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Updated February 6, 2024 - 8:51 PM EST
US Blocks Yemen-Saudi Peace Deal
Attack on US Base in Syria Kills 6 US-Backed Kurds
  US Walks Back False Claim That It Notified Iraq Before Airstrikes
Former US Gen.: Israel's Success 'Very Limited'
  Israel Claims 3,000 Hezbollah Sites Struck in Recent Months
  Israel Withholds Intelligence Dossier on UNRWA Allegations
Half of US Adults Think Israel Has Gone 'Too Far'
  CNN Staffers: Network Has 'Institutional Bias Toward Israel'
Congress Poised To Cede Foreign Weapons Oversight
  Senate Unveils $118 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill
Raytheon Gets $68 Million Contract for Taiwan Bombs
item Biden Says US 'Does Not Seek Conflict in the Mideast' While Bombing There  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Unreal: White House Still Denies Mideast Turmoil Linked to Gaza  by Daniel Larison
item Israel Must Not Resettle Gaza
item Why the US Is Reimposing Sanctions on Venezuela  by Roger D. Harris

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Republicans Move To One-Up Biden and Permanently Defund UNRWA
Gaza Girl, 6, Missing Along With Rescuers After Car Comes Under Fire
Jordan in Hot Water After Report It's Helping Israel Break Red Sea Blockade
Ukraine's President Confirms Plans for Military Shake-Up
Russian Authorities Cast Doubt on Antiwar Hopeful's Election Bid
Bulgaria Arrests State Security Officer for Allegedly Spying for Russia
Bulgaria's Farmers Are Joining Europe-Wide Protests
Trial of Bosnian Serb Leader Dodik Formally Begins After Delays
EU Member Countries Push Back on Italy's Call for European Army
France's Foreign Ministry Has Summoned Russia's Ambassador Over French Aid Workers Killed in Ukraine
Irish and UK Leaders Are in Belfast to Celebrate the End of Northern Ireland's Two-Year Political Deadlock
Netherlands Halts F-16 Sale to US Firm, Will Send to Ukraine Instead
No Change in UK Policy on Recognizing Palestinian State, Sunak Insists
Khan Not on the Pakistan Ballot, but Still on Country's Mind
Armed Group Kills 10 in Pakistan's Restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Region
Pakistan Election: The Main Players
Pakistan Elections 2024: By the Numbers
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Scion of Pakistan Dynasty Fights for Limelight
Myanmar Border Guards Flee to Bangladesh Amid Clashes With Rebels
Two Killed in Bangladesh as Fighting Rages on Myanmar
Footage of China's Fujian Aircraft Carrier Offers Another Look at Advanced Catapult
China's Top Prosecutors Promise Financial Crime Crackdown Is About to Ramp Up
Prospects Shaky for Philippines' Government and Communist Peace Talks
Help for Afghan Allies Included in Senate's Security Supplemental Plan
Australian Sailors to Embed on US Navy Submarine Tender in Guam
Maldives Vows to Boost Defenses After Telling Indian Troops to Leave

Photos: Police and Protesters Clash After Senegal Election Postponed

Senegal Cuts Internet Access as Lawmakers Debate a Bill to Possibly Extend the President's Tenure
Israeli Settler Violence 'Must Stop': French FM
UN Chief Names Independent Panel To Assess UNRWA Agency
Israeli Banks Heed US Anti-Settler Sanctions, Far-Right Ministers Object
Israeli Forces Kill Child, Detain Scores of Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank
Benjamin Netanyahu Digs His Heels in Over a Possible Ceasefire in Gaza
This Is the Number of Aid Trucks That Enter Devastated Gaza on a Daily Basis
Tortured Gaza Doctor Returns to Work After 45 Days in Israeli Detention
Hamas Partially Moves Back Into Gaza City
Outrage After IDF Holds Drill Simulating Settlers Kidnapping Palestinians
Israel's 'Chilling Disregard' for Life in Occupied West Bank: Amnesty
Israel Planning To Replace UNRWA in Gaza With USAID or WFP
Suez Canal Revenues Plunge by Almost Half Following Red Sea Attacks
US-Backed Yemen Government Names Top Diplomat as New Premier
Pentagon Not Aware of Any Iranians Being Killed in Recent Strikes
Iranian President Raisi Wins Expert Assembly Election
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 29 Killed
Iraqi MP Threatens to Cut Off Oil to Jordan Over US Strikes
Middle East
DC Guard F-16s Deploy to Middle East as Airstrikes Continue
Yazidi Woman Held by ISIS for 10 Years Freed by Kurdish Fighters in Syria
The War at Home
LNG 'Pause' Is Not a 'Reversal', Biden Admin Reassures Allies
US Judge Allows Lawsuit Challenging Aid to West Bank and Gaza to Proceed
US Senate Border Security Bill: What You Need to Know
US to Roll Out Visa Restrictions on Foreign People Who Misuse Spyware to Target Journalists, Activists
Sudan/South Sudan
Sudanese Take Up Arms Against RSF as Army Begins To Push Back
A Child Dies Every Two Hours in Sudan Camp for Displaced People: MSF
UN Refugee Chief Warns Europe of a New Influx of Sudanese Migrants if Sudan's Conflict Continues
South Sudan: 37 People Killed in Disputed Oil-Rich Region of Abyei in Fighting Linked to Spiritual Leader
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