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Updated February 5, 2024 - 9:23 PM EST
Attack on US Base in Syria Kills 6 US-Backed Kurds
US Refuses to Rule Out Strikes Inside Iran
  US, UK Launch Another Round of Heavy Strikes on Yemen
  Iraqi Declares Three Days of Mourning for Those Killed in US Airstrikes
  Iraqi Bases Housing US Troops Attacked Following Strikes on Militias
Senate Unveils $118 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill
  House to Vote on $17.6 Billion in New Military Aid for Israel
Israeli Army Behind Graphic Telegram Channel
  Live Updates: Israeli Strikes Level Homes in Deir el-Balah
  UN: 17,000 Gaza Children Left Unaccompanied Amid Israel's War
Ukraine Shells Bakery With US Weapons, Kills 28
item The Democracy Versus Autocracy Narrative Has a Ukraine Problem  by Ted Snider
item History, Olive Trees, and Football: What Keeps Palestinians Strong  by Ramzy Baroud
item Beware the Iran 'Pearl Harbor' Moment  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran: That Is the Question  by Douglas Macgregor

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European Civil Servants Condemn Governments for Fueling Israeli War Crimes
Ex-CIA Software Engineer Who Leaked to WikiLeaks Sentenced to 40 Years
Two Israelis Arrested on Suspicion of Spitting at Christian Abbot in Jerusalem
Palestinian Executed in Gaza City as He 'Searched for Food'
The EU Is Worried That Israel Might Extend the War in Gaza to a 'Pressure Cooker' Town Near Egypt
Israel Strikes South Gaza Kindergarten Housing Displaced, Several Dead
Hamas Hounds Israeli Forces in Main Gaza Cities
Funding Freeze Could Halt UNRWA Operations by End of Month
USAID's Samantha Power Confronted by Staff Over Biden's Gaza Policy
Israel Holds Pregnant Palestinian Woman, Even After Ambulance Driver Husband Surrenders
Iraq Denies Washington Notified Govt Prior to Deadly Overnight Attack
Iraq Bans Eight Local Banks From US Dollar Transactions
Top US Official Raps Iraq for Failing To 'Control' Iran-Backed 'Creatures'
'Overshadow Gaza Crimes': World Reacts to US Attacks on Iraq and Syria
Iran Will Not Start a War but Will Respond to Bullies: Raisi
US Strikes To Have 'Grave Consequences on US Forces in Region': Iranian Source
'Strategic Error': Iran Condemns US Attacks on Iraq, Syria
Turkish Police Arrest Gunman Who Took 7 Hostage in Protest of Israel War
Turkish Soldier Killed in Kurdistan Region
DR Congo
DR Congo Youth Group Says Seven Activists Abducted by Suspected Security Agents
Armed Group Fires on UN Helicopter in DR Congo, Injuring Two Peacekeepers, One Seriously
Pakistan's Imran Khan, Wife Now Get Seven Years Jail for Marriage Law Violation
Pakistan Extends Afghan Refugees' Stay Until March
Pakistan Military Says It Killed 24 Militants
Maldives Government Asks India Why Its Coast Guard Boarded Three Fishing Boats
India to Replace Troops in Maldives With Civilians by May
North / South Korea
South Korea To Start Mass Production of KF-21 Fighter Jets
North Korea Tests More Cruise Missiles as Leader Kim Calls for War Readiness
US Interested in Buying Artillery Shells From Turkey for Kyiv
Turkey Will Discuss 'New Mechanism' for Ukraine Black Sea Grain Exports With Russia
Hungary Mulls Selling Outdated Military Equipment to Serbia
US Lawmakers Call on Hungary's Orban to Immediately Approve Sweden's NATO Membership
United Kingdom
Cameron: UK Could Recognize Palestinian State Before Any Deal With Israel
UK Aircraft Carrier Sidelined From NATO Exercises Due to Propeller Problem
The War at Home
Biden's Team Bracing for Special Counsel's Report on Classified Docs
Vet Advocate Says 'Smoking Gun' Records Prove Toxic Exposure at Military Base
Latin America
Major Brazilian Bank Ceases Financing for Local Defense Industry
Diplomatic Tensions Between Ecuador and Russia Over Military Equipment Deal With US Threaten Banana Exports
Brown University Students Launch 'Hunger Strike for Palestine'
Israel, Lebanon Close to a War but the Memories of 2006 Conflict Remain Fresh
Who Are the Israeli Settlers Sanctioned by the US Government?
Scuffles as Hostages' Families, Supporters Block Key Tel Aviv Highway to Demand Deal
Israeli Bank Freezes Account of Settler Yinon Levi Sanctioned by US
Far-Right Israeli Minister's Criticism of Biden Sparks Anger
EU Diplomat Says Defunding UN Palestinian Agency Would Be Dangerous
Israel to Bring in 65,000 Foreign Building Workers to Replace Palestinians
Canada to Sanction West Bank Settlers and Hamas Leaders: Minister
House Passes Bill Banning Entry of Palestinian Liberation Organization Into US
Blinken Heads Back to Mideast to Press Hostage Deal
Saudis 'Open' to Israel Skipping Steps for Palestine State
Middle East
Jordan Denies Taking Part in US Airstrikes on Iraqi Militias
How Have Red Sea Attacks by Yemen's Houthi Fighters Affected Companies?
Eritrean Troops Are Accused of Abducting Farmers and Stealing Livestock in Ethiopia's Tigray
Namibia President and Anti-Apartheid Activist Hage Geingob Dies
Suspected Militants Kill Four Nigerian Police Officers
Senegal Police Fire Tear Gas as the Opposition Protests at Election Delay
Sudanese Civilians Dying of Starvation Due to Warring Sides Limiting Aid Access, Says WFP
Return to 'Despotism': Two-Year Sentence for Tunisian Artist Rashad Tamboura's Anti-Saied Mural
Asia Pacific
Australia Stalling Decision on Military Exports to Israel Over Fear of Backlash
US Approves $4 Billion Sale of MQ-9B Drones, Hellfire Missiles to India
US Navy Wants Marine Drone Swarms To Counter Taiwan Invasion
Papua Separatist Rebels Appeal to New Zealand Pilot's Captor to Let Him Go After a Year
Myanmar's Rebels See Unity as Key to Victory Over Weakened Military Rulers
US Official Urges Papua New Guinea to Reject Chinese Security Deal
No New Import Bans in Next EU Russia Sanctions Package
Russia Has Refused to Turn Over Bodies of Plane Crash Victims, Ukraine Says
People Detained at Russia Protest Calling for Troops to Return From Ukraine
Russia Calls for 'Urgent' UN Security Council Meeting on US Strikes in Iraq, Syria
Belgium Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Bombing of Development Agency
France Orders $1.2 Billion of Cannons, Vehicles and Helicopters
Kosovo's Block on the Serbian Currency Raises Alarm in the EU and US
Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill Appointed Northern Ireland's First Minister
Norway Orders Kongsberg Missile Systems in $134 Million Deal
Polish President Criticized for Doubting Ukraine Can Retake Crimea
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