxes to Fund Arms Purchases
US Transportation Chief Visits Ukraine, Names New Infrastructure Adviser
Zelensky Says Kyiv Can Ensure Reconstruction Is Free From Corruption
Ukraine Can Still Deliver Battlefield Results This Year, Zelensky Says
Zelensky Says Unclear Whether Trump Would Be Good or Bad for Ukraine
Ukraine Gets European Commission Nod to Start EU Membership Talks
G7 'United' on Ukraine as Russia Warns Over Western 'Aggression'
Army Says Supplying Ukraine, Israel With Artillery Will Cost $3 Billion
Russian Firm Won't Seek Compensation for Damaged Baltic Cable
Putin Calls for Closer Russia-China Cooperation on Military Satellites and Prospective Weapons
Russian Artist Who Staged Anti-War Supermarket Protest Faces Eight Years in Jail
Putin Signs Decree Allowing Foreigners to Swap Frozen Funds for Blocked Russian Assets Abroad
Kremlin Says Nuclear Arms Dialogue With US Is Necessary but Not Ready to Be Lectured
United Kingdom
London Pro-Palestinian March to Proceed, Sunak Asks Police for Safety Assurances
Labour's Refusal to Call for Gaza Ceasefire Derails UK Opposition Party
Labour MP Resigns From Front Bench to Call for a Gaza Ceasefire
Azerbaijan's President Addresses a Military Parade in Karabakh and Says 'We Showed the Whole World'
Belgium Deputy PM Wants Israel Sanctioned Over Gaza War
EU Countries to Debate of 12th Package of Russia Sanctions Next Week: Officials
Finland Says It Has Informed Russia About Its Baltic Sea Gas Pipe Probe
Don't Trust the Data: France Insists It's Pulling Its Weight on Arms to Ukraine
EU Executive Proposes to Grant Georgia EU Candidate Status
Germany To Withdraw Patriot Air Defense Units From Poland
British, Polish Firms Sign $5 Billion Deal for Poland's Air Defense
Swiss to Decide by End of Year on Negotiating Position With EU
Pakistan PM Says Expulsion of Afghans a Response to Taliban Non-Cooperation
Pakistan Says Nearly 25,000 Afghans Waiting for Visas to US Won't Be Deported as Part of Clampdown
Asia Pacific
India Bars Protests That Support the Palestinians
North Korea Threatens to Respond to Anti-Pyongyang Propaganda Leaflets With a 'Shower of Shells'
Australia Sends 100 Police to Solomon Islands for Pacific Games
US to Fund $553 Million Deep-Sea Terminal in Sri Lanka
The War at Home

US Governors Call for More Funds to Secure Places of Worship as Threats Toward Jews and Muslims Rise

Psychedelics May Soon Be Available to Treat Vets With PTSD

Brothels Serviced Politicians, Military Brass, Government Contractors: Feds

'Greed and Corruption': Federal Jury Convicts Veteran DEA Agents in Bribery Conspiracy
Hostility Toward the US in China Has Dropped Sharply, New Poll Shows
Ethiopia Holds Fresh Round of Talks With Oromo Rebels
Fighting in the Ethiopian Holy City of Lalibela
Gaza Suffers Most Air Strikes in a Month in Middle East Since 2020
'If We Are Not Bombed to Death We Are Going to Die of Starvation': Gaza Resident
Photos: No End in Sight to Plight of Gaza Children as Israeli Attacks Intensify
Thousands of Palestinians Flee N. Gaza in 'Desperate Journey'
Spanish Minister: Israel Must End 'Genocide' of Palestinians in Gaza
Investigation Disproves Israel Claim of Hamas Tunnel Under Gaza Hospital
Why Is Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital at the Heart of Israel's War?

Gaza Children Plead for Help in Al-Shifa 'Press Conference'
White House Says More Than 80 Humanitarian Trucks Entered Gaza in Past 24 Hours
Israel's Military Spokesperson Says Hamas Has Lost Control in Northern Gaza
Gaza Death Toll Suggests Israel's Tactics Are 'Clearly Wrong': UN Chief
US Senator Tells AFP Gaza Civilian Toll 'Too High'
Q&A: Former UN Expert Stresses Israel's Occupation of Gaza Never Ended
G7 Nations Urge 'Urgent Action' to Help Civilians Trapped in Gaza, Including Pauses in the Fighting
'No Running Water': War-Displaced Gaza Families Bathe, Wash in Polluted Sea
Italy to Send Hospital Ship Close to Gaza Coast
Arabs See US as Complicit in Israel's Gaza War: Former Jordan Envoy Muasher
Israeli Soldiers Plant Tree in Gaza Honoring Extremist Settlers
What Does Armistice Day Have to Do With Palestine?
Israeli Parliament Bill Criminalizes 'Consumption of Terrorist Materials'

Palestinian Writer Threatened With Rape and Starvation in Israeli Prison

US VP Harris Urges Israel to Stop West Bank Settler Violence
Israel Arrests Two Journalists, Raids University in West Bank
Turkey Suspends Energy Talks With Israel Over Gaza War
Sharp Rise in German Military Export Approvals for Israel
Israel Budget Deficit Soars in October Due to Gaza War Expenses, Revenue Dip
Israel Loses Much of the Support It Gained After Hamas' Attack
The Family of a Palestinian Activist Jailed for Incitement Says Young Woman's Account Was Hacked
With All Eyes on Gaza, Israel Sets West Bank Ablaze
Normalization With Israel 'Still on the Table': Saudi Minister
Fury at Funeral of Lebanese Civilians Killed by Israel
Hezbollah's Anti-Ship Missiles Bolster Its Threat to US Navy
Hundreds of Elite UK Army Rangers Train in Lebanon for Rescue Missions to Save Britons Trapped in Gaza
Lebanese Painter Says Christie's Withdrawal of His Works From Auction Is 'Discrimination'
France Says Five-Year Conviction for Citizen Held in Iran 'Unacceptable'
Iran Says 'Never Been Involved' in Attacks on US Forces in Iraq, Syria
ISIS Attacks Kill 30 in Syrian Desert
Israeli Aerial Attack Targets Syrian Military Sites: State Media
Middle East
Saudi Arabia to Host Summits of Arab, Islamic Nations on Israel-Hamas War
Drone Attack Targets Iraq's Harir Base, Sirens Sound at US Embassy
Cameroon: at Least 20 Dead in Attack by English-Speaking Separatists
UN Convoy Stretching 9km Ends Harrowing Trip in Mali That Saw 37 Peacekeepers Hurt by IEDS
Fighters From Both of Sudan's Warring Sides Seek Refuge in South Sudan
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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