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Updated November 27, 2023 - 8:25 PM EST
Israel, Hamas Agree to Extend Truce for Two Days
  Israel Using US Arms to Kill Palestinian Civilians at Historic Pace
  Biden Moves to Lift Restrictions on Israel's Access to US Weapons
  Israeli Oct. 7 Posterchild Was Killed by Israeli Tank: Eyewitnesses
Israel Bombs Damascus Airport Out of Service
  Missiles, Drones Among Arms Stolen From US in Iraq and Syria
  Lebanese Return to Find Bombed-Out Houses Near Israel Border
Ukraine Confirms Early Peace Deal Was Possible
  Ukraine Is Running Low on Manpower, Conscripting Draft Evaders
China Calls US 'Disruptor of Peace' in South China Sea
  Taiwan Opposition Parties in Separate Bids for Presidential Race
item Reflections on Another Truce: Why There Is Still No Peace on Earth  by David Stockman
item The Credibility Mirage
 by Doug Bandow
item Night Raids, Tear Gas, and Captivity  by Matthew Hoh
item Four Myths About Putin  by Ted Snider

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Nearly Half of Americans Think the US Is Spending Too Much on Ukraine Aid
Gaza's Indonesian Hospital in Ruins After Israeli Raid, Days-Long Siege
The Invisible Killer Haunting Laos 50 Years After the Vietnam War
Kyiv Sees Largest Russian Drone Attack Since Invasion
Two Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down: Russian MoD
Slovak Leader Calls the War Between Russia and Ukraine a Frozen Conflict
Putin's First Prime Minister Added to Russia's 'Foreign Agent' List
United Kingdom

UK to Build Telescope to Monitor Critical Space Assets

UK, Turkey Sign Deal to Enhance Defense Partnership
Kremlin Says NATO's Desire for a 'Military Schengen' Zone in Europe Ratchets Up Tensions
TASS: Armenian PM Says Russia Has Not Delivered Weapons Yerevan Has Paid For
Netherlands Wants to Join Europe's OCCAR Joint Armament Project
Barcelona City Council Suspends Ties With Israel Over Gaza
China Holds Military Drills Along Violence-Hit Myanmar Border
Myanmar Armed Group Seizes China-Myanmar Border Crossing
Chinese Military Urges Ceasefire in Myanmar's Conflict as Rebel Group Claims Border Trading Point
South Korea, Japan and China Meet to Restart Trilateral Summit, Revive Cooperation
Philippines, Australia Launch Joint Air and Sea Patrols

State Media: Kim Jong Un Reviews Satellite Photos of US Bases in Hawaii, South Korea

Indian Authorities Release Kashmiri Journalist Fahad Shah After 21 Months in Prison
Australian Warship Passes Through Taiwan Strait
Sierra Leone
Govt Imposes Nationwide Curfew After Attack on Military Facility in Failed Coup Attempt
Sierra Leone President Says 'Most Leaders' of Unrest Arrested
DR Congo
Militants With Ties to ISIS Group Kill at Least 14 Farmers in an Attack in DR Congo
DR Congo Won't Extend Regional Force Mandate: EAC
Madagascar's Andry Rajoelina Re-Elected After Boycotted Presidential Poll
Animals Evacuated to Safety From Sudan Zoo at Heart of War
The War at Home
Space Force Will Track 'Abnormal' Objects in Outer Space
US Researches Weapon Blast Effects on Soldier Brain Health
Kidnappers Free Two of Three Journalists Taken in Mexico
Mexico's Arrest of Cartel Boss Who Attacked Army Families' Complex Was Likely Personal
Residents Return to Lebanese Border as Cautious Calm Prevails
Photos: Lebanese Residents of Border Towns Return Home Amid Truce in Gaza
Israel-Gaza War in Maps and Charts: Live Tracker
Photos: Wounded Patients Left at Al-Shifa Hospital Face Dire Conditions
Gaza Shrinks for Palestinians Seeking Refuge
Gaza Truce Is a Short Pause, Says Israeli Defense Minister
Palestinians Stock Up on Essentials Amid Surge in Gaza Food Prices
Is the War in Gaza Changing Regional Politics?
In Photos: Israel Leaves Trail of Destruction in Gaza After 48 Days of Bombing
'Nothing Standing': Palestinians Return to Find Gaza Homes Destroyed
Jordan's Top Diplomat Wants to Align Europeans Behind a Call for a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza
WFP Director Cindy McCain Says Gaza 'On the Brink of Famine'
Palestinian Farmer Killed by Israeli Forces in Gaza Refugee Camp: Palestinian Red Crescent
Al Qassam Brigades Says Four Military Commanders Killed in Gaza Fighting
Jake Sullivan Doesn't Rule Out Extension of 4-Day Ceasefire in Gaza
Biden Says 'Chances Are Real' for Extending Israel-Gaza Truce
Israel's Mossad Hosts Qatari Counterparts on Gaza Talks
'Immense Relief' as UN Deliveries to Northern Gaza Ramp Up
Israel's 'Thought Police' Law Ramps Up Dangers for Palestinian Social Media Users
Israel Snubs EU-Med Summit Amid War With Hamas
Israeli Forces Carry Out Deadly Raids in the West Bank Amid Gaza Truce
Food and Clean Water a Luxury Displaced Palestinians Can't Afford
Palestinian Militants Killed Two Alleged Informers for Israel, Then a Mob Dragged the Bodies Through Alleys
WHO Concerned About Al-Shifa Chief Detained by Israel, Remaining Patients
Israel Summons Irish Ambassador Over Tweet It Alleges Doesn't Adequately Condemn Hamas
Three Palestinian Students Shot in Vermont in Critical Condition
Gantz Threatens Governmental Crisis if Political Funds Not Diverted to War Needs

42 Palestinians Killed in Seven Weeks: a Visit to a West Bank City That Has Become a Firing Zone

Tears and Joy as Second Batch of 39 Palestinians Freed From Israeli Prisons

Israeli Communications Minister Proposes Sanctions Against Haaretz for 'False Propaganda'

Israeli Settlers Steal Palestinian Farmers' Land in Occupied West Bank

Elon Musk to Meet Israeli President, Gaza Hostage Families on Monday
'Direct Agreements Between Russia and Hamas' Resulted in Citizen's Release: Russia
Israeli Bulldozers Decimate Jenin in Latest Raid
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Dan Ellsberg’s Parting Plea: Don’t Wait

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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