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Updated November 25, 2023 - 8:13 PM EST
US Doubts Israel Can Make Good on Gaza Aid Deal
  Netanyahu Says UN Isn't Doing Enough for Palestinians in Gaza
  Israeli Forces Open Fire to Stop People Returning to North Gaza
  Israeli Intelligence 'Dismissed' Detailed Warning of Hamas Raid
  Qatar, Egypt Resolve Hostage Release Deal: Live Updates
Settler Attacks, Displacement Accelerate in Hebron
  Israel Security Minister Bans Celebrations of Prisoner Release
  US Guns May Already Be Arming West Bank Settlers
  Across Mideast, US Held Responsible for Israel's War in Gaza
Ukraine Confirms Early Peace Deal Was Possible
  Russia Claims to Foil Big Ukraine Attack on Crimea
N. Korea Scraps Pact as South Walks Backs Commitments
US Shoots Down Attack Drones Fired From Yemen
item IDF Knew Real Hamas HQ While Lying About al-Shifa  by Gareth Porter
item The Historic High Points in the American-Russia Relationship  by Edward Lozansky
item The Warfare of Starvation  by Daniel Larison
item Give Peace a Chance
 by Kym Robinson

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Hezbollah Hits Israel With Heavy Rocket Barrages, Anti-Tank Missile Attacks
Iran's Top Diplomat Discusses Israel's War in Gaza With Hezbollah Leader
Senate Candidate Says Was Offered $20 Million To Challenge Rashida Tlaib
Israel-Hamas Truce Sees NGOs Scramble to Rush Aid Into Gaza
Gaza Has Become a Moonscape in War. When the Battles Stop, Many Fear It Will Remain Uninhabitable
Photos: Israel Steps Up Attacks on Gaza Before Truce
Hamas Says 30 Killed in Israeli Attack on UN School Ahead of Gaza Truce
More Premature Babies Born in Gaza Due to Stress, Trauma: Oxfam
Hamas Set to Release 23 Thai Hostages in Side Deal Brokered by Iran
Gaza Workers Stranded in Israel Were Tortured, Interrogated
1,600 Israeli Soldiers Left Disabled by Gaza War
Palestinian Teen Killed, Three Wounded in 12-Hour Israeli Military Raid on Balata Refugee Camp
What Do We Know About Israel's Nuclear Weapons?
Why Israel Imprisons So Many Palestinians
A Rush for Firearms in Wartime Israel
US Air Force Secretly Deploys Cyber Tech to Ukraine
EU Wants to Help Build Up Ukraine's Defense Industry
Russian Journalist Boris Maksudov Dies in Ukraine Drone Attack
Ukraine Says Three Civilians Were Killed in a Daylight Russian Cluster Bomb Attack
Ukraine Traders Concerned Over Plans to Change Grain Export Rules Again
Hundreds of German Police Raid Properties of Hamas Supporters in Berlin and Across the Country
German Police Swoop on Suspected Extremists 'Plotting to Undermine Government'
Hungary Set to Receive Millions in EU Money Despite Orban's Threats to Veto Ukraine Aid
Serbia Buys Cypriot Helicopter Gunships to Bolster Air Force
EU Deploys Border Agents to Finland Amid Increase in Asylum Seeker Arrivals
DR Congo: Fear Mounts Among Residents as M23 Rebels Claim to Capture New Town in the East
Chad Junta Grants Amnesty for 'Black Thursday' Crackdown Perpetrators
Five Killed, Including Two Police Officers, in an Ambush in Mexico's Southern State of Oaxaca
Daniel Noboa Is Sworn in as Ecuador's President, Inheriting the Leadership of a Country on Edge
Canada Delays $3.6 Billion Reaper Buy Until Drones Can Work in Arctic
US Gaza Protests & Reaction
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Jewish Students Say They Won't Be Silenced by Brown University
MIT Students Undeterred by Looming Suspension Over Pro-Palestine Rally
Democrats Beg for Calm in Chicago Over Escalating Israel-Hamas Protests
UK Gaza Protests & Reaction
Sit-In Protest Held at UK Parliament, Calling for Permanent Cease-Fire in Gaza
Scottish Soccer Club Fined for Fans Displaying Palestinian Flag Amid Israel-Gaza War
New UK Laws to Police Palestine Protests Would Damage Free Speech, Watchdog Warns
As Israel Pounds Gaza, BBC Journalists Accuse Broadcaster of Bias
BBC Accused of Censoring Acts of Gaza Solidarity in BAFTA Awards Coverage
World Gaza Protests/Reaction
Canada's CTV Forbids Use of 'Palestine,' Suppresses Critical Stories About Israel
Actress Hend Sabri Renounces Her Role as UN Ambassador to Denounce 'Famine' in Gaza
Cuba Stages Pro-Palestine March Past US Embassy in Havana
Australian Students Walk Out of Classrooms in Melbourne, Adelaide to Join Protests Against Israel-Gaza War
Lebanon Border Calm as Israel-Hamas Truce Takes Effect
Clashes on Border With Israel Uproot Thousands in Lebanon – Again
Senior Hezbollah MP's Son Killed by Israel Strike in Lebanon
Israeli Strike Targeting Hamas Leader Kills Two Turkish Citizens in Lebanon
Pakistan Ex-PM Khan's Party Directed to Hold Leadership Poll
Pakistan Court Orders Ex-PM Imran Khan to Appear Next Week
Suspected Militants Kill Five, Including Two Soldiers, in Pair of Bombings in Northwest Pakistan
Myanmar Military Says Drone Attack by Ethnic Armed Groups in Northeast Destroyed About 120 Trucks
Tens of Thousands of Protesters Demanding a Restoration of Nepal's Monarchy Clash With Police
UK, South Korea Team Up to Enforce Sanctions on North Korea
Kashmiri Journalist Fahad Shah Walks Out of Jail After 600 Days
India Faces Questions About Another Reported Foreign Assassination Plot
Bangladesh Convicts 200 More Opposition Activists
Fiji's Leader Says He Hopes to Work With China in Upgrading His Country's Shipyards and Ports
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