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Updated February 1, 2024 - 9:22 PM EST
US Plans Weeks-Long Bombing on Iranian Targets
  Iraqi Govt, Iran Pressured Kataib Hezbollah to Stop Attacking US
  Rep. Massie Hints at Impeachment if Biden Starts a War With Iran
US Troops on Standby for Potential Gaza Mission
  How War Destroyed Gaza's Neighborhoods – Visual Investigation
  Israeli Army Occupies Gaza Homes – Then Illegally Burns Them Down
  Israel Kills Hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza After ICJ Ruling
Zelensky Expected to Oust His Top General
  US to Begin Shipping Long-Range Bombs to Ukraine
US Launches 11th Round of Strikes in Yemen
US-Venezuela Diplomatic Process Breaks Down
Kenyan President Says Force Can Be Deployed to Haiti
item Who Lost the Peace Dividend After the End of the Cold War?  by Edward Lozansky
item Richard Sakwa Explains How We Ended Up in a New Cold War  by Ted Snider
item What the First Week of War With Iran Could Look Like  by Matthew Hoh
item Tucker Carlson Wars With the Iran Hawks  by Bradley Devlin

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UAE Envoy Visits Syrian Capital for First Time Since 2011
Drone Strike Brings Renewed Attention to US Military Presence in Jordan
Putin Says US Patriot Missile Used To Shoot Down POW Plane
UN Top Court Rejects Most of Ukraine's 'Terror Financing' Case Against Russia
Turkey, Ukraine Sign Document Allowing Turkish Firms to Help Ukraine's Post-War Reconstruction
Ukraine Says It Hits Airfield in Russia-Occupied Crimea
Embattled Ukraine Moves to Tighten Army Mobilization Rules
Yellen Says Biden 'Firmly Committed' to Securing Ukraine Support

Greece To Send Weapons Package to Ukraine After US Push

EU Sent 28 Billion Euros Worth of Military Aid to Ukraine, Document Shows
EU Will Only Supply Half of Promised Shells to Ukraine by March: Borrell
Swiss Ban Russian Diamond Imports, Joining Latest EU Sanctions
Russia Can Build 100 Tanks a Month, Retains Capacity to Replace Losses: UK Intel
Russian Bomb Hits Hospital in Northeastern Ukraine, Four Injured: Governor
Russia and Ukraine Complete First Prisoner Exchange Since Plane Crash
EU Grapples With Future of Military Aid for Ukraine

French Police Arrest Nearly 80 Militant Farmers Trying to Besiege Paris With Motorway Blockades

Germany Plans Large Share Sale of Energy Major Uniper, Forcibly Nationalized After Ukraine Invasion
Kosovo Will Impose the Use of the Euro in Minority Serb Areas, Concerning Western Powers
Rheinmetall Discussing Arms Factory Opening in Lithuania
NATO Chief Plays Down Concerns a Trump Re-Election Would Weaken Alliance
What's in the Deal That Has Broken Northern Ireland's Political Deadlock
Pakistan Election Candidate Shot Dead in Tribal District
Pakistan's Former PM Imran Khan and His Wife Sentenced to 14 Years in Jail
What Does Imran Khan's Conviction Mean for Pakistan's Election?
Several Injured as Blasts Rock Pakistan Ahead of Feb. 8 Polls
India, Saudi Arabia Begin
First-Ever Joint Military Exercise
Indian Court Allows Hindus To Pray in Varanasi Mosque: Lawyer
Myanmar's Resistance Forces Suggest Terms for the Military's Eventual Handover of Power

Vise Tightening on Myanmar's Economy Three Years After Military Takeover Triggered Civil Strife

US Reacts to China's Relations With Taliban
Beijing's Changes to Civil Flight Path Near Taiwan Strait Median Line Likely to 'Squeeze' Island's Air Defense Capacity
US Needs to Build Marshall Islands' Trust Over Cold War Nuclear Dump: US Agency
Philippine Island Facing Taiwan Eyed for Next Exercises With US
Dozens of Palestinians Found Dead at Elementary School in Zip-Tied Body Bags
Killing of Gaza's Academics Amounts to 'Educide,' Say Campaigners
Video: Israeli Soldiers Taunt Palestinians at Gaza Checkpoint
Israel 'Most Likely' Dropped 1,000 Pound Bomb on UK Doctors in Gaza
Testimonies Describe Forced Displacement Campaign in Northern Gaza
Palestinians in Gaza Say Israel Not Abiding With ICJ's Order
Majority of Israelis Support Withholding Aid to Gaza Until Captives Returned
30 Protesters Detained Amid Clashes at Kerem Shalom Over Aid to Gaza
Red Crescent Employee Shot Dead by Israeli Snipers at Al-Amal Hospital
Gaza Ambulances Become Mobile Clinics as Fighting Blocks Way to Hospitals
Heads of UN Agencies Call for UNRWA Funding To Be Restored
Israeli Soldiers Use 'Palestinian as Human Shield' in West Bank Raid
State Department Reviewing Options for Possible Recognition of Palestinian State
Nearly Half of Asian Americans Say Palestinians Need More Support: Survey
Blinken Set to Return to the Mideast for 5th Time Since Gaza Conflict Began
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Orgs Among Nominees for This Year's Nobel Peace Prize
WHO Chief Says Defunding UNRWA Will Have 'Catastrophic' Consequences
South Africa Says All States Must Stop Funding Israel's Military
Swedish PM Condemns 'Attempted Attack' Against Israeli Embassy in Sweden
Even Tankers Carrying Russian Fuels Have Started Avoiding the Red Sea
Yemen's Houthis Say They Targeted US Merchant Vessel: Statement
Eight Million Displaced by Sudan War: UN
Sudanese Warring Parties Hold First High-Level Talks in Bahrain
US Deplores Holdups on Aid Into Sudan
Militants in Eastern DR Congo Kill 12 Villagers as Country's Leader Rules Out Talks With Rwanda
US Donates $1.3 Million in Military Equipment to Kenya
Somalia Blocks WhatsApp Use by Islamic Militants

South Africa Says Five Countries Confirm They Are Joining BRICS

Zimbabwe Opposition Figure Gets Suspended Sentence After Nearly Two Years in Pretrial Detention
The War at Home
First Space Force Guardian To Be Launched Into Space This Summer
Deal on Wartime Aid and Border Security Stalls in Congress as Time Runs Short to Bolster Ukraine
Army Recruiting Still Lagging, Top Enlisted Soldier Tells Congress
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Dan Ellsberg’s Parting Plea: Don’t Wait

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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