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Updated November 15, 2023 - 9:17 PM EST
400 US Officials Criticize Biden's Israel Policy
  Israel Raids Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital: Live Updates
  Speaker Johnson Calls Idea of Gaza Ceasefire 'Outrageous'
  Ilhan Omar to Introduce Bill to Block Weapons Transfer to Israel
Israeli MKs Want West to Take Gaza Refugees
  Israel: What We Are Doing in Gaza, We Can Do in Beirut
  Israel Refuses Western Requests to Allow Aid Into Gaza Through Israel
  Evidence Points to Israeli Shells in Strikes on Gaza's Largest Hospital
7 Killed in Last US Airstrike in Eastern Syria
No Breakthrough Expected at Xi-Biden Summit
EU at Odds Over the Million Shell Pledge to Ukraine
item Is the US an 'Indispensable Nation' or Reckless and Misguided?  by Andrew Bacevich
item The Catastrophic Roots of Zionism in Palestine  by M. Reza Behnam
item Did Anyone Ask You About War in the Middle East?  by Peter Van Buren
item The Zelensky Paradox
 by Ted Snider

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Jewish Protesters Stage Sit-In at Federal Building Demanding Gaza Ceasefire
Indonesian President Joko Widodo Urges Biden to Help End Gaza 'Atrocities'
Turkish Parliament Commission to Debate Sweden NATO Bid Thursday
Netanyahu Warns of Terror Attack in West if Israel Loses to Hamas
Surge in Israeli Forces Killing West Bank Palestinians
Gaza War Pushes Tumultuous Israel-Turkey Ties Into 'Deep Freezer'
Jenin at Center of Israeli Violence of Occupied West Bank
British Fighters in Israel's Military: Is It Legal?
Smotrich Calls for 'Voluntary Migration' of Palestinians
Tributes Paid to Peace Activist Vivian Silver Killed in Kibbutz Attack
Israeli Hostage Families Start 5-Day March on Netanyahu's Home
Israel's Natural Gas Flow to Egypt to Return to Normal Next Week
Israeli Prime Minister Approves Amended Wartime Budget
Israel's Museums Enact War Protocol to Protect Most Precious Treasures
What Exactly Are US Special Forces Doing in Israel?
Israeli Army Conducts Fresh Deadly Raid in West Bank as Gaza Toll Mounts
Yemen's Houthis Say They Fired Ballistic Missiles Towards Israel
Ukraine's Soviet Air Defense System Adapted for US Missiles
A Man Convicted in the 2006 Killing of a Russian Journalist Wins a Pardon After Fighting in Ukraine
Journalist's Husband Urges US State Dept to Recognize Her as Wrongfully Detained in Russia
Spain Approves $107 Million AMRAAM Missile Purchase for Jets, NASAMS
Spain to Provide Bodyguards for Fugitive Catalan Puigdemont Amid Amnesty Row
Finland Considers Closing Border Crossings With Russia to Stem an Increase in Asylum-Seekers
Hungary Should Stop Relying on 'War Criminal' Putin for Gas, EU Energy Chief Warns
Armenian Leader Snubs Summit of Moscow-Led Security Alliance
Taliban Minister Raised Refugee Assets Issue During Pakistan Visit: Embassy
South Korea May Suspend Parts of Military Agreement if North Launches Satellite, Report Says
Myanmar Fighting Intensifies Near India Border, Curfew Imposed in Sittwe
North Korea Tested New Solid-Fuel Engine for Intermediate Ballistic Missile: KCNA
In Veiled Swipe at China, Blinken Tells APEC US Believes in Free Region

Australia's Nuclear-Sub Program Could Boost US Navy's Parts Supply

Immigration Detainees Walk Free After Australian High Court's 'Life-Changing Decision'
Photos: Amid the Ruins, Palestinians Struggle To Survive in Gaza
Spanish Minister Accuses Israel of 'Live Genocide' in Gaza
Hundreds Buried in Shifa Hospital 'Mass Grave'
The Elderly Christian Music Teacher Killed by Israeli Soldiers in Gaza
Israel's Attacks on Hospitals 'Should Be Investigated as War Crimes': HRW
Israeli Propaganda on Incubators, Hostage Hideout Backfires
Israel's NSO Unleashes Controversial Pegasus Spyware in Gaza Conflict
Israel to Allow UN Trucks in Gaza to Refuel at Rafah Crossing
How Gaza-Made Weapons Are Impacting the Battle Against Israeli Armored Vehicles
Israel Army Says Seizes Gaza Parliament, Other Hamas Institutions
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 21 Killed

Iraq's Top Court Ends Parliament Speaker's Term

Three Iraqi Government Ministers Resign Over House Speaker's Ouster
Divide in Iraq Grows Over Continued US Military Presence
Middle East

Jordan to Review Peace Agreement With Israel Over Gaza War

Saudi Arabia, Somalia Sign Security Cooperation Agreement
Nothing Suspicious About US Military Flights, Lebanon Says
DR Congo
Documents Show the WHO Paid Sexual Abuse Victims in DR Congo $250 Each
M23 Rebels Recapture Kishishe in DR Congo, Where They Are Accused of a Massacre in 2022
Mali's Leader Says Military Has Seized Control of a Rebel Stronghold in the Country's North
The Taking of Kidal: Why the Town in North Mali Is So Important
UN Prosecutor Confirms Death of Fugitive Wanted in Rwanda Genocide
A Suspect in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide Goes on Trial in Paris After a Decadeslong Investigation
US to Resume Food Aid Across Ethiopia Next Month
Africa Seeks Action Plan on Slavery Reparations at Ghana Conference
Latin America
Cuba Blames US Sanctions for Fomenting Irregular Migration Amid Exodus
Eleven Ex-Police Officers Sentenced in Killings of 17 Migrants and 2 Others in Northern Mexico
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Putin's 'Winter War' on Ukraine

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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