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Updated November 13, 2023 - 8:55 PM EST
Another Round of US Airstrikes in Eastern Syria
  US Thinks Israel Is Trying to Provoke Wider Lebanon War
  5 US Soldiers Deployed to the Middle East Killed While Training
  Jake Sullivan Won't Judge if Israel's Following 'Rules of War'
Netanyahu: Only Israeli Military Can Control Gaza
  Israeli President Claims 'Mein Kampf' Found in Gaza Child's Room
  Israeli Minister Avi Dichter Says 'Nakba Being Rolled Out' in Gaza
Gaza Patients Face 'Inevitable Death' Amid Hospital Sieges
  UN Mourns Record Death Toll of 100 Employees Killed in Gaza
  Diplomats Support for Israel Is Destroying US Image in Middle East
Report: Ukraine Officer Behind Nord Stream Bombing
Xi-Biden Summit Confirmed for Wednesday
item Orwell's 1984 in Washington  by Doug Bandow
item The West Is Collectively Responsible for Israel's Genocide in Gaza  by Ramzy Baroud
item When History Didn't Begin  by Sheldon Richman
item Unconstitutional Killings  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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How Are Gaza Casualty Updates Affected by Israeli Attacks on Hospitals?
Japan-Led Navy Exercise Starts With Philippines Observing for First Time
At Least 25 People Killed in Israeli Attacks on Gaza City School
Israeli Jets Strike South Lebanon After Hezbollah Attack
Hezbollah Says Front With Israel Will Remain Active
Attacks by Lebanon's Hezbollah Group Wound Seven Israeli Troops, 10 Others Along Border With Israel
Lebanon's Hezbollah Says Israeli Fire Kills Seven as Cross Border Violence Flares
Yemen's Houthis Says Attacks on Israel Will Persist for as Long as Siege on Gaza Continues
Internet Collapses in War-Torn Yemen Over 'Maintenance' After Houthi Attacks Targeting Israel and US
Iran Asks Muslim Countries to Designate Israel Army 'Terrorist Organization'
Iran Says Expansion of Gaza War 'Inevitable'
Turkish Court Allows 'Saturday Mothers' to Hold Vigil for First Time Since 2018
Erdogan Calls for US to Do More to Stop Israel War on Gaza
Ukraine's Kyiv Comes Under Attack for First Time in Months, Mayor Says
Ukraine to Spend Half of 2024 Budget on Defense
Blast Kills Three Russian Officers in Occupied Town, Ukraine Says
Russia Ramps Up Attacks on Key Cities in Eastern Ukraine
Putin Visits Military HQ Overseeing Ukraine Operations
Germany Set to Double Its Ukraine Military Aid Under Scholz Plan
German Police Crack Down on Pro-Palestine Rallies, Raising Alarm
Hungary Signals Veto of Ukraine EU Membership Talks
Hungary Seeks EU Action Over Bulgaria's New Fee on Russian Gas Transit
Poland's Pro-Eu Opposition Parties Reach Coalition Agreement
Poland's Nationalist 'Independence March' Draws Thousands in Warsaw
Why Spain's Acting Leader Is Offering a Politically Explosive Amnesty for Catalan Separatists
Protests Mount in Spain Against Sanchez's Amnesty Deal
United Kingdom
Up to One Million Gaza Demonstrators Take Part in London Protest
London Police Clash With Counter-Protesters as Tensions Rise Over a Pro-Palestinian Peace March
UK: Sunak Under Pressure to Sack Suella Braverman After Row Over Pro-Palestinian Rallies
Estonia Says Chinese Ship Is Main Focus of Probe Into Cables Damage
Israel Announces Sale of Air Defense System to New NATO Member Finland
Latvia's President Says Countries Must Keep Arming Ukraine
Moldova Faces EU Pressure to Levy More Sanctions Against Russia

IRC's Dent: Afghanistan Cannot Afford to Absorb Refugees

Australian Who Blew Whistle on Alleged Afghan War Crimes Stands Trial
US, South Korea, Japan to Share North Korea Missile Warning Data
North Korea Lashes Out at UN Command Over Meeting in Seoul
Yellen to 'Intensify Communication' With China's He, Warns on Russia Support
India, US in Agreement on Strategic Issues: Defense Minister
Japanese Island Holds Disaster Drill in Shadow of Taiwan Threat
Myanmar: Fighter Jet Crashes, Rebels Claim Responsibility

Australia's Leader Calls for Free and Unimpeded Trade to Resume With China After Ties Deteriorated

Australian Arms Exports to Israel in Focus Amid Court Case, Port Protests
Many Civilians Still in North Gaza Despite Fierce Battles
Gaza War in Numbers: Deaths, Poverty, and Displacement
A Child Is Killed Every 10 Minutes in Gaza, Says WHO Chief
'Inhumane': Top Belgium Officials Criticize Israeli Bombing of Gaza
France's Macron Urges Israel to Stop Bombing and Killing Civilians in Gaza
Hospitals Have Special Protection Under the Rules of War. Why Are They in the Crosshairs in Gaza?
German Chancellor Opposed to 'Immediate' Ceasefire in Gaza
Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Running Out of Fuel, on the Brink of Shutting Down
Arab-Islamic Summit Rejects Justifying Gaza War as Israeli Self-Defense
Doctors Forced to Flee Al-Shifa Hospital to Southern Gaza Recount 'Terrifying' Journey
Israeli Official Exposed Spreading Disinfo on Gaza Suffering
Israeli Attacks Target Rafah as Tens of Thousands Flee to South Gaza
Displaced Gazans Live in Dust, Fear and Hunger
500 Dual Nationals Leave War-Torn Gaza to Egypt as Evacuations Resume
WHO Restores Communication With Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Tedros Says
Gaza Ceasefire Demands Grow Amid 'Reprehensible' Attacks Near Hospital
Israel Revises Down Toll From October 7 Attack to 'Around 1,200'
Israeli Forces Imposing Siege on 750 Families in Hebron for Over a Month
Hamas Fires Rockets Deep Into Israel, Setting Off Sirens in Tel Aviv
Israel Says Ballistic Missile Interceptor Hits First 'Target'
GOP Hopeful Chris Christie Visits Israel, Says the US Must Show Solidarity in War Against Hamas
Hundreds of Pro-Palestinian Protesters March Outside Biden's Home
Palestinian Supporters Clash With Counter-Protesters at Massive London March
Israeli Raids Kill Three More Palestinians in West Bank, Health Officials Say
Billionaires Are Teaming Up for Pro-Israel, Anti-Hamas Media Drive: Report
Pro-Palestine Protesters 'Block Israeli Ship' at Port in Sydney, Australia
UAE Plans to Maintain Ties With Israel Despite Gaza Outcry
Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Blockade Military Suppliers in UK, US
Palestinians Flee as Israel Raids Jenin Camp in Occupied West Bank
From Paris to Karachi, Protesters Rally in Support of Palestine
Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv Calling for Release of Captives
Israel Demolishes Three Palestinian Homes, Drawing US Rebuke
Activist Rabbi Helps West Bank Farmers Facing Settler Violence
Protesters Will Demonstrate Against World Leaders and Israel-Hamas War as APEC Comes to San Francisco
Israel Is Now Using Drones Regularly in West Bank
Israel Acts Like a 'Spoiled Child': Erdogan Accuses West of Double Standards

Israel-Hamas War: Data Shows Human Cost of Conflict Through the Years

Israel Lobby Wants to Brand Antiwar Students as 'Terror Supporters'
At Least 1,300 Sudanese Killed in New Massacre in West Darfur's El-Geneina
Over Half of Sudan's Population Needs Humanitarian Aid After Nearly Seven Months of War, UN Says
Violence in Sudan 'Verging on Pure Evil', UN Warns
Six Killed in East DR Congo After Soldiers, Pro-State Militants Clash
Fighting Breaks Out as Mali Army Closes on Tuareg Rebel Town
Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Groups Clash in South Africa
Tensions Between Dominican Republic and Haiti Flare After a Brief Armed Standoff at the Border
Thousands in Honduras March in Anti-Government Protest
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