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Updated November 16, 2023 - 8:19 PM EST
Israel Tells Palestinians To Evacuate So. Gaza City
  Israel Raids Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital for Second Day
  Israel Attacked Hospital to Pressure Hamas on Hostage Agreement
  Netanyahu Ally Says the PM's Days in Office Are Numbered
  HRW Warns Gaza Communications Blackout Can Cover Up Atrocities
  Arms the US Has Shipped to Israel to Support Gaza Onslaught
  US Intercepts Drone Fired From Yemen Near Navy Ship
Poll: Most Americans Support Ceasefire in Gaza
  Hostage Talks Focused on How Long Israel Will Allow Ceasefire
  Israel Will Ignore UN Security Council Call for Pause in Fighting
  Two Dozen US Lawmakers Urge Biden to Call for Ceasefire
Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Agree to New Talks at APEC
  Taiwan Opposition Parties Agree to Joint Ticket in Presidential Race
'Hitman' Recruited to Target John Bolton Was FBI
item The Pentagon Proclaims Failure in Its War on Terror in Africa  by Nick Turse
item Foreign Policy Lessons From Ronald Reagan, a Conservative Peacenik  by Doug Bandow
item Israel's Other War: Ethnic Cleansing in the South Caucasus
 by James Carden
item A Great Man in Moscow  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Turkey's Erdogan Calls Israel 'Terror State', Says Netanyahu Will Go
Taiwanese Troops May Be on Their Way to Train on US Soil
'Hospitals Are Not Battlegrounds': World Reacts to Al-Shifa Raid
We Were Interviewing a Palestinian Farmer. Then the Drone and Soldiers Appeared
Israeli Forces Kill Eight Palestinians in West Bank
Belize Joins Diplomatic Backlash Against Israel Over Gaza Bombardment
Canada Police Disperse Palestinian Protest at Restaurant Where Trudeau Dined
US Ignores Israeli 'War Crimes' for Domestic Politics: Ex-State Department Official
Israel Destroys Palestinian Attacker's Jerusalem Family Home
Israeli Protesters Increase Pressure for Prisoner Swap Deal
Creation of a Palestinian State Is 'Historically Inevitable': Russian FM Lavrov
European Missile Producer Restarts Anti-Tank Mine Production as Ukraine War Depletes Stocks
Ukraine Says It Now Has a Foothold on Eastern Bank of the Dnieper River Near Kherson City
Russian Arms Makers Kept to Low Profile at Dubai Airshow
Record Russian Budget Will Boost Defense Spending, Shoring Up Putin's Support Ahead of Election
United Kingdom
Britain Implicated in Murder of Gaza Doctor Sponsored by Its Foreign Office
UK Labour Leader Hit by Frontbench Rebellion in Israel-Hamas Vote
UK Supreme Court Rules Plan to Send Refugees to Rwanda Unlawful
Economy Has Lost Momentum During a Tough Year, EU Commission Says and Warns of Risk From Mideast
Europe Considers Commitments to Ukraine as War Rages On
Germany Suggests UN Take Control in Gaza After Israel-Hamas War Ends
Madagascar Announces Night Curfew Ahead of Elections Boycotted by Opposition
Madagascar's Opposition Candidates Concerned Over Transparency in Upcoming Elections
'Unseen' by Politics, Madagascar's Poor Snub Upcoming Elections
Trade Agreement Signed Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan
China's State Media Take a New Tone Toward the US Ahead Biden, Xi Meeting
North Korea, Russia Discuss Expanding Economic Cooperation
Philippines Counter Insurgency Force 'Operating With Impunity', UN Expert Says
Bombarded Twice in Gaza,
4-Year-Old Ahmed Loses Parents, Then Legs
Lawyers for Gaza Victims File Case at ICC
First Fuel Truck Since Start of Israel-Hamas War Enters Gaza
Gazans Accuse Red Cross of 'Failing in Its Obligations'
Gaza Telecom Companies Warn of Coming Blackout
Palestinian Officials Say Harder to Update Gaza Casualty Toll as Health System Buckles
UN Mourns the Deaths of More Than 100 Aid Workers in Gaza
'Terror' Amid Israel's Raid on Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital
I Joined Gaza's Trail of Tears and Displacement
The Nightmare for a Family Buried Under Rubble in Gaza
Heavy Rain Brings a Mixed Blessing for Gaza's Displaced
Egyptian Activists Call for 'Convoy of Conscience' to Break Gaza Siege
Gaza 'Carnage' Must End: UN Humanitarian Chief
The Israeli Military Has Set Its Sights on Southern Gaza. Problems Loom in Next Phase of War
UN Aid Chief Implores Israel to Open Kerem Shalom Crossing Into Gaza

World Must Urge Israel to Stop 'Crime Against Humanity' in Gaza: South African Foreign Minister

Iraq Weekly Roundup: 21 Killed
Iraq's Parliament Speaker Accused of 'Normalizing' Israel
US Renews Waiver Letting Iraq Pay Iran for Electricity
Abducted Zimbabwe Opposition Party Activist Found Dead Ahead of Election
33 Zimbabwe Opposition Lawmakers Barred Due to Alleged Imposter Removing Them
South Sudan

South Sudan Deploys First Unified Forces After Peace Deal

South Sudan President Sacks Police Chief Amidst Coup Rumor

Rwanda Takes Issue With British Court Ruling on Migration Plan
UN Warns That Food Aid Running Out for Sudanese Refugees in Chad
The War at Home
New Documentary: What Veterans Want You to Know About the Forever Wars
US Military Leaders Are Already Using AI Tools to Help Make Decisions
First US Presidential Primary Set for January 23 – Minus Biden
How Ketamine-Based Clinics Are Improving Veterans' Mental Health
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