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Updated January 30, 2024 - 9:04 PM EST
Biden 'Decided' How to Respond to Drone Attack
  Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah Suspends Military Operations Against US
  Pentagon: No Evidence Iran Behind Jordan Attack
  Iran Denies Role in Drone Attack That Killed Three US Troops
  Report: Drone That Hit US Base in Jordan Followed a US Drone
Israel Struggles to Destroy Hamas Tunnels
  US Denies It's Considering Leveraging Military Aid to Israel
  Israeli Airstrikes Hit Damascus, Several Reported Killed
Famine in Gaza 'Inevitable' After UNWRA Cuts
  Two Brothers Shot by Israel in Khan Younis, White Flag Ignored
  Israel and Hamas Downplay Qatar's 'Agreed' Gaza Truce Proposal
Biden Working to Prevent Possible Trump Cuts to Ukraine
North Korea Tests Cruise Missiles, Blast US War Games
item Biden Doctrine: 'If It's Broke Don't Fix It!'  by Daniel McAdams
item Smearing Ceasefire Protesters, Pelosi Combines Devotion to Israel With Cold-War Mania  by Norman Solomon
item Responding Is Not a Foreign Policy  by Ted Snider
item New Hampshire: We Won't Send Our Soldiers to Unauthorized Wars  by Tom Mannion

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The Pentagon Tried To Hide That It Bought Americans' Data Without a Warrant
Pharmacies in Gaza Forced to Shut Because of Lack of Medicines
Palestinians Trapped in Nasser Hospital Face Bleak Fate
Ukraine Situation Report: Greek S-300 SAMs May Be Headed to Ukraine
Estonia Joins UK-Led Military Training Program for Kyiv
Netherlands Donates Mobile Field Hospital to Ukraine
'Kharkiv Is Their Priority': Deadly Russian Attacks Hit Ukraine's Northeast
Russia and Ukraine Bicker Over Tiny Front-Line Village
Czech Republic Officially Joins the F-35 Fighter Program
EU Envoys Back Setting Aside Russian Asset Profits for Ukraine
Hungarian Opposition Seeks Extraordinary Session of Parliament on Sweden NATO Bid
UK Ships Lack Missile Capability To Target Yemen's Houthis
Ukraine Funding, Orban's Opposition Set to Dominate Crucial EU Summit
52 Killed in Clashes in the Disputed Oil-Rich Region of Abyei on Sudan/South Sudan Border

US Designates Former Sudanese Minister Under War Crimes Reward Program: State Dept

ICC Prosecutor Believes Warring Parties Committing War Crimes in Darfur

Two Vessels Freed Following Somali Pirate Hijackings
South Africa's Ruling ANC Suspends Former President Zuma for Backing New Party in Elections
About 30 Killed in Mali in Weekend Village Attacks
What Is ECOWAS and Why Have Three Coup-Hit Nations Quit the West Africa Bloc?
Asia Pacific
Australia's Pro-Palestinian Activists To Continue Targeting Israeli Ships
Philippines Denies 'Special Arrangements' With China to Supply Troops on Reef
'Ceasefire Now' Protesters March on New Zealand Naval Base, Demand Luxon Upholds Israel Genocide Court Order
United States
There's a Wave of New Bills To Define Antisemitism in These Three States, They Could Become Law
US Navy to Allow High School Dropouts to Enlist Amid Recruitment Shortfalls
Pentagon, Under Scrutiny, Halts Work With Condemned Foreign Militaries
TSA Uses 'Minimum' Data To Fine-Tune Expanding Facial Recognition System, but Some Experts Still Worry
Canada Drops Weapons Export Controls to Turkey, Including Drone Technology
Canada Urged To Act Over Gaza Reporter 'Abducted by Israel'
No Rest for Gaza Dead With Swift Burials, Bodies Dug Up
Israel Military Operation Destroys Anonther Gaza Cemetery
Qatar PM: 'Progress' Made in Gaza Hostage Talks
Hamas Reiterates That Gaza War Must End for Any Hostage Release

Gaza Medical Student's Dreams of Becoming Doctor Tested by War

Here's What Israeli Officials Say Should Happen to Gaza

The Egyptians Who Have Sent More Than 130,000 Digital Cell Phone Cards to Gaza to Defy Blackouts
US, France Blast Israeli Confab on Gaza Resettlement Attended by PM's Allies
Egyptian Officials Are Charging Palestinians a Massive Ransom to Escape the Gaza Genocide
Two More Palestinian Journalists Killed in Israel Attacks
Israeli Violence Spreads to All of West Bank – Five More Palestinians Killed
West Bank Medics Lose Precious Time to Save Palestinian Lives
Arab Bloc in Knesset Seeks
No-Confidence Vote in Israeli Government
Hezbollah Missiles Prevent Return of Settlers in Israel's North
Nine Tory MPs Accept Israel Lobby Money Amid Gaza Genocide
Arab Security Officials Meet in Riyadh on Post-War Gaza
Iran Executes Four Convicted of Israeli Bomb Plot
Iranian FM in Pakistan to Mend Ties Following Mutual Air Strikes
US, UK Impose Sanctions on Network That Allegedly Targeted Iran Dissidents for Assassination
Nikki Haley Calls for US to 'Take Out' Iranian Leaders Responsible for Deadly Strikes

Yemen's Houthis Say They Attacked a US Warship, US Official Rejects the Claim

Danish Air-Defense Frigate Heads to Red Sea as Trade Is Under Threat
Iraq Weekly Roundup: Nine Killed
Senior US Treasury Official Travels to Iraq to Counter Illicit Finance
Islamic State Group Claims Responsibility for an Attack on an Istanbul Church That Killed One
Latin America
Brazil Police Target Bolsonaro's Son as Spy Probe Hits Inner Circle
Colombia, ELN Rebels Extend Ceasefire With View Toward Longer Renewal
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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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