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Updated November 21, 2023 - 9:20 PM EST
Israeli Cabinet Approves Hostage Deal With Hamas
US Launches Second Round of Airstrikes in Iraq
  Biden Aide in Israel to Talk Risk of Lebanon War
  Iran Tells US It Doesn't Want Gaza War to Escalate
  Israel Targets Gaza's Indonesian Hospital
  The Women Soldiers Who Warned of a Pending Hamas Attack
Israeli Minister Proposes Resettlement of Gazans
  Influential Israeli Nat'l Security Leader Makes Case for Genocide
  Israel Orders More Evacuations as 1.7M Gazans Already Displaced
China Hawks Want $12 Billion Added to $105 Billion
  US to Deploy Previously Banned Missiles to Aim Them at China
New US $100 Million Arms Package for Ukraine
Senate Passes Bill to Suspend Military Aid to Azerbaijan
item There Could Have Been Peace: How the US Ensured a Long War in Ukraine  by Ted Snider
item US Justifies Assault on Gaza Hospitals With Recycled Israeli 'Intelligence'  by Wyatt Reed
item Ceasefire Now. The Killing in Gaza Must Stop  Los Angeles Times
item For a Century, the American Way of War Has Meant Killing Civilians  by Nick Turse

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Families of Gaza Captives Reject Talk of Death Penalty for Hamas Detainees
US Missions Against ISIS Up in Iraq and Syria, Body Count Down
Ukraine Sacks Top Cyber Defense Officials Amid Graft Probe
'Unparalleled, Unprecedented': UN Chief on Israeli War in Gaza
Gaza Strikes Kill Family Members of Journalist Targeted by Death Threats
US Democrats Urge Biden to Push Israel on Gaza Humanitarian Assistance
On Public Broadcaster, Israeli Children Sing for 'Annihilation' of Everyone in Gaza
'No End in Sight': Gaza's Traumatized Children Need Psychological Aid
What Israel's Video of 'Hamas Tunnel' Under Al-Shifa Tells Us
Dozens of Premature Babies Evacuated From Gaza to Egypt
Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Besieged as Reports of Ceasefire Denied
World Children's Day Tragedy: Gaza's 5,500 Young Lives Lost to Israel's Attacks
Better Than a Tent: the Gaza Family Living in Ruins of Their Bombed Home
Scores of Palestinians Killed Overnight in Israeli Massacres
Red Cross 'Cannot Force Its Way In' to See Hostages
Doctor Recalls 'Indescribable' Al-Shifa Siege and Expulsion

Cyprus' President Says His Country Is Ready to Ship Aid to Gaza Once a Go-Ahead Is Given

If Govt Is Recognized, Kabul Will Adopt International Norms in Line With Sharia
More Than 400,000 Afghans Have Returned Home From Pakistan Following Crackdown on Migrants
China Wants Investment From French Firms, Xi Tells Macron
In Beijing, Arab and Muslim Ministers Urge End to Gaza War

China Reaffirms Support for New Nations Joining BRICS as Argentina Signals Rejection

Indian Military Mulls Enlisting Transgender Personnel
Third Release of Treated Water From Japan's Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant Ends Safely
Maldives Formally Asks India to Withdraw Troops
Seoul Warns North Korea Not to Launch Spy Satellite
Taiwan Presidential Front-Runner Picks Former De Facto Envoy to US as Vice President Candidate
US Military
Military Revokes Planned Contract for Nuclear Plant at Eielson AFB
US Military Says National Security Depends on 'Forever Chemicals'
Israeli Forces Kill Young Palestinian Man Near Hebron
Settler Attacks and Israeli Restrictions Paralyze West Bank Economy
Israel Cracks Down on Anti-War Jewish Israelis, Palestinians
China-Middle East Summit Told 'Israel Seeks to End Palestinians' Presence'
'Godfather' of Palestinian Journalism Belal Jadallah Killed in Israeli Shelling
What Do the Keffiyeh, Watermelon and Other Palestinian Symbols Mean?
Israel's Far-Right Finance Minister Demands Expanded War Cabinet
Haredi Extremists Attack Ultra-Orthodox Reserve Soldier in Israel
Red Cross President Meets With Hamas Leader in Qatar
War in the Shadow of the Israeli Wall in the West Bank: 'It's as if I Hadn't Left Prison'
Middle East

Iran Denies Involvement in Red Sea Ship Seizure by Yemen's Houthis

Can the US and Israel Stop the Houthis From Seizing More Ships?
Political Crisis in Iraq Mounts as Parliament Speaker Ousted
Hezbollah Says Attacks Israeli Troops With Drones, Artillery, Missiles
'Libya Scenario': War-Torn Sudan Could Break Apart, Experts Warn
Ethnic Fighting Kills 32 in Disputed Sudan-South Sudan Area
The Main Contenders in DR Congo's December Election
In Morocco, Crowds Are Enraged Over State Silence on Gaza
Finland Mulls More Russia Border Restrictions as Asylum Seekers 'Impossible' to Return
Kremlin Says It Regrets Finland's Decision to Shut Border Crossings With Russia
United Kingdom
UK Government Blocks MP Questions About Gaza-Related Activity at Its Cyprus Base
Flagship British Firms Set to Profit Amid Israel's War on Gaza
France Says Successfully Tests Ballistic Missile
Hungary's Orban Erects Billboards Vilifying EU's Von Der Leyen
NATO Examining Permanent Increase of Troops in Kosovo: Stoltenberg
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