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Updated February 3, 2024 - 9:59 PM EST
US Strikes in Iraq, Syria Kill 40, Including Civilians
Iraqi Bases Housing US Troops Attacked
  US Doesn't Know if Iran Involved in Jordan Attack
  US Navy Ship Had Close Call With Houthi Missile in the Red Sea

Dozens Killed as Israeli Attacks on Rafah Intensify

  Rep. Mast: Palestinian Babies Killed Are Not 'Innocent Civilians'
  Israel Destroys Belgian Aid Agency Office in Gaza
  Palestinians Demand Int'l Inquiry After Mass Grave Found in Gaza
  Judge Urges Biden to Examine 'Unflagging' Support for Israel
Hamas Received Hostage Proposal 'Positively'
  US Sanctions 4 Settlers as 100s of Palestinians Killed in West Bank
  Inside the Israel Lobby's New $90 Million War Chest
EU Agrees on 50 Billion Euro Aid Package for Ukraine
New US Stockpile in Australia to Prepare for Taiwan War
Taiwan's KMT Secures Speaker's Chair in Parliament
item Seizing Russian Assets: Ruble Wise But Dollar Foolish  by Doug Bandow
item Israel, the United States, and the Rhetoric of the War on Terror  by Maha Hilal
item Terrible Tragedies Continue in Unjust War  by John J. Duncan, Jr.
item Admiral Fabuloso Thumps His Tub  by Andrew Cockburn

More Viewpoints

Did the Israeli Volunteer Group Handling the Dead of October 7 Exploit Its Role?
Palestinian American Leaders Decline Invite From Secretary of State
Israeli Board Game Calls on Players to 'Come Build Your House in Gaza!'
Ukraine Claims Its Sea Drones Sank a Russian Ship
Russian Strike Kills Two French Aid Workers in Southern Ukraine
United Kingdom
Israeli Military Planes Have Landed at Four Locations in Britain Since October 7
UK Foreign Office Feared Tory Israel Lobby Chief Was 'Dangerous'
British Teen Arrested by Counter-Terror Police Over London Palestine Demo
Pro-Israeli UK Lawmaker Says He's Quitting Parliament After Death Threats and an Arson Attack
'Labour Is 30,000 Dead Gazans Too Late': Muslim Campaign Aims to Disrupt UK Politics
Tory Lobby Group Secretly Funded by Israeli State-Affiliated Institute
Thousands From Russia-Friendly Party Join Anti-Government Protest in Moldova's Capital
US Lawmakers Want Pressure on Hungary To Back Sweden's NATO Membership
Slovakia Fills Its Artillery Shell Stocks With $132 Million Order
Photos: a Farming Protest Movement Grips Europe From Brussels and Berlin to Greece and Romania
Farmers Create Chaos Outside an EU Summit and Wrest Some Promises of Relief
France's Two Key Farmers Unions Decide to Lift Road Blocks
Pakistani Troops Kill 22 Insurgents in Southwest After Coordinated Attacks Over Iran Strikes
Bhutto Heir Forging Third Way in Polarized Pakistan Politics
One Killed, Several Injured as Multiple Explosions Rock Pakistan
Indian Police Clear a Suspected Chinese Spy Pigeon After Eight Months in Bird Lockup
Indian Hindus Begin Prayers at Disputed Mosque After Court Order
Myanmar Resistance Movement Senses the Tide Is Turning Against the Military Three Years After Takeover
UK Sanctions Myanmar Military-Linked Enterprises and Divisions
Asia Pacific
Kabul Reacts to UNSC Report, Saying Counter-Terrorism Main Principle
New Zealand Says It Will Contemplate Sharing Military Tech With US and Britain
Thailand Deports Dissident Russian Rockers to Israel
Some Palestinian Americans Decline Invite To Meet Blinken
Did an Israeli Hospital Raid Breach the Laws of War?
Analysis Shows Destruction and Possible Buffer Zone Along Gaza Strip's Border With Israel
Israel Imprisoned 82-Year-Old Palestinian Woman as 'Unlawful Combatant'
Israeli Settler Rampage: Hundreds of Olives Almond, Vine Trees Destroyed in West Bank
By Air, Land and Sea: Scores of Palestinians Killed, Wounded in Israeli Strikes
Chicago Becomes Latest US City to Call for Cease-Fire in Israel-Hamas War
What Is UNRWA and Why Is It Important for Palestinians?
Netanyahu Says UNRWA Mission 'Must Be Terminated'
UN Experts Condemn 'Disturbing' Attacks on Journalists in Gaza
Algeria Pushes UN Security Council To Demand Gaza Ceasefire
Israel Now Says 6, Not 12 UNRWA Staff Part of October 7 Attack
Middle East
Iraq Monthly Roundup:
106 Killed in January
Journalists, Activists Targeted in Jordan With Israeli-Made Pegasus Spyware
UK's Cameron in Beirut Seeks Calm on Lebanon-Israel Border
United Nations Seeks $2.7 Billion for Aid to Yemen in 2024
National Guardsmen Were the Majority of Troops Hurt in Jordan Attack
Turkey Frees Seven Hostages Taken by Pro-Gaza Gunman at Factory Near Istanbul
Creeping War Threatens Sudan's Eastern Border
US Sanctions Sudanese Companies for Funding Conflict
Nigerian State Turns to Vigilantes in Fight Against Bandits
US Confirms $1 Billion Viper Attack Helicopter Sale to Nigeria
Tunisian Opposition Leader Ghannouchi Sentenced to Three Years in Prison
UN Rights Chief Decries Death of 50 People in Mali Attacks
The War at Home

US DoD Wants Spacex's Starship for 'Sensitive, Dangerous Missions'

US Defense Chief Apologizes for Secrecy Over Cancer
Latin America

El Salvador Will Stay Committed to Bitcoin After Election: Vice President

Guatemala's New President To Ask for Society's Help in Face of Opposition From Entrenched Powers
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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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