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Updated November 28, 2023 - 9:18 PM EST
Israel, Hamas Exchange Prisoners for Fifth Day
  Qatar's Unprecedented Action Saved a Shaky Truce in Gaza

Palestinian Cancer Patients Suffer Under Israeli Occupation

  Israeli Tank Gunner Got Orders to Fire Indiscriminately Into Kibbutz
Gaza Truce Brings Lull in Attacks on US Troops
  US Military Says It Thwarted Ship Hijacking in Gulf of Aden
Schumer Vows to Bring Biden's $105 Bln to Floor
US Denies It's Pressuring Ukraine to Negotiate
North Korea Begins Remilitarizing Border With South
China Calls US 'Disruptor of Peace' in South China Sea
item The Old and New Nakba: Forced Expulsion of Palestinians Must Be Rejected  by Ramzy Baroud
item Taiwan Opposition Has Shot Itself – and the Island – in the Foot
 by Alex Lo
item Liberty at the Point of a Sword  by William J. Astore
item Iran's Political Factions Aren't United on Hamas, or the Mideast  by Muhammad Sahimi

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Lebanese Crops Ruined by White Phosphorus, Unexploded Israeli Bombs
Southern Gaza's Exhausted Doctors Forced to Leave Children to Die
Vermont Police Arrest Suspect in 'Hate-Motivated' Shooting of Palestinians
Putin Approves Big Military Spending Hikes for Russia's Budget
Intercepted Calls From the Front Lines in Ukraine Show a Growing Number of Russian Soldiers Want Out
A Dutch Museum Has Sent Crimean Treasures to Kyiv After a Legal Tug-Of-War Between Russia, Ukraine
Ukraine Is Shipping More Grain Through Black Sea Despite Russia Threat
Chechen Leader Says He Is Ready to Send Another 3,000 Fighters to Ukraine
Finland Plans More Measures to Stop Asylum Surge From Russia Border
French Court Opens Case Against Teens Over Beheading of Teacher
Neutral Malta to Chair OSCE After Moscow Blocks NATO Member Estonia
Lorries Line Up at Poland-Ukraine Border as Truckers Expand Blockade
US Troops in Lithuania Test Baltic Defenses on NATO's Most Vulnerable Flank
Sudan Forces Trade Fire Across Nile
A Watchdog Urges UN Security Council to Consider All Options to Protect Sudan's Darfur Civilians
Madagascar's Main Opposition Candidate Files a Lawsuit Claiming Fraud in the Presidential Election
An Abducted German Priest Is Freed in Mali, a Year After Being Seized in the Country's Capital
Twenty Killed in Sierra Leone Attack and Nearly 2,000 Prisoners Escape
UN Security Council to Lift Arms Embargo on Somalia Next Month
Togo Announces Legislative and Regional Elections Will Be Held Early 2024
Japan and Vietnam Agree to Boost Ties and Start Discussing Japanese Military Aid
North Korea, US Envoys Engage in Rare, Public Sparring Match at UN

Pakistan's Army Says It Killed Eight Militants During a Raid Along the Border With Afghanistan

10 Taiwanese Soldiers Charged With Spying for China
Evacuees to Southern Gaza Face Abuse in Israeli Detention
Tears, Laughter on Gaza Beach as Children Get Break From War
British Surgeon Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorus in Gaza
How an Encounter With Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Tore One Family Apart
More Than 1-Million Gazans Now Taking Shelter in UN's Facilities
Human Rights Watch Calls for Impartial Investigation Into Al-Ahli Hospital Blast
Fractures Emerge in Israeli Coalition Over Non-Military Expenditure
Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Journalists With Tear Gas

Ahed Tamimi Faces Indefinite Detention After Hearing

Wilders Suggests Palestinians Should Be Expelled to Jordan
Israel's Smotrich Defends Settlement Funds in Budget Row
Elon Musk Meets Netanyahu During Israel Visit
Released Palestinian Women Say Israel Prisons 'Brutal'
Israeli Court Sentences Palestinian Youth to 17 Years in Prison Over Protests
Freed Palestinian Children Say Fellow Prisoners Were 'Tortured to Death'
Palestinian Girl Due to Be Released in Swap Beaten, Returned to Jail
Hamas Says Top Commander, Senior Leaders Killed
Blinken to Visit Israel, West Bank, UAE This Week to Continue Gaza Diplomacy
Israel Deports Human Rights Defender Documenting Palestinian Home Demolitions
Palestinian Diplomat Appeals for Gaza Peace at Meeting of EU and Arab Nations in Spain

Brief History of Israeli-Palestinian Issue in Maps and Charts

Iraq Weekly Roundup: 12 Killed
Turkey Detains 98 Over Alleged Kurdish Militant Links: Ministry
US Consulate Employee Convicted on Gulen Links Released After Serving Sentence in Turkey
The War at Home
Critics Bash Minot AFB After Airmen Told to Avoid Conservative Rally
US Closes Border Crossing to Vehicles, Limits Traffic at Another in Response to Illegal Entries
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