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Updated December 2, 2023 - 9:30 PM EST
Estimated 300 Killed by Israeli Strike on Shujaiya
  Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year
  Israel Calls Off Truce Talks: Al Jazeera Updates
  US Sent Israel 15,000 Bombs Since October 7
  Israeli Military Launches Closed-Door 'PR Blitz' on Capitol Hill
Israel Knew Hamas Attack Plan Over a Year Ago
  Report Reveals How Israel Intentionally Targets Civilians in Gaza
  Israeli AI 'Assassination Factory' Plays Central Role in Gaza War
  BBC: Israeli Bombing Damaged 100,000 Buildings in Gaza
Rocket Targets US Base in Syria
Sen. Rand Paul to Force Vote on Syria Withdrawal
House Passes Bill to Permanently Freeze Iranian Funds
China, US Working to Restore Military Communications
item For Media Elites, War Criminal Henry Kissinger Was a Great Man  by Norman Solomon
item How the US Made Israel's Military What It Is Today  by Thalif Deen
item Taiwan 2024 Election: Militarization or Development  by Dan Steinbock
item The Duty
 by Kym Robinson

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FOI Request Reveals Bellingcat Collusion With Western Intelligence
In Undisclosed Call, Pope Francis Warned Israel Against Committing 'Terror'
Japan to Suspend Its Own Osprey Flights After Fatal US Air Force Crash
Progressive US Lawmakers Renew Calls for Ceasefire in Israel's War on Gaza
'Erase Gaza': How Genocidal Rhetoric Became Normalized in Israel
'We're Not Here to Beg': Gaza Residents' Anger Over Steep Rise in Prices
'We Don't Have Superpowers', Says Embattled Red Cross About Gaza Access
'Ceasefire' or 'Pause', What Have World Leaders Said?
Erdogan: Netanyahu Will Go Down in History as 'Butcher of Gaza'
Palestinian Journalist Injured by Israeli Sniper in Gaza

How the IDF Will Resume Its Fighting When the Order Is Given
'Serious Doubt' Israel Complying With International Law: Spain PM Sanchez

Israelis Killed in Attack at Jerusalem Bus Station

Hamas Claims Responsibility for Jerusalem Shooting That Killed 3
Half of American Adults in New Poll Support Israel's Action in Gaza, 45 Percent Disapprove
Army Detains 12-Year-Old Palestinian Child After House Raid
Palestinian 8th Grader Describes Life in Israeli Jail
Ben-Gvir Vows to Arm More Israelis After Jerusalem Attack
Israel 'Using Own Arab Citizens as Trading Chips With Hamas'
Worldwide Rallies in Solidarity With Palestinians, Condemning Israel's War
Wartime Israel Shows Little Tolerance for Palestinian Dissent
Israeli Forces Carry Out Large-Scale Military Incursion Into Tulkarm
Israeli Forces Kill Young Palestinian Man Near Ofer Prison in Beitunia
Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Young Palestinian Man Near Tubas
Israeli Army Intercepts Target From Lebanon, Israel Says
Iraq Monthly Roundup:
65 Killed in November
Ten Lawyers Killed in 2023 as Iraq Government Protection Lacking
Middle East
Is Rise in Jordan's Defense Spending Tied to Gaza War?
British Destroyer Sent to Persian Gulf
What to Know About the Sikh Independence Movement Following US Accusation That Activist Was Targeted
India Gives Initial Nod to Buy Domestic Weapons Worth $26.8 Billion, Including Fighter Jets
A Pakistani Province Aims to Deport 10,000 Afghans a Day
Former Myanmar Colonel Who Once Served as Information Minister Gets 10-Year Prison Term for Sedition
United Nations
UN Atomic Chief Backs Nuclear Power at COP28 as World Reckons With Proliferation
UN Special Coordinator Presents Assessment of Afghanistan at Closed Security Council Session
The War at Home
Heavily Redacted Documents Related to Search Warrant for Trump's Twitter Account Released
Senators Move to Ban TSA's Facial Recognition Screenings
A Soldier Died of Cancer at 26. Her Family Says the Army Is to Blame.
Henry Kissinger Dead at 100
Henry Kissinger's Central Role in the US Carpet Bombing of Cambodia
Members of Israel's Ruling Likud Party Once Planned to Assassinate Henry Kissinger
The Murderous Legacy of Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger Died Avoiding Accountability for His Crimes
White House Treads Careful Line on Kissinger as Critics Decry 'War Criminal'
Revisiting Anthony Bourdain's Long-Time Hatred of Henry Kissinger
Latin America Remembers Kissinger's 'Profound Moral Wretchedness'
'My Mother Told Me Not to Speak Ill of the Dead': Political Experts on Henry Kissinger's Legacy
Scathing Obituaries of Henry Kissinger Don't Mince Words About His Bloody Legacy
Joe Biden's Secret Ukraine Weapon: UK's Liz Truss
Ukraine Says Russia to Blame for Months of No Prisoner Swaps
A Hard, Bloody Winter Awaits Ukrainian and Russian Soldiers, Say Experts
Hungary Will Not Agree to Starting EU Membership Talks With Ukraine, Minister Says
Russia's Foreign Minister Walks Out After Speech at Security Meeting
France Says EU Should Consider Sanctioning Violent Israeli Settlers
EU States Push Against 'No Russia Clause' in Sanctions Package
How Britain Made Cyprus Complicit in Gaza's Slaughter
'I Am Not an Anti-Semite': Pro-Palestine Artists Cancelled Across Europe
Germany Arrests French Woman Who Allegedly Committed War Crimes After Joining ISIS in Syria
A Deadline for Ethnic Serbs to Sign Up for Kosovo License Plates Has Been Postponed by Two Weeks
Slovenia Buys Six Italian Multi-Role Helicopters for $205 Million
Gambian Man Convicted in Germany for Role in Killings Under Gambia's Former Ruler
Mali's Government Will Probe Tuareg Rebel Leaders as Crucial 2015 Peace Deal Appears to Crumble
Somali Maritime Police Intensify Patrols as Fears Grow of Resurgence of Piracy in the Gulf of Aden
Sudan Militia RSF Accused of Targeting Atrocity Witnesses in Darfur
Armed Men Abduct Eight in Northern Nigeria State, Residents Say
Protesters Shove Their Way Into Congress of Mexican Border State of Nuevo Leon, Toss Smoke Bomb
Suspected Drug Cartel Members Abduct Seven Mexican Immigration Agents at Gunpoint in Cancun
Five Journalists Were Shot in One Day in Mexico, Officials Confirm
Latin America
Argentina Won't Join BRICS as Scheduled, Says Member of Milei's Transition Team
Brazilian City Enacts an Ordinance That Was Secretly Written by ChatGPT
Coup Leader Guy Philippe Repatriated to Haiti as Many Question His Next Role in Country in Upheaval
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How American Neocons Wrecked the Middle East and Ukraine

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The Old and New Nakba: Forced Expulsion of Palestinians Must Be Rejected

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The Warfare of Starvation

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No Janet, We Cannot Afford More Wars

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When History Didn’t Begin

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Some Alleged Restrainers Are Just Selective Ultra-Hawks

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Netanyahu’s Support for Hamas Backfired

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How Will America’s Borrow and Spend Politicians Pay for an Imperial Foreign Policy?

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Dan Ellsberg’s Parting Plea: Don’t Wait

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To Avoid a War With China Over Taiwan, the US Needs To Back Down

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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