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Updated November 11, 2023 - 8:38 PM EST
Israeli Forces Besiege, Attack Al-Shifa Hospital
  Israel Targets Hospital in Southern Lebanon
  US Official: Gaza Death Toll Likely Higher
  Diplomats Warn Support for Israel Is Destroying US Image in Mideast
  Netanyahu Rejected Ceasefire-For-Hostages Deal in Gaza
Four More Attacks on US Bases in Iraq and Syria
  US Officials: Strikes in Iraq and Syria Fail to Deter Future Attacks
  Top US General: Israel Killing Civilians Will Help Hamas Recruit
  Smotrich Demands Security Zones Around West Bank Settlements
  Gaza: Fights in Bread Lines, Despair in Shelters
Republicans and Democrats Unite for Assange
Slovak Govt Rejects Military Aid for Ukraine
item The Dehumanization of War:
A Meditation for Veterans Day
 by Kelly Denton-Borhaug
item Where Are the Tears?  by Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler & Ariel Gold
item Armistice Day and the Empire  by Matthew Hoh
item The War on Civilians
 by Trenton Hale

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Documentary Highlights Plight of US Atomic Bomb Test Victims
Counterterror Director Used Hamas to Justify Mass Surveillance Renewal
Damascus Airport Shut for a Month Following Reported Israeli Strikes

Ukraine Approves 2024 Wartime Budget, Aims to Strengthen Army

Ukraine Sees NATO Air Technology as Key to a Breakthrough on the Ground
Ukraine, Poland Discuss Trucker Border Protests
Ukraine Wants Frozen Russian Assets for War Damage, Not Just Interest
Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran Leaders Visit Central Asia in Diplomatic Push
A Russian Missile Hits a Liberia-Flagged Ship in Ukraine's Main Black Sea Port
United Kingdom
British Home Secretary Slammed After Calling UK Pro-Palestine Protesters 'Hate Marchers'
The UK's Interior Minister Sparks Furor by Accusing Police of Favoring Pro-Palestinian Protesters
'Consider Wider Context', British Minister Responds to Question of Child Deaths in Gaza
Hall of Shame: Over 500 UK MPs Back Israel's Bombing of Gaza
Romania Cleared to Buy $2.5 Billion Worth of Abrams Tanks
Germany to Send Fighter Jets to Romania to Support NATO
Spanish Catalan Politician Shot in the Face, Will Undergo Surgery
Spain's Sanchez Set to Stay PM After Amnesty Deal With Catalan Separatists
Cyprus Outlines Plan for Maritime Corridor to Get Aid to Gaza
Germany Pledges to Make Its Military 'The Backbone of Defense in Europe'
Somalia's Al-Shabaab Offensive Stalls After Early Success
UN Suspends Pullout of African Union Troops From Somalia as Battles With Militants Rage
Groups Linked to Al-Qaeda and ISIS Take Root on the Coast of West Africa
Burkina Faso Junta's Conscription of Critics Rattles Civil Society and Unions
Egypt's Sisi Refuses Involvement in Post-War Gaza Security
Ethiopian Troops Force Armed Group Out of Orthodox Holy Site of Lalibela
Kenya Says It Won't Deploy Police to Fight Gangs in Haiti Until They Receive Training and Funding
At Least 16 Injured in Opposition Protests as Tensions Rise Ahead of Madagascar Presidential Election
'ISIS Broke Us': Displaced Malians Find Refuge in Kidal After Fleeing Jihadist Attacks
Hundreds of Displaced Sudanese Evicted as War Rages
India Procures Additional Israeli Surveillance Drones
India Test-Fires 'Pralay' Tactical Ballistic Missile
Myanmar's Military Chief Says a Major Offensive by Ethnic Groups Was Funded by the Drug Trade
Myanmar Military Regime Says Northern Fighting Could Break Country Apart
Japan Gives Philippines $4 Million to Enhance Its Coastal Security
UK, South Korea Bolster Ties in Rural Military Exercise

Analysts Warn That Pakistan's Anti-Migrant Crackdown Risks Radicalizing Deported Afghans

Improving Australia, China Ties Helps Pacific Island Nations: Papua New Guinea Minister
'We Are Facing a Disaster', Mayor of Gaza's Smallest Camp Warns
How Deadly Is the Israel-Gaza War for Journalists?
Gaza Displacement Could Trigger Refugee Crisis in Europe, Analyst Warns
Three Rights Groups File ICC Lawsuit Against Israel Over Gaza 'Genocide'
Israel's Attacks on Gaza: Examining the Weapons and Scale of Destruction
Israel Must Take the Gaza Re-Settlers Seriously
Displaced, Hungry and Abandoned – One Palestinian Woman's Gaza Odyssey
Photos: As Israel Bombs and Food Runs Out, Thousands Flee to Southern Gaza
From NYC to Karachi, Protesters Rally in Support of Gaza Amid Israeli War
Gaza Population Lacks Food, Faces Malnutrition, UN Food Program Official Says
Any Halt to Gaza Fighting for Aid Purposes Needs Coordination With UN
Macron Says Protecting Civilians 'Non-Negotiable' at Gaza Aid Conference
International Red Cross Resumes Escorting Gaza Patients After Convoy Shooting
Israeli Tanks Make Slow Gaza Advancements as Urban Clashes Grow
Israeli Police Attack Anti-War Vigil and Arrest Palestinian Leaders
11 Palestinians Killed in Large Israeli Raid on Jenin
Body 'Every Hour' in Deadliest West Bank Raid Since 2005
Israel Requests 200 Switchblade Kamikaze Drones From US
Germany Accused of Silencing Pro-Palestinian Voices at UN Rights Forum
Israel Says Unidentified Drone Hits Red Sea City of Eilat
Israel May Buy Back Iron Dome Air Defense Batteries Leased From the US
Israel to Supply Air Defense Systems to Mystery Customer in $1.2 Billion Deal
West Bank Palestinians Face Growing Violence From Israeli Settlers
30 Years After Illegal Takeover, High Court Orders Settlers Out of Palestinian Land
'Leave or Die': An Account From a Palestinian in the West Bank
News Organizations Reject Allegations of Prior Knowledge in October 7 Attacks
Ankara Slams EU Report on Turkey's Membership Bid as Unjust and Biased
Turkey's Top Courts Clash Over Jailed Politician's Release
Middle East
No Indication Iran or Its Proxies Intend to Precipitate a Conflict: US Special Envoy
Saudi Oil Not Leverage for Gaza Ceasefire, Says Minister
The War at Home
Volunteer Removed From NYC Marathon for Pro-Palestine Sign
Mental Health Evacuations for Deployed US Troops Are on the Rise
Lawmakers' New Bill Seeks Greater Access to US Intelligence
Family Files Wrongful Death Claim Against Air Force, Alleging Academy Failed to Follow Sex Assault, Suicide Policies
Censure of Congresswoman Tlaib Raises Free Speech Concerns

US Army Eyes $3.1 Billion Ammo Production Boost in New Spending Ask

Unit Cost of Army Watercraft More Than Twice the Original Price
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